Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1789: Devil Blood Resonance

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In the Void World, the Spirit World, the Mortal World, and the dark land...

All of the powerful Devils, Demons, devilish beasts, and devilish insects let out wild howls and screeches!

All living beings whose bloodlines originated from the origin of darkness sensed a strong bloodline resonance at this moment.

Many devilish statues that stood towering in the Devils’ forbidden areas in the Void World suddenly became very lifelike, as if they were suddenly vested with life and awareness.

It was said that statues of tenth grade Devil grand monarchs carved with their primal devil power could be used as their eyes. With them, they could watch over the various devil realms.

At this moment, the statues Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had carved and placed in different parts of the Devils’ territory suddenly became more than just his eyes.

There was a deep well in the Devils’ birthplace.

The mouth of the well was rather narrow. However, the deeper it went, the wider it became.

The bottom of the well was filled with blackish-violet liquidized devil power. The wall of the well was riddled with holes that were used to enshrine the Devils’ deceased ancestors.

The remains of many powerful devilish beasts and insects in the history of the Devils had also been put into those spacious holes after their deaths.

Some of the holes held purple glassware that contained drops of devil blood.

Those drops of devil blood morphed constantly. In one moment, they were tiny devilish insects, but in another, they became mini Devils. They howled and screeched from time to time even though their howls and screeches couldn’t go beyond their containers. By doing this, they seemed to be asking their clan members to gather rich flesh power for them in order to restore their original form.

A giant statue of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil stood towering at the mouth of the well like an evil god, as if to keep what was in the well from coming out.

In early days, the statue at the mouth of the well had been one of the Dark King.

This devil well was the most mysterious place of the Devils in the Void World.

All of the devil blood, devilish insects, devilish beasts, and Devil ancestors in it were famous characters in the history of the Devils.

Almost all of them were tenth grade grand monarchs and terrifying devilish creatures that had reached the peak of power.

Most importantly, the devil blood, devilish insects, and devilish beasts were still emanating faint, but very conspicuous soul fluctuations.

This proved that they hadn’t died completely, and could soar through the three worlds again if they had their bodies reforged.

All they needed was vast amounts of rich flesh power.

As long as they were infused with enough flesh power, as the Rampage Behemoth and the black tortoise had been, they would be able to reanimate and dominate different parts of the Void World again.

However, even the Devils’ profound reserve power didn’t allow them to reforge their bodies for them.

Furthermore, to Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, these ancestors who had died in battle were losers.

Even if they were given the chance to live another life, they would suffer the same fates.

Not to mention that the Devils were never short of talented young members. Through cruel battles, they would grow into mighty grand patriarchs and grand monarchs, and divide the fortune the Void World could offer.

The fortune of the Void World wasn’t even enough for these new grand monarchs to share. How would they have any left for their deceased ancestors?

At this moment, the thick blackish-violet devil power at the bottom of the well suddenly stirred, ripples appearing on the surface.

The giant statue of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil at the mouth of the well seemed to become even taller and more gruesome, like the one and only god in the darkness.


The statue opened its mouth, and the rich blackish-violet devil power essence was sucked from the bottom of the well into the statue’s mouth.

All of the devilish creatures in the well were astonished.

“Another member of our race has become a paragon!”

“Heaven Devil made it!”

Countless wisps of awareness cheered in the well.

Outside, many powerful Devil experts also let out howls in different parts of the Void World.

In their howls, they were gradually overcome with excitement, and became frenzied.

Even the Netherspirits and the Bonedrudes were thrilled and shocked by the news.

“The high chieftain transcended!”

“He did it! I can’t believe he did it!”

“How long has it been since the Void World last saw the birth of a paragon? We finally did it again!”

Throughout the Void World, every realm that was wreathed in Devil Qi experienced changes because of this. The Devil Qi started surging rapidly.

Some Devils that were stuck in their bloodline advancement suddenly broke through and entered new grades without knowing why.

Some bloodthirsty devilish beasts suddenly became quiet. Their monstrous eyes started to shine with the light of intelligence.

At the same time, all of the Devils that had bloodline connections to Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, no matter how remote, shrewdly sensed the changes that were happening to the tiny Bloodline Crystal Chains in their hearts.

Such changes would push even the limits of their bloodlines, allowing them to reach heights they shouldn’t have been able to reach.

The Devils and the Demons were all deeply shaken by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s transcendence. Even the magical laws of their bloodlines experienced subtle changes, which in return seemed to be influencing him.


In the dark land, Zhao Shanling, who had assumed his Ancient Arch-devil form, was astonished. “Heaven Devil... I can’t believe he actually transcended!”

However, he suddenly noticed the strange reaction of the Rampage Behemoth, who had been suppressed and pounded to the ground by the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

To his surprise, it seemed to be very irritated, as if it was upset by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s transcendence.

“What’s wrong?” Zhao Shanling instantly asked in his devilish soul voice. “You, me, and him share the same bloodline origin. Now that he’s a paragon, that cluster of darkness our bloodlines resonate with has a powerful weapon in its hand. It won’t matter whether the Blood Father of the Spirit World wins or the Tree of Life does. With him there, our bloodline origin will have a fighting chance!

“We should be happy about this. Why are you...?”


The Rampage Behemoth responded to him with a furious roar.

Zhao Shanling didn’t understand. However, just as he was about to ask again, Wu Ji caught his attention.

At this moment, Wu Ji was also wearing a very grim expression. It appeared that he was trying to figure out what had happened in the chaos with the power of the River of Time.

What was even more surprising was that the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life stopped fighting each other at this moment.

With a casual swing of his huge golden axe, the Blood Father of the Spirit World created a shield of golden light that shielded off all the attacks of the humans experts and the experts of the three major races in the Void World.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World also had a grim look on his face as he seemed to communicate with the origin of life.

Wu Ji suddenly raised his hand and brought it across the air.


A glorious River of Time magically manifested as he moved his hand.

Even though it only existed for a split second, those who were sharp-eyed, like Zhao Shanling, Qin Yao, and Mo Heng, caught a fleeting glimpse of the image in the River of Time.

Nie Tian, who was now a hundred thousand meters tall, was engaged in a fierce battle against Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!

A battle between two paragons!

What baffled them the most was that the crimson blood sea seemed to be vesting Grand Monarch Heaven Devil with flesh power, while the cluster of utter darkness seemed to be at Nie Tian’s back and supporting him!

What was this about?