Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1779: Boundless Flesh Power

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In the dark land...

Suddenly, balls of blood light exploded in the depths of the Rampage Behemoth’s scarlet eyes as it growled!

The Rampage Behemoth, which had been born in the Primal Era and had once run amuck in the three worlds, suddenly charged at the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Dong Li, who had mastered the Dark Aureole, screamed in shock!

Even the black tortoise stared surprisedly at the irascible Rampage Behemoth.


The blood aura spurting from the Rampage Behemoth’s nostrils splashed with black and purple electric light. There was even a hint of darkness in the scarlet blood light in the behemoth’s eyes!

Zhao Shanling, who was no longer presenting himself in his Ancient Arch-devil form, was shocked.

Then, many Devils and Demons who had come from the Spirit World sensed something through their bloodlines at the same time.

“I can’t believe that the origin of the Rampage Behemoth’s bloodline is actually that darkness!” Dong Li’s face looked incredulous as she shouted loudly.

The Rampage Behemoth’s huge body continued to expand, gradually becoming like a winding pitch-black mountain range.

“Hey,” the Blood Father of the Spirit World said. He turned his head around and struck his empty hand towards the Rampage Behemoth. As soon as he did, thunder and lightning filled the void and rained down onto the Rampage Behemoth.


The sky of the whole dark land shook violently.

Because of the conflict between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Rampage Behemoth, the sky seemed unable to bear the pressure. Dense spatial rifts cracked open.

Hundreds of lightning waterfalls that were as thick as dragons and serpents bombarded the Rampage Behemoth’s mountainous body.

The Rampage Behemoth bared its teeth and let out growls. Its eyes were like deep dark wells, exuding endless rage and madness.


Stirred by the eruption of the Rampage Behemoth’s flesh aura, the Dark Aureole that had belonged to the Dark King suddenly escaped from Dong Li’s clutches and flew out.

Then, the Rampage Behemoth’s erupting flesh aura instantly merged into the Dark Aureole.

Like a weird sun, the Dark Aureole was sometimes crimson, sometimes deep purple, and sometimes pitch black. It burned violently as it crashed towards the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

After the Dark Aureole flew over, the thick wide lightning waterfalls disappeared one after another with loud crackles.

In a flash, the weird Dark Aureole appeared in front of the chest of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

“You take orders from that darkness...” the Blood Father of the Spirit World muttered as he looked down at the Dark Aureole. Then, he lifted the giant golden axe that was condensed from his heart-protecting armor and brought it down with great force.

Heaven and earth seemed to be split by the axe.


A brilliant light passage cracked open in the space of the dark land.

Some sharp-eyed experts looked at the light passage, and caught a glimpse of Nie Tian’s true form, which was a hundred thousand meters tall now, and a Thunder-devouring Whale that was of the size of the Rampage Behemoth floating in a sea of countless thunderballs and electric currents.

Anyone who saw that could tell that the Thunder-devouring Whale was in fact very terrified and uneasy.

Many Ancientspirits that were hiding in the dark gawked at the Thunder-devouring Whale that had appeared only for a brief moment, and suddenly yelled, “Our strongest ancestor, the one in our legends!”

“Thunder Ancestor!

“A Thunder-devouring Whale!”


The giant axe of the Blood Father of the Spirit World fell on the Dark Aureole.

The whole dark land suddenly shook!

Then, crimson and gold light and billions of dark crystal particles flew out from the chest of the Blood Father of the Spirit World, where the collision had taken place.


Streaks of brilliant light somehow emerged in the remote, marginal regions of the seemingly sealed dark land.

The streaks of brilliant light began to wander through the dark land like disorderly thunderbolts.

Plenty of titans were in hiding and refused to show their faces. Many dragons and Ancientbeasts thought they could stay out of trouble. However, at this moment, they were all ferreted out and attacked by those streaks of brilliant light.

The streaks of brilliant light crushed their bodies and reduced them to broken limbs and flesh that were cast to the earth.

The surface of the earth swallowed up the broken limbs and flesh, as if they had invisible mouths.

The branches and leaves of the third generation of the Tree of Life grew greener and greener. It seemed to have eyes that were indifferently and expectantly watching the Rampage Behemoth attack the Blood Father of the Spirit World.


Suddenly, thorny branches pierced out from the depths of the earth.

The branches, which were like sharp knives and spikeweed, cut and badly mutilated the feet of the Blood Father of the Spirit World, which were as wide as seas.

Stimulated by the Tree of Life, the tenacious branches continued to grow. Heavenly Wood Thorns, which Nie Tian had mastered, erupted in the feet of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

The Blood Father of the Spirit World sensed agonizing pain for the first time, and became more and more irritable.

He threw a punch at the Rampage Behemoth with his huge hand.

His flesh aura, golden light currents, lightning bolts, ice shards, and wisps of soul awareness all converged into the punch.

Some people who were familiar with it couldn’t help but scream as they saw the huge fist that gathered so many streaks of energy growing larger and larger and being filled with unspeakably terrifying power.

“The Titan’s Wrath that Nie Tian once displayed!”

“He must have learned it from him!”


The punch that could break even the starry sky hit the head of the Rampage Behemoth that had almost been restored to its peak because of Nie Tian’s Life Grant, and made it drop heavily towards the earth like a cannonball.

Its mountainous body crushed countless branches before its fall slowed slightly.

That allowed the people of various races that were under its huge body to escape.

If it weren’t for that, they would have been crushed to death or badly injured.

Zhao Shanling took a deep breath and suddenly looked up into the sky in the dark land. “Kill the Blood Father of the Spirit World first.”

Suddenly, a ray of white light flew out of his eyes.

The white light pierced the dome of the dark land. It seemed to instantly extend to the Domain of Shadow Devil of the Devils in the Void World, and reach the most mysterious and ancient forbidden land of the Devils from there.

The white light soon returned.

As it did, deep purple Devil Qi could be seen condensing in it and turning into pure Devil power. As it fell into Zhao Shanling’s body, another force from the origin fused into him as well.

Zhao Shanling growled and transformed again into an Ancient Arch-devil.

Holding the Void Mirror with one hand and carrying a black devilish saber in the other, he strode towards the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

After seeing that even Zhao Shanling had joined the fight, Qin Yao, the lord of the Doomed Star Sea, hesitated and asked Wu Ji for advice. “Senior Wu?”

Wu Ji nodded softly. “Now, the Blood Father of the Spirit World seems to be the greater threat. Besides, he must never go back to the chaos, or Nie Tian might be overwhelmed there.”

Qin Yao knew at once what he should do. “In that case, I won’t wait any longer.”

He pointed at the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

After a moment of hesitation, all those from the Doomed Star Sea, whether they were crooked cultivators or rebels from the Spirit World, pointed their weapons at the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was holding the giant axe and exuding an aura dominating enough to break the heavens.

The fiercest battles broke out simultaneously in the chaos and the dark land.

A blue shadow suddenly appeared in front of the origin of fire.

“Senior Martial Sister Pei!”