Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1775: The Blood Father Speaks

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Nie Tian stood quietly in the void above the vast blood sea.

He had stopped grabbing streaks of flesh aura from below and using them to nourish those in the dark land who had blood connections to him.

Instead, he fixed his eyes on the brilliant star in the distance.

The star seemed to sense his gaze and started flying towards him.

As it flew closer and closer, Nie Tian was surprised to find that the so-called First Star, the origin of stars, was actually even vaster than his Life-origin Form, which had come to be a hundred thousand meters tall.

In fact, it was about the same size as the colossal heart in the depths of the endless blood sea below.

It was just that...

He glanced down at the origin of life in the depths of the sea, and said, “It’s just that eons of accumulation of life power has made you stronger.

“However, now that I’ve finished my advance to becoming a paragon, you’d better stay out of my way from now on.”

As soon as he said these words, profound connections seemed to form between his true soul and three sub-souls.

Inside the origin of stars, a wisp of his soul essence flew out to fuse with the Heavenly Stars Flower, which then gained the permission of the origin of stars, and crossed the barriers of the chaos into the dark land.

Even though his true form was still floating above the endless blood sea, his perception range had already extended into the dark land through his blood connections to the Rampage Behemoth, the black tortoise, and the evil gods.

All of them had become his eyes.

However, before now, he had only been able to see what was happening in the dark land through their eyes and convey his will to them.

He hadn’t been able to communicate with the others directly.

Now, after the Heavenly Stars Flower manifested in the dark land by virtue of the power of the origin of stars, he could express every thought he had through it.

Hence, everyone in the dark land saw shadows that looked like reflections in water quietly emerging in the numerous blossoms of the spectacular Heavenly Stars Flower.

Wu Ji, Dong Li, Nie Jin, and many others exclaimed subconsciously upon seeing the shadows.

“Nie Tian!”

“Little Tian!"

“Young Lord!”

Qin Yao’s fierce eyes, which resembled those of a tiger, lit up as he swiftly grabbed Nie Jin’s slender hand with his large, brawny hand. He didn’t want her to lose control and rush to the Heavenly Stars Flower, and end up being seized by Ji Cang as leverage he could use against Nie Tian.

“Little Tian..." Nie Jin called in a low voice, looking longingly at the shadows in the blossoms. She wanted to scream the bitterness and helplessness that had been buried in her heart for many years, but somehow lacked the courage to do so.

“Nie Tian!!” Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s hysterical shriek suddenly echoed out in the far distance.

In the next moment, he burst forth with torrential cyan soul power. Despite the fierce battle between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life, he charged through extending tree branches and flying emerald auras towards the Heavenly Stars Flower. “Nie Tian! You took my chance at becoming a paragon!”

Wu Ji, Yin Xingtian, Qin Yao, and the others frowned slightly upon seeing Grand Monarch Nether Spirit charge furiously towards them.

Zhao Shanling shook his head, his face filled with disgust. “You must have a death wish. Failing to take the big picture into consideration, you can’t shoulder great responsibilities.”

The numerous enormous lightning chains that wrapped around the Blood Father of the Spirit World suddenly shot out.

Each and every one of them carried the profound truths of lightning and thunder to begin with. Then, the moment they flew out, the Blood Father of the Spirit World infused them with rich flesh auras, turning them into frenzied lightning dragons.


They rapidly caught up to Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, and started tearing at his body with their teeth and claws.

In the blink of an eye, chunks of flesh were torn from his body, which wasn’t as tough as that of the evil gods, revealing his pale-gray bones.

Before he could even charge through the area where the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life were fighting, his fleshly body was ripped apart and gobbled down by the lightning dragons.

Just like that, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit lost his body, even though he had strengthened himself by reaping the souls of his own people.

Nie Tian’s shadows in the Heavenly Stars Flower watched as this happened to the flustered and exasperated Grand Monarch Nether Spirit.

“How rash!”

He thought to himself.

“You don’t deserve to enter!”

The Blood Father of the Spirit World, who seemed tall enough to prop up heaven and earth and had the courage to fight the Tree of Life, suddenly spoke.

Every word he said carried great weight, and caused heaven and earth to shake and rumble nonstop.

Many observed with rapt attention, and could even see his flesh power condense into the most ancient, rough script of the words in the sky, which seemed to be full of mysteries.


The three magical characters suddenly morphed into three huge thunderballs.

They seemed to carry the most devastating lightning power essence, as if they were the most deadly lightning purgatories in the Mortal World, Void World, and Spirit World.


Every human, hybrid, and outsider that carried lightning bloodlines or practiced lightning incantations exclaimed in astonishment.

Myriad wisps of lightning power flew uncontrollably out of their bodies and lightning domains to fuse into the three mighty thunderballs.

The thunderballs, however, suddenly exploded, releasing blazing power that could easily destroy heaven and extinguish earth in the place where Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s fleshly body had been consumed.

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s dark cyan sea of souls, which had been exposed after he had lost his body, was instantly filled with myriad bolts of lightning.

Wisps of cyan smoke quickly rose up and dissipated.

At the same time, the ferocious lightning dragons that had wolfed down Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s flesh power returned to the Blood Father of the Spirit World to fuel his power.

All of the experts from the three worlds were amazed by the fact that the Blood Father of the Spirit World had actually started speaking.

“He started talking!”

“I can’t believe his words are like heaven\'s judgment that can trigger changes in heaven and earth!”

“I’m afraid that he’s regained his awareness and memories in his battle against the Tree of Life.”

“He’s the speaker of the origin of life and the enforcer of its will!”

Apparently, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit had failed to consider what the Blood Father of the Spirit World was capable of doing. Overtaken by anger, he had rashly charged towards Nie Tian in a hysterical manner, and had ended up being attacked midway.

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s battle prowess was only second to that of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil in the Void World.

He had been the strongest expert in the history of the Phantasms before he had left the Spirit World. Then, after escaping from the clutches of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, he had snuck into the Void World and continued to make waves.

He had even set Nie Tian up, seized the Spirit Scepter, and nearly gotten Nie Tian killed.

However, such a powerful expert was annihilated by the Blood Father of the Spirit World’s raging lightning power in such an effortless manner!

At this moment, everyone shifted their gazes from the Heavenly Stars Flower and Nie Tian’s shadows to the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

They found that the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was tall enough to prop up heaven and earth, didn’t further expand as they expected after killing Grand Monarch Nether Spirit.

However, his eyes looked more alive than before.

Raging flames seemed to be burning in the depths of his pupils.

After observing for a brief moment, Wu Ji said softly, “Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s death is helping his soul recover. He’s the enforcer of the will of the origin of life. In the chaos, the origin of life has traded with all the other origins, which allowed it to master the profound truths of all sorts of power to a large extent.

“It has passed all that it has gained from its trades on to the Blood Father of the Spirit World, including the profound secrets of souls it has received from the River of Souls.”

At this moment, Nie Tian’s soul fluctuations rippled from his shadows in the Heavenly Stars Flower.

Every living being in its surroundings heard him loud and clear with their souls, and received every message he conveyed.

“If the Blood Father of the Spirit World returns to his peak state, and draws endless power from the Sea of Life, I’m afraid that even the Tree of Life won’t be able to match him in battle.”