Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1787: Luring The Darkness

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Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s gigantic form slowly rose from the darkness like an ancient devil god emerging from the pitch-black lake to dominate heaven and earth!

For hundreds of thousands of years, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s battle prowess had ranked number one among all the grand monarchs in the Void World.

As far as many Devil sages saw it, his talent even surpassed that of the Dark King.

His courage, resourcefulness, and strong mind were also what made him the pride of the Devils.

The entire Devil race had held him in high esteem!

As strong as Grand Monarch Nether Spirit and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had been, they hadn’t been able to challenge his status as the strongest grand monarch throughout the Void World.

Every powerful expert in the Void World believed that he would become the next paragon!

They also believed that if he ascended as a paragon, his achievements would even surpass those of the Dark King, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, and the Bone Emperor!

All of the races in the Void World thought that he would be the one to lead them in their fight against the Tree of Life and march their forces into the Spirit World.


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil stood towering like a scary mountain peak. As his devilish eyes opened and closed, wisps of destructive purple light flew out from them.

Those wisps of power seemed to interact with the origin of darkness, allowing it to manifest the ultimate truths of evil.

As this happened, the cluster of darkness suddenly stirred, and started thrumming with auras of bloodlust, destruction, and frenzy.

The darkness held numerous profound secrets that even the Dark King hadn’t been able to solve.

However, as Grand Monarch Heaven Devil stood towering above the cluster of darkness, he exuded an aura that was based on dark power, but also manifested many different truths of evil.

It appeared that his devil bloodline had already merged with the darkness.

As strong as Nie Tian was now, his expression grew grim as he examined this Grand Monarch Heaven Devil before his eyes and sensed the strange power fluctuations he emanated.

“He’s only a step away from transcendence...”

The keen perception of his life bloodline allowed him to see that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil was close to success.

The origin of darkness was the origin whose strength was second only to the origin of life in the chaos.

The origins of metal, thunder, ice, fire, and stars... none of them were as strong as the origin of darkness.

Only the River of Souls and the River of Time were somewhat comparable to it.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil took a deep breath and quickly calmed himself. “Can you really help me become a paragon?

“Also, there’s something I need to say. Ji Cang, Nether Spirit, Bone Piercer, and I only worked together to get all of the powerful experts from the three worlds to the Domain of Shadow Devil to enter the dark land and open the gate to the chaos. The dark land was the bridge connecting the chaos and the three worlds.

“However, it’d be nothing but an illusory bridge without the nourishment of the flesh auras of powerful beings.

“Only the deaths of strong beings can make it congeal and accessible.

“Only that way can the experts of the three worlds step into the chaos.

“Just as many members of my race died in that tunnel of glorious lights, so yours did. Countless Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and Lightspirits also lost their lives in that tunnel.”

A profound, mysterious look filled his eyes as he said these words to Nie Tian in a fairly soft voice.

In the three worlds, he had been an overbearing monarch who would attach importance to no one other than a handful of peak experts. Now, he only seemed so mild because he was in the chaos, and had run into trouble in his advance to becoming a paragon, while Nie Tian had succeeded.

With a faint smile, Nie Tian said, “I obtained its legacies. Now that I’m a paragon, what it could do, I can do too.”

After a short pause, he added, “Since you’re a Devil, your heart has to be tempered and transformed as well if you want to finish your transcendence. Only after the transformation of your heart is complete can your Devil bloodline hold the much more refined original devil power the origin of darkness vests in you! Part of the power the origin of darkness passed on to you to help you transcend came from the origin of life.

“In the chaos, any life power that comes from it answers its calls and is subject to its manipulation.”

Nie Tian actually couldn’t see anything in the utter darkness.

However, he somehow knew that there were thousands of wisps of life power in it that had originally been used by the origin of darkness to temper Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s chest walls and meridians.

However, as soon as the origin of life had interfered with its awareness, the wisps of life power had escaped the control of the origin of darkness.

Even so, the origin of darkness wasn\'t one to be trifled with. It had managed to trap the wisps of life power with its dark power so they couldn’t move or break away.

It had done this because the way it saw it, those wisps of life power were rightfully its own, as it had paid a great price to trade for them from the Sea of Life.

Therefore, it was a shameless breach for the origin of life to interfere with what it did with them.

Nie Tian slowly strode towards the origin of darkness.

“What are you doing?” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil exclaimed in a grim voice.

“Helping you,” Nie Tian said, looking calm and composed. “I can’t do it from the outside. I have to enter the darkness and make those wisps of life power behave.”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil grew hesitant.

He sensed that the cluster of darkness was struggling as well.

Like him, it couldn’t tell whether Nie Tian was being honest or deceitful.

Just as Nie Tian was about to enter the darkness in his Life-origin Form, he came to a sudden stop.

He frowned and said right in front of the darkness, “You... don’t trust me?”

The darkness stirred, as if to respond to him.

Nie Tian, who was a paragon now, could be a tremendous threat to the other origins if he used the power of the blood sea against them.

All origins created paragons to enforce their will and fight their battles!

If Nie Tian’s rebellion was all just a ruse, what if he attacked it with those wisps of life power upon entering?

Would Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, its candidate for a paragon, be able to stop him?

It wasn’t confident about that at all.

Therefore, the cluster of utter darkness stirred and flew away from Nie Tian right before he entered.

It decided that it didn’t want Nie Tian inside of it.

After a moment of pondering, Nie Tian said, “If that’s the case, I have another proposal. I know that you’ve chosen Grand Monarch Heaven Devil because, and hope that he’ll prove to be a greater paragon than the Dark King and finish what the Dark King failed to do: conquer the Spirit World.”

“If I become a paragon, consider it done!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil called out, full of confidence.

However, Nie Tian didn’t spare him a single glance. Instead, he fixed his eyes on the darkness and said, “Have you ever considered making a paragon out of a pure human? Even though humanity hasn’t produced any paragons before, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Think about this: humans don’t carry bloodlines or rely on their hearts to become stronger. They only need the dark spiritual core in their spiritual sea in their dantian region.

“That dark spiritual core will agree with your dark power a hundred percent, as it doesn’t contain even the slightest life power from the blood sea.

“If you use your ultimate dark power to help a pure human become a paragon, it’ll have absolutely nothing to do with the origin of life. It won’t be able to stop you, and it won’t be able to interfere with your future efforts.

“You’re the second strongest origin in the chaos. If you make a sincere effort, you can definitely do this!

“Don’t you want to give it a shot?

“Also, if you make her your paragon, I won’t make any trouble. In fact, I’ll do everything in my power to help. Once she becomes a paragon, you’ll be my ally!”

Nie Tian made a list of reasons why it should agree to this proposal.

“Shut up!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil roared in fury.

The cluster of darkness, however, stirred in a strange manner.

Moments later, a charming figure arrived in the depths of the darkness.

It was Dong Li.