Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1778: A Fierce Battle

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There were many origins in the chaos.

Having grown stronger over eons of time, the origin of life stood out among the many origins of the chaos, and now it was worthy of the title of a colossus.

It was the strongest among all the origins!

Many origins like the river of souls, the mountain of death, and the origin of darkness had been dissatisfied with the origin of life, and had tried hard to fight against it.

There were also origins that remained silent in the chaos.

However, some other origins were bewitched because they were afraid of the strong origin of life, or they had suffered too much. They had finally chosen to surrender and swear their allegiance to it.

The origins of thunder, metal, and ice had once created the Icespirits, Thunderspirits, and Goldspirits in the Mortal World. After the three races had been destroyed by the Tree of Life, they had placed their hope in the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was directly corresponding to the origin of life, and was the enforcer of the origin of life’s will.

Perhaps they had submitted themselves to the rule of the origin of life since then.

They had probably created the Thunder-devouring Whale, the Golden Horn Beast, and the Ice Liger with flesh auras they had borrowed from the origin of life.

These three unusual beasts had been at the peak tenth grade to begin with. Then, after being refined by the three origins and the Sea of Life, they were almost half-paragons now!

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and the Tree of Life most likely weren’t even aware of the three beasts’ existence. They were likely the Sea of Life’s contingency plan.

“The three worlds have limited luck, and the number of paragons they can support is limited,” Nie Tian’s true form said, looking coldly at the three unusual beasts. “It seems that you had a premeditation! You chose the origins of thunder, metal, and ice to create paragons because they were loyal to you.

“You intended to exclude Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and the other grand monarchs from the beginning.

The colossal heart shook violently.


The silvery scales of the gigantic Thunder-devouring Whale burst forth with blazing lightning power.

The balls of lightning and thunder were condensed by the flesh aura that it released. Each thunderball carried power mighty enough to destroy a realm, and contained the destructive intent of the origin of thunder.

There were thousands of cyan lightning crystals that were imprinted with the charm of doom in the depths of the dazzling thunderball.

Any souls that didn’t have a fleshly body would be annihilated if they were bombarded by the destructive thunderbolt power this Thunder-devouring Whale released.

Even the River of Souls would be badly injured if it was bombarded by the Thunder-devouring Whale so furiously. After all, the origin of thunder naturally suppressed the River of Souls in the chaos.

“So you were prepared for this,” Nie Tian said before his Life-origin Form suddenly rushed into the void and stood upright in front of the River of Souls, watching the Thunder-devouring Whale rushing at him, along with thunderballs and entwined lightning bolts that filled his view.

Across countless thunderballs and dense flashes of lightning, the Thunder-devouring Whale growled at Nie Tian in a very disdainful manner, as if it were looking down on all living beings.

“No one can go against its will!

“It is the foundation that enables all races of life to be born!

“If it dries up, all living beings will die, and all races’ bloodlines will disappear!”

“You must have been a Thunder-devouring Whale that was very strong in ancient times,” Nie Tian said with a calm smile. “I guess you were revived by the origin of thunder with a drop of Blood Essence, but you have no idea that many things have changed as eras have developed generation after generation.”

His great hands tugged and pulled.


He forcefully grabbed streaks of blood light in waterfalls from the Sea of Life.

With them, he built a blood-red wall between him and the incoming thunderballs and lightning. Many blood imprints bloomed like flowers on the wall.


The Thunder-devouring Whale’s thunderballs and dense lightning smashed into the blood-red wall.

The power of thunder and lightning could kill souls, but it wasn’t lethal to fleshly bodies.

Nie Tian, who was a paragon now, could freely use the power of the Sea of Life in the chaos. Even if he was injured, he could recover in a breath.

The Thunder-devouring Whale, which had been created by the origin of thunder with the blood sea’s flesh power, was only half a paragon. Therefore, it was no match for him.

All the thunderballs and lightning disappeared one by one.

After the blood-colored flowers blooming in the blood-red wall exploded, they reappeared in a twinkling of an eye.

Nie Tian grinned wickedly and said, “The origins don’t have fleshly bodies, so they cannot fight directly and must rely on their creations. Since the origin of life is the strongest in the chaos. I, who have become a paragon with its help, should be invincible in this chaos at present.”


He raised his hand and casually grabbed towards the blood-red wall before it condensed into a long spear.

The long spear was the same as the one transformed from the Rage Behemoth bone, and was imprinted with its violent blood power. It shot at the Thunder-devouring Whale in a flash.

The Thunder-devouring Whale flew upward in terror.


The crimson spear streaked across the Thunder-devouring Whale’s belly, bringing out deep blue blood and triggering explosions from many thunderballs.

The Thunder-devouring Whale screamed in pain, terrified of Nie Tian. It growled in the language of the Ancientspirits. “Don’t forget the Golden Horn Beast and the Ice Liger! Your other doppelgangers will be killed! And when Blood Father of the Spirit World cuts down the Tree of Life and returns, you’ll also die!”

It knew that it could not defeat Nie Tian in the chaos, who could mobilize the blood sea’s infinite flesh power.

After Nie Tian became a paragon, he had only two opponents who were equally matched with him — the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life, who both came from the same origin: the Sea of Life.

In another location in the chaos, the Golden Horn Beast and the Ice Liger let out an earth-shattering roar, as if to respond to him.

In the midst of the orange flames, golden blood could be seen flowing in the eyes of the Gold Horn Beast, as if by burning drops of gold Blood Essence, it was trying desperately to break through the flame power that could burn all the living beings and rush into the origin of fire, where it hoped to kill Nie Tian’s flame doppelgänger.

As for the Ice Liger, it had killed the streaks of blood light sent out by Nie Tian’s true form, and reached the origin of stars.

Upon entering the First Star, it found itself in the depths of a world that was filled with stars.

However, because the origin of stars was hiding Nie Tian’s star doppelganger deliberately, it failed to find it, and it was about to advance.


The Ice Liger’s enormous frozen body shook violently in the origin of stars.

Frigid ice blades morphed into ice storms, spreading in every direction with the Ice Liger at their center.


In the origin of stars, countless small star particles were the embodiment of the cores of the stars in the starry river. Cut by those ice blades, many of them were broken into smaller pieces.

In the dark land.

The starlit Heavenly Stars Flower and Nie Tian’s shadows that had been talking with Ji Cang suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Even Ji Cang sensed that the origin of stars was being attacked in the chaos.

“Receive me!” snapped Ji Cang.


Many wisps of star power swam all over him.

Like the Heavenly Stars Flower and Nie Tian’s shadows, he became fuzzy first, and then quickly disappeared.