Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1781: A Gift From A Paragon!

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Three thunderbolts flew out of the chaos in succession after the thunder ball that was the Profound Truths Crystal.

All three thunderbolts charged at the Thunder Devil as well.

The Thunder Devil was stunned for a moment, and immediately displayed his thunder domain.

The blazing thunder in his thunder domain rapidly gathered into thunder pools.

Upon entering his thunder domain, the three thunderbolts from the chaos made the thunder pools shake violently.

The Thunder Devil squinted as he gazed fixedly at them.

According to his soul perception, the three thunderbolts were at the peak tenth grade, and had been condensed from a Thunder-devouring Whale that was full of thunder essense and only half a step away from becoming a paragon.

Each thunderbolt’s power was equal to the total amount of the thunder power of a late God domain expert who cultivated thunder power!

The Dao of thunder that the Thunder Devil studied was originally to devour and refine all the humans and outsiders who cultivated thunder in heaven and earth.

He was more sensitive than anyone else in that respect!

“Three thunderbolts, each of which is equal to a late God domain expert!”

Frightening light shot out of his eyes, as if he were a vicious and bloodthirsty beast that had been starving for millions of years and suddenly spotted something that he could hunt.

“Before or after my reincarnation, I have never encountered such boundless, surging thunder power!”

Feeling the pores all over his body open, he let out a frightening, horrifying laugh. “Hahaha! Thank you! Thank you very much!”


Beams of dazzling light suddenly burst from the thunder pools in his god domain.

His thunder domain slowly refined the three thunderbolts, which were in the form of colossal whales, as he perceived them with his soul, like a giant serpent swallowing whales.

His thunder domain had been badly damaged earlier, and his thunder pools were about to dry up.

However, in a very short period of time, his thunder domain expanded more than ten times!

His thunder domain seemed to be overflowing with violent thunder and flitting lightning!

This was a strange phenomenon that he had never experienced before during his cultivation!

“This is great!” he yelled.

Inside his body, his spiritual core merged into the Profound Truths Crystal, and was imprinted with many profound truths from the origin of thunder in the depths of the chaos by countless rays of crystalline light flying out of the crystal.

Therefore, within a short period of time, the Thunder Devil’s cultivation base soared crazily, and his battle prowess skyrocketed!

Many people who also cultivated thunder incantations all sensed something, and looked at him in horror.

In their eyes, the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan’s thunder domain seemed to have morphed into a wonderful land that was the most capable of gathering thunder and lightning power. When they gazed at the land full of thunder and lightning, they somehow had the illusion that he was perceiving the origin with his soul.

Nie Jin couldn’t help but exclaim, “Late God domain! Thunder Devil, you...”

She didn’t know what was going on, but she saw the Thunder Devil’s battle prowess and cultivation base change in an impossible way.

“Mistress, it’s the young master!” the Thunder Devil took a deep breath and said in a world of thunder and lightning. “He killed that Thunder-devouring Whale in the chaos! He stripped the power in the Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline and gave it to me!”

Nie Jin was stunned.

Hearing his explanation, many human experts were also shocked.

Was Nie Tian so strong already?

He could even plunder the true meaning that the origin of thunder had passed down to the Thunder-devouring Whale and give it to the Thunder Devil?

He was helping the Thunder Devil become a paragon!


The Thunder Devil chuckled strangely as his dharma idol suddenly changed. It sometimes morphed into a giant in thunder and lightning, and sometimes a Thunder-devouring Whale that breathed thunder pools in and out.

Mo Qianfan, who had also refined a Profound Truths Crystal, looked up at the Thunder Devil and felt a little bitter in his heart.

At this moment, after swallowing the Profound Truths Crystal that contained the Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline, the Thunder Devil had become the one who was the closest to the origin of thunder in the three worlds.

If the Thunder Devil made a determined effort to kill him, it would be easy.

Mo Qianfan was able to advance to the God domain because he had also gotten help from the Profound Truths Crystal of a Thunder-devouring Whale.

However, compared to the Thunder Devil, his Profound Truths Crystal was far weaker. They weren’t at the same level at all.

Mo Qianfan sighed inwardly with mixed feelings. “Nie Tian gave the Thunder Devil the Profound Truths Crystal not only because he is loyal and unselfish, but also because his talent is so much better than mine. Only he can bring out the full power of that Profound Truths Crystal.”

He didn’t know that even the origin of thunder, which was hiding in the chaos, shared a tacit understanding with the Sea of Life and was willing to cooperate with Blood Father of the Spirit World, but now it was letting out helpless sighs.

Instead of the Thunder-devouring Whale, it had to rely on the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan now.

However, it wouldn’t be able to do anything unless it could convince the Thunder Devil to be as completely obedient as the Thunder-devouring Whale.

Since the Primal Era, there had been plenty of Void Spirits that had gone against their origins, let alone the Thunder Devil, who came to completely understand the true meaning of its origin through a gift from someone else.

The Thunder Devil’s dharma idol was constantly changing. He actually sensed the awareness of the origin of thunder as he used his small spiritual core to melt the Profound Truths Crystal.

“I got the inheritance because of Young Master instead of your choice!” he responded in a tough manner.


In front of the River of Souls, Nie Tian looked at the Thunder-devouring Whale whose bloodline mysteries had been pulled out and whose thunder power had been refined and fused into the Thunder Devil’s body after being killed by him. “My efforts and help didn’t go to waste.”

Then he sneered softly, “I can’t believe that you wanted to destroy my soul!”

His true soul, which had sunk into the River of Souls, suddenly flew out.

It morphed into a cyan netherworld that enveloped the Thunder-devouring Whale’s corpse.


Thousands of fist-sized Thunder-devouring Whales rushed out of the corpse’s head.

Electric currents flashed in them as they tried to escape.

But soon, the Thunder-devouring Whale realized that all of its thousands of fragmentary souls had been locked down by Nie Tian’s true soul.

“Great Soul-conjuring Spell,” Nie Tian’s true soul called.

The cyan netherworld instantly generated suction force!

The Thunder-devouring Whales flew into the cyan netherworld one after another, like metal being attracted to a magnet.

Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form suddenly stepped out of the chaos and bellowed, “Golden Horn Beast!”

In a breath’s time, he reappeared before the origin of fire.

As soon as it saw Nie Tian, the Golden Horn Beast that Pei Qiqi and the Divine Flame had worked together to suppress let out shrill, weird screams, while its golden Blood Essence continued to be stripped little by little and its body continued to be burned by the surging flames.

It called to the origin of metal and the origin of life for help.

“The origins are nothing but the crystallization of principles and mysteries. Even if they have intelligence, they don’t have fleshly bodies and can’t fight directly,” Nie Tian said with a gruesome smile. “I’m sorry, but I’m the first to advance to a paragon, so I’m the strongest, and invincible in this chaos.”

He cast his Profound Truths Crystallization again.

Soon, the Golden Horn Beast, which shared the same grade with the Thunder-devouring Whale and had been bombarded and badly injured by the Divine Flame and Pei Qiqi in succession, was turned into a golden ball of light in Nie Tian’s palm.

“The origin of metal... I wonder if Huang Jinnan can handle it,” Nie Tian muttered. “Whatever. Since he’s the Divine Son chosen by the metal element sect, he should be capable enough!”