Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1788: Dark Paragon!

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Dong Li glanced around, looking lost. “Where am I?”

Suddenly, she caught sight of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, who was standing towering above the darkness like a magnificent mountain peak. After going blank for a brief moment, she realized what had happened. “This is the Dark Abyss!”

Immediately afterwards, she noticed another figure, and cried in ecstasy, “Nie Tian!”

Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form, which was more than a hundred thousand meters tall and floating outside the darkness, couldn’t be more eye-catching.

A hearty smile filled Nie Tian’s face as he looked down at Dong Li, who was puny in the face of him, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, and the cluster of darkness. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t sense the resonance between that dark spiritual core in your spiritual sea and this darkness you’re in.”

Upon hearing this, Dong Li’s eyes lit up. “This is the origin of darkness?!”

“Exactly,” Nie Tian said, smiling.

Just as Dong Li was about to speak, she suddenly discovered that the darkness around her started to forcibly fuse pure original dark power into her.

Like torrential black rivers, the power poured directly into the spiritual sea in her dantian region.

Her dark spiritual core had long since merged perfectly with the two dark stones, and become what looked like a small realm of darkness.

At this moment, its internal heaven and earth was being washed by tides of dark power.

With a smile of elation, Nie Tian said, “Great. She is the better choice. Even though her cultivation talent may not be as outstanding as Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s, she has nothing to do with the Sea of Life. You made the Dark King and the Dark Behemoth. You should know that beings that rely on their bloodlines to become stronger can also be suppressed by their bloodlines.

“After all, the birth of any bloodline must have something to do with the origin of life.”

He was still trying to tell the origin of darkness that it had made a wise decision.

He was well-aware that the origin of darkness was the second most powerful origin in the chaos.

In the depths of that darkness, there were the magical laws and mysteries of destruction, brutality, bloodlust, and frenzy. All of these wonders were spawned from dark power, but had various changes.

The origin of darkness had only chosen Grand Monarch Heaven Devil because he had seen through the truths of this.

He could create myriad changes with dark power by awakening and stimulating the most evil powers in the depths of the darkness.

This was something even the Dark King hadn’t been able to do.

Therefore, it had firmly made Grand Monarch Heaven Devil its first choice, instead of Dong Li, the black tortoise, or any other Devil grand monarch.

However, the interference it had suffered from the Sea of Life and Nie Tian’s words had eventually changed its mind.

Since it had already fallen out with the Sea of Life, and those wisps of life power couldn’t be used to help Grand Monarch Heaven Devil become a paragon unless it gained the permission of the Sea of Life or relied on Nie Tian’s assistance, it could only give him up.

Furthermore, it had long since learned about the relationship between Dong Li and Nie Tian.

If it made Dong Li a paragon, then...

Nie Tian’s expression suddenly flickered. “What the...?”

The darkness started surging like a deep ocean, with waves of brutal, bleak, and frenzied will rising from the depths.

It was the will of the origin of darkness!

Countless wisps of crimson light that were even finer than hairs suddenly started flitting in the darkness like tiny lightning bolts.

They came from a sphere of blood-colored light that the origin of darkness had traded for from the origin of life.

As its first move, the origin of darkness had given a part of it to the Void Spirit of Darkness, who had gone rogue and become the Dark Behemoth.

Then, it had taken another part of it for another Void Spirit of Darkness to create the Devils.

After that, it had consumed some of it to help the Dark King become a paragon.

Eventually, when it had been using the last remaining life essence to temper Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s heart and help him finish the transcendence, the glowing blood-colored sphere had suddenly exploded into countless wisps of blood-colored light that it could no longer control.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s path to becoming a paragon had thus been obstructed.

However, at this moment, the wisps of crimson light that were flitting in the depths of the darkness suddenly came together to form a blood-colored ball of light.

Then, the ball of light quickly broke free from the darkness and enveloped Grand Monarch Heaven Devil like a slimy blood membrane.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil instantly turned into a giant blood-colored cocoon!


Beams of black light that exuded destructive, bleak, and cruel auras shot out of the darkness like the arms of the origin of darkness, with which it attempted to rip through the blood cocoon and pull Grand Monarch Heaven Devil out.

The blood cocoon was helping him finish his transcendence!

The blood cocoon was a condensation of the remaining life essence, which was subject to the manipulation of the origin of life.

Such manipulation had been stopped before. However, now that the origin of darkness had been persuaded by Nie Tian, and Dong Li had arrived, it had burst out again.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s nasty laugh suddenly rumbled out from within the blood cocoon. Dong Li felt as if her ear drums were going to explode.

“I worked hundreds of thousands of years for this opportunity to become a paragon,” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said with a sinister, cunning smile. “After I established communication with you, I did everything I could to win your approval and favor. Why? What did I do wrong? Just because of a young human girl and the words of a junior, you decided to abandon me and make her a paragon?

“I refuse to accept this!”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s furious roars caught the attention of all the other origins in the chaos, along with the unique Void Spirits like the Divine Flame, Ji Cang, and Pei Qiqi.

They all turned their eyes and flew over to the area.

“Damn it!” Nie Tian muttered as he sprang towards the gigantic blood cocoon without hesitation.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s laugh grew wilder and wilder. “I’m copying you! You turned your back against the origin of life, why can’t I turn against the origin of darkness? Also, it gave up on me first! If it doesn’t want me anymore, I’ll find another that does! Actually, I’ve obtained most of its dark legacies already.

“All I need now is the infusion of life essence, then I’ll finish the last step of my transcendence.”

With these words, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil looked down, his gazing piercing through the darkness and landing on the boundless blood sea. “If you help me become a paragon, I’ll help you slay Nie Tian, who betrayed you. With the Blood Father caught up in its battle against that giant tree in the dark land, you need another sharp blade in the chaos.

“And I’m willing to be that blade.”

All of a sudden, countless crimson lightning bolts that only he could perceive with his soul manifested in the blood cocoon and pierced into his heart.


He laughed in a completely unbridled manner.

He knew that he had now finished that one last step with the help of the Sea of Life.

A brand new dark paragon was born!

Like Nie Tian, this new paragon had also turned against his origin.

The blood cocoon peeled off from the top, slowly revealing Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. One of his eyes was black, while the other was purple. Like a pitch-black lake and a purple sun, they exuded endless hatred.

“Nie Tian! It’s you who made me betray the origin of darkness, who I’ve served loyally for hundreds of thousands of years!”