Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1783: Unprecedented!

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The Star Behemoths and the Tree of Life had either refused to take orders from their origins, or aspired to replace their origin.

However, what Nie Tian was trying to do now was to kill his origin!

It had been eons since the great explosion had created this universe. However, there hadn’t been a single precedent where creations had tried to kill their own origins.

That was because no one knew what would happen to those who had received legacies from it if an origin perished.

Even though there were a large number of origins in the chaos, the conflicts between them usually happened in the three worlds.

The origins themselves weren’t built to fight.

Meanwhile, the chaos was considered a forbidden land for the beings they created.

Incidents like Nie Tian fighting and killing the Thunder-devouring Whale, the Gold Horn Beast, and the Ice Liger had rarely happened in the chaos.

Almost all of the conflicts between the origins happened in the three worlds, between the species they had created.

After all, the decline and extinction of species would greatly affect their correspondent origins.

The origins of ice, thunder, and metal had suffered heavy blows from the extinction of the Icespirits, Lightningspirits, and Metalspirits.

Other than the Tree of Life, there hadn’t been another being that had attempted to enter the chaos and replace its own origin.

Technically speaking, the Tree of Life was a part of the origin of life.

It was a Void Spirit that had been separated from the origin of life, and had later developed its own awareness and independent will.

Therefore, it seemed to make sense if it wanted to replace the will of the origin of life with its own.

After all, the origin of life would still exist if that happened.

However, what about what Nie Tian was trying to do now?

If he slew the origin of life, and the blood sea dried up, would his life bloodline still exist?

Would he still be a paragon?

If even the foundation of life was gone, how would the Ancientspirits and the other species it had created with its life essence continue to thrive in the starry river?

Would the outsider species in the Spirit World and the Void World that relied on their flesh power to become stronger really be unaffected?

No one could answer these questions, as no one had ever tried to do such a thing in the many eras before.

In front of the origin of stars, Ji Cang stared at him and shouted, “Are you crazy?! You have no idea what you’re doing! No one can tell what will happen to the countless lives in the three worlds if that heart explodes! That heart and that boundless blood sea are the foundation on which countless lives have been created!

“If it’s destroyed, all that comes from it might collapse and cease to exist!”

However, Nie Tian turned a deaf ear to his shouting.

The sharp ice shards condensed from the Ice Liger’s ice power plunged into the vast blood sea one after another, aimed at that colossal heart.


The heart started thumping violently.

Under its channeling, crimson drops of blood that were the size of baby fists came to form in a split second.

They all shot towards the incoming ice shards.


Upon contact with the crimson drops of blood, the ice shards that looked like pillars of frigid ice were smashed and reduced to countless rays of icy light and tiny icy blades shooting towards every part of the Sea of Life.

As this happened, an ice mountain suddenly flew over from the depths of the chaos.

Then, the countless rays of icy light and tiny icy blades flew out of the Sea of Life and disappeared into the ice mountain.

“Origin of ice!”

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph, casting a dark sideways glance towards the ice mountain.

A shudder seemed to run through the ice mountain before it hastily fled from Nie Tian’s sight, as if it had only revealed itself briefly to retake the ice shards that Nie Tian had condensed with the ice power he had stripped from the Ice Liger, lest that colossal heart in the endless blood sea misunderstand.

However, it also held great apprehension towards Nie Tian, who had transcended and become a paragon through the Sea of Life.

As Nie Tian fixed it with a hostile stare, all it could think to do was run, like a frightened child.

Even though the origins had developed intelligence, many of them were still rather simple and childlike.

In comparison, the Void Spirits that had been separated from them could be sneaky, insidious, and calculating. The longer they were tainted by the impure energies in the three worlds, the more complicated they might become.

As far as Nie Tian saw it, the origin of ice, for example, was extremely timid and cowardly.

It was scared of both him and the origin of life. It even seemed to him that it had only released the Ice Liger because the origin of life had forced it to. It simply couldn’t summon enough courage to fight against it.

However, the River of Souls, the Mountain of Death, and the origin of darkness fell into another category, as they refused to yield and would do everything in their power to fight back.


Nie Tian examined the ice mountain, which was flying farther and farther away, with rapt attention, and noticed that a faint shade suddenly manifested on its smooth, mirror-like surface.

The shade appeared to be slowly condensing in the falling snow.

His expression flickered. “Snow Devil? Whatever. I’ll let you go this time.”

He let the origin of ice disappear into the distant void.


At the same time, an icy sphere spun as it flew towards a remote area in the dark land.

Many Qi warriors were excited at the sight of it. “That icy sphere!”

However, it seemed to have its own awareness, and was avoiding all those who pursued it.

Soon, it plunged into some mountains that were very distant from the center of the dark land.

Heavy snow started falling in the area.

All of the snowflakes converged on the spinning icy sphere, rapidly turning it into a frigid spiritual core. Then, the spiritual core morphed into a god domain.

As soon as the god domain came to form, the Snow Devil, who had been bombarded to death by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, quietly manifested.

Master Blood Spirit, who had a blood connection with Nie Tian, was deeply amazed as he sensed the wondrous process through which the Profound Truths Crystal reanimated the Snow Devil. “This is the choice of the origin of ice. From the look of it, the origin of ice has long since found a candidate it wants. It’s just that it had to choose the Ice Liger because of the pressure it received from the blood sea.”

The Snow Devil was a pure human. Unlike the extinct Icespirits, she didn’t carry an ice bloodline.

If the origin of ice had bestowed fortunes upon her and let her enter the chaos to pursue her path to becoming a paragon, the Sea of Life wouldn’t have been able to benefit from it at all.

Therefore, even though it had always believed that the Snow Devil would be a better candidate to receive its legacies, it had chosen the Ice Liger because it hadn’t dared to disobey the Sea of Life.

However, it had made its choice in its heart long ago.

Even though he was in the chaos, Nie Tian could see what was happening in the outside world perfectly through the eyes of the evil gods. “How pathetic. It couldn’t even choose its own inheritor.”

As he let out a soft cry, his Life-origin Form plunged back into the blood sea.

The blood drops that could easily crush the ice shard couldn’t hurt him.

The origin of life also understood that it would be like attacking a dog by throwing a meat-stuffed bun at it if it tried to attack Nie Tian with the blood drops condensed from pure life essence.

In a flash, his Life-origin Form came to a stop in front of the colossal heart.

This time, he wasn’t here to receive legacies from the origin of life. Instead, he was here to question it, and take vengeance!