Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1780: Strip!

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Pei Qiqi stood in front of the origin of fire.

All the facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal shone and showed the fierce battle that was taking place in the dark land.

What one could see was mostly the battle between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Rampage Behemoth. Bombarded by the Blood Father of the Spirit World with Titan’s Wrath, the Rampage Behemoth’s mountainous body fell heavily from the sky.

There were also beams of brilliant light that wandered around and murdered the Ancientbeasts on those facets.

At this moment, Pei Qiqi’s hands that were like white jade suddenly reached into the Space Boundaries Crystal’s facets.

In the dark land.

A ninth-grade frost dragon was frightenedly looking at a beam of deadly brilliant light.

Suddenly, a hand that was like white jade seemed to suddenly come out of interweaving layers of space.

The beam of brilliant light that contained sharp spatial power was suddenly seized by the jade-like hand.

It seemed as if the light were caught by the throat like a white snake, and it no longer moved.

In a flash, the beam of terrifying brilliant light that had killed the frost dragon’s friends vanished before its eyes.

Likewise, some similar beams of brilliant light were also suddenly snatched away in remote marginal regions of the dark land.


From the facets of the Space Boundaries Crystal, Pei Qiqi snapped over ten streaks of spatial light that had flown out of the spatial rifts split open by the fierce battle in the dark land.

Hearing Nie Tian’s cry, her cold eyes showed a hint of warmth.

It seemed that after hearing him call her “Senior Martial Sister Pei,” she returned from her inhumane Void Spirit form.

She cast a glance at Nie Tian as a very light smile played on her lips. Then she pointed her jade finger at the Golden Horn Beast.

The streaks of spatial light she had snapped out of the dark land through her Space Boundaries Crystal instantly morphed into blades that could shatter grand monarchs and split god domain cultivators.


Wounds appeared on the solid gold body of the Golden Horn Beast, which had been revived and reared by the origin of metal and the Sea of Life with a drop of Blood Essence.

Drops of golden blood that were able to penetrate even the hardest metal were separated and flew out from the Golden Horn Beast’s fleshly body.

The small Divine Flame in the depths of the sea of orange flames let out a joyful scream.


Violently-burning buds that carried imprints fierce enough to burn and destroy all living beings suddenly wrapped the Golden Horn Beast’s drops of golden blood.

The Golden Horn Beast immediately let out a bitter roar.

Because its Blood Essence had been burned, the unusual beast that had promoted its low bloodline to the extreme was badly injured in an instant, alarming the origin of metal, which had regarded it as its inheritor and a candidate for a paragon.

It would be difficult for it to carry out the orders of the origin of metal and the origin of life anymore.

It was already very close to the origin of fire and Nie Tian’s flame doppelganger, but it couldn’t get an inch closer.

In the origin of stars.

The Heavenly Stars Flower and Ji Cang emerged at almost the same time.

They left the dark land and flew into the chaos in the blink of an eye!

Upon arriving, Ji Cang looked intoxicated, his eyes sparkling. However, before he could have time to feel his surroundings, he saw the Ice Liger burst forth with countless rays of icy light in an attempt to destroy the starry sea corresponding to the stars of the three worlds.

Ji Cang’s eyes instantly went cold. “The origin of ice, an Ice Liger!”

As he shouted, countless splinters of starlight started flying at once.

He displayed his star domain, and turned himself into a vast curtain of stars that suddenly enveloped the Ice Liger, “The Icespirits were destroyed by the Tree of Life. I understand that as the origin of ice, you reached a tacit understanding with the Blood Father of the Spirit World to fight and retaliate against the Tree of Life!

“But have you forgotten that the imbalance between all the origins and the blood sea is the real cause of the extinction of the Icespirits, the Goldspirits, and the Thunderspirits?

“Without the Tree of Life, after the Blood Father of the Spirit World has the Ancientspirits get rid of the races in the Void World, you’ll be next!

“Pitiful fools! You’re well-aware of this, but you have been beaten up so much that you’re scared, and you’re willing to serve that blood sea as its loyal dogs.

“How pathetic!”

He mocked it without restraint.

He knew that the origin of ice hiding in the chaos must be able to hear all his words through this Ice Liger.

Now, the Golden Horn Beast was stopped by the Divine Flame and Pei Qiqi. After Ji Cang broke into the chaos, the Ice Liger could no longer damage or threaten the origin of stars either.

As for the Thunder-devouring Whale… penetrated by many crimson blood spears condensed from Nie Tian’s true form, the strongest Thunder-devouring Whale in history was now riddled with wounds.

The silvery scales on the Thunder-devouring Whale’s colossal body exploded one after another, leaving hundreds of bloody holes in its body.

Blood gushed out of the bloody holes.

Blazing thunder balls, which could burst realms and wipe out even the souls of Netherspirit grand monarchs, were shattered by Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form as if he were bursting balloons.

Nie Tian’s towering 100,000-meter body landed on the Thunder-devouring Whale’s head.

“Bloodline, Profound Truths Crystallization!”

His thick flesh aura sea enveloped the Thunder-devouring Whale.

Wisps of flesh power that contained the profound truths of life permeated into the Thunder-devouring Whale’s body.

The Thunder-devouring Whale struggled madly as its internal organs burst like pools of lightning and thunder.

Nie Tian, however, stood motionless.

The bloodline talent that he had awakened in the origin of life and contained the true essence of life engulfed the Thunder-devouring Whale, just as he had done before.


Bloodline Crystal Chains actually flew from the Thunder-devouring Whale’s silver heart, which weighed countless pounds.

The Bloodline Crystal Chains were separated by Nie Tian’s Profound Truths Crystallization.

The flesh aura of the holy beast of the Ancientspirits that the origin of thunder had refined and placed high hopes on quickly dried up, like a rubber ball filled with blood that had its blood drained.

A long time ago, he had also separated the mysteries of thunder from a Thunder-devouring Whale and turned them into a Profound Truths Crystal, which he had given to Mo Qianfan to help him break through to the God domain.

Now, because of his Profound Truths Crystallization bloodline talent, the Thunder-devouring Whale morphed into a thunder ball made of condensed electric light in his palm.

“The Thunder-devouring Whale has the Ancientspirits’ bloodline and was created by the Blood Father of the Spirit World. The blood sea got the original lightning bloodline from the origin of thunder during their trade, and then gave it to the Blood Father of the Spirit World.”

Looking at the Profound Truths Crystallization in his palm that was wreathed in electric light, Nie Tian knew that it was the very thing the origin of life had obtained from the origin of thunder, and then passed on to the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

All that his Profound Truths Crystallization had done was strip it from the heart of the living being!

Nie Tian bent his finger and flicked. “Go!”

The Profound Truths Crystal, which contained the mysteries of the Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline and corresponded to the origin of thunder, morphed into a ball of light and suddenly flew away without leaving a trace.

In the dark land.

The Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan, who stood next to Nie Jin and wore a surly, sullen face, fixed his eyes on the scene where Qin Yao attacked the Blood Father of the Spirit World by working together with the crooked forces of the Doomed Star Sea and the Ancient Arch-devil that Zhao Shanling had morphed into.

The order he had received was to protect Nie Jin.

Suddenly, he saw a bright thunder ball appear out of nowhere. “Ah!”

The thunder ball seemed to have eyes, and quickly flew towards him.

Before he could realize what was happening, the thunder ball entered the spiritual sea in his dantian region where it interacted wonderfully with his lightning power spiritual core.

Then, his soul seemed to hear Nie Tian’s voice.

In an instant, he was thrilled. “Young Master!”