Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1784: The First of A Brand New Species

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“Why?” Nie Tian asked grimly, looking at the beating heart in the depths of the blood sea.

The origin of life didn’t give an answer.

After the Thunder-devouring Whale, the Gold Horn Beast, and the Ice Liger had died successively at Nie Tian’s hands and been refined into Profound Truths Crystals, it didn’t seem to have a better way to deal with him now.

However, there wasn’t much Nie Tian could do to it in the blood sea either.

All he could do was try his best to draw flesh power from this boundless blood sea.

By doing this, he aimed to weaken the ability of the Blood Father of the Spirit World to draw flesh power endlessly from the blood sea and recover speedily in his battle.

However, apparently, this vast blood sea held far more flesh power than he had expected.

In fact, he had long since realized that the amount of power it had used to revive the Blood Father of the Spirit World and lay the groundwork for his transcendence as a paragon was nothing compared to what it had.

Since this universe had come to exist, it had been creating species with various bloodlines and accumulating flesh power through them to build up this blood sea.

As the strongest origin in the chaos, it had gathered an astronomical amount of flesh power through eons of time.

It wasn’t something he or the Blood Father of the Spirit World could exhaust within a short time.


Nie Tian’s pupils suddenly shrank as he came to a shocking discovery.

A wisp of golden aura, a wisp of cyan aura, and a wisp of silver aura somehow appeared in the crimson bloodline aura in his heart!

Compared to his bloodline aura, they were very tiny and hard to discover.

They were even finer than the Bloodline Crystal Chains in his bloodline aura.

However, they clearly didn’t belong to him, or share the same origin as his life bloodline!

He examined them with rapt attention, and sensed the auras of the Gold Horn Beast, the Thunder-devouring Whale, and the Ice Liger from them!

To be exact, he sensed the existence of their bloodlines in his own bloodline!

Upon this shocking discovery, he shuddered and exclaimed, “How is this possible?”

After slaying the Thunder-devouring Whale, the Gold Horn Beast, and the Ice Liger, he had refined their hearts into three Profound Truths Crystals and cast them into the dark land.

He had only channeled a very small amount of flesh power from them to make up for his consumption.

That was because he was in the chaos. As long as the blood sea existed, he would be able to channel flesh power from it whenever he wanted. Therefore, it had been unnecessary for him to plunder the Thunder-devouring Whale, the Gold Horn Beast, and the Ice Liger of their flesh power.

However, the tiny amount of flesh power he had taken from them had somehow condensed into three wisps of flesh aura of metal, ice, and thunder attributes in the crimson bloodline aura in his heart.

This was unbelievable!

Before, his Life Drain bloodline talent had only allowed him to draw flesh power from outsider species!

He had never been able to absorb their bloodlines with it!

Neither had he dreamed or imagined that he would be able to absorb even the bloodlines of his enemies and make them part of his own.

If he actually developed such a divine ability, wouldn’t he be able to acquire a Devil bloodline by refining a Devil grand monarch?

Would he be able to lift his Devil bloodline to the ninth or even tenth grade?

Would he be able to purify his Devil bloodline by simply refining more Devils?

Would he be able to acquire the bloodlines of the Netherspirits, titans, dragons, Ancientbeasts, Fiends, and Lightspirits by using Life Drain on them?

If so, how many bloodlines would he be able to acquire?

Would he be able to add every bloodline he could find in the three worlds, except the Bonedrudes’ death bloodline, to his life bloodline?

What would that mean?

At that moment, the colossal heart suddenly started pounding heavily.

As soon as it did, Nie Tian perceived the message the origin of life was trying to convey.

A moment later, he took a deep breath and said, staring at the colossal heart, “So you have a greater plan.”

He was a hybrid the Tree of Life had had Qin Yao make under his hybrid-breeding plan with the life imprints it had taken from the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

However, even the Tree of Life didn’t know that the origin of life had taken part in the process.

The creation of Nie Tian had actually carried the ambition of the origin of life to forge a brand new species from the human form: Divinespirits!

The Blood Father of the Spirit World had created the Ancientspirits and vested them with various bloodlines. However, none of them carried the most wondrous life bloodline.

The Tree of Life had created the Floragrims, who carried wood and vegetative bloodlines, instead of the essential life bloodline of the origin of life.

Nie Tian, and only Nie Tian, had been vested with the essence of the origin of life, a life bloodline.

This was proved by the fact that he could draw flesh power from the outsiders in the three worlds with Life Drain as the Blood Father of the Spirit World could.

However, the truth was that his bloodline contained even greater wonders.

The origin of life had actually placed high hopes in him, as it had deemed him as the most suited one to carry out his grand plans!

As a matter of fact, the origin of life had secretly referred to him as the starter of a new era, and the first of a brand new species: Divinespirits.

From the day he had been born, the origin of life had never viewed him as a human, but rather a masterpiece it had gone to great length to create, the first Divinespirit.

All of Nie Tian’s descendants that inherited his bloodline would be Divinespirits!

Every one of them would be born with a life bloodline.

Since the most important feature of the life bloodline was allowing those who carried it to strengthen themselves by channeling flesh power from the beings of various species through Life Drain, this new species was bound to become the strongest throughout the three worlds.

Furthermore, after Nie Tian had become a paragon, his life bloodline had experienced fundamental changes. Now, he could even fuse the bloodlines of other beings into his own.

In the future, his descendants would inherit this wondrous feature from him as well.

In fact, the origin of life had been inspired while it had pondered how humans had developed their spiritual seas and channeled the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth into them to form spiritual cores of various attributes. Then, after expending endless time and energy and making countless tests, it had finally found this new ability.

It was something only the origin of life could find as the mightiest origin that had made trades with every origin in the chaos.

To Divinespirits, their life bloodline would be their foundation, just as the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was to humans. Then, their life bloodline would be able to absorb the bloodlines of other species, just as humans could fuse power of various attributes into their cultivation.

This godly ability would allow the Divinespirits to plunder bloodline wonders by simply killing beings of different species. Given time, they would definitely develop into an invincible force throughout the three worlds.

With such an upgraded version of the life bloodline, the Divinespirits would be able to give up their human cultivation system.

After all, their cultivation method of absorbing flesh power and looting bloodlines from other species was already overwhelmingly superior to the cultivation method of the humans and any other outsider species!

As the life bloodline would be the Divinespirits’ one and only foundation, they would correspond only to the origin of life .

They would be able to bring all of the species the other origins had created in the Void World, the Spirit World, and the Mortal World to heel.

This was its grand plan.

“So the reason why you were hesitant about making me a paragon wasn’t because I’m a human hybrid, but because even you were feeling apprehension about what I’d be capable of, right?”