Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1774: Ji Cang’s Dao

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The Rampage Behemoth threw its head back and roared.

As soon as the streaks of blood-colored light fused into this behemoth that had existed since the Primal Era, hard scales started growing all over its gigantic form.

Its eyes turned blood red, its raging aura soaring through the heavens.

It jerked its head towards the Blood Father of the Spirit World and stared at him.

Almost at the same time, the beast that was enshrouded in darkness, the black tortoise, seemed to receive a blood instruction as well, and quietly fixed its pitch-black eyes on the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

All of the human experts were taken aback, and didn’t understand why both the Rampage Behemoth and the black tortoise suddenly showed such hatred toward the Blood Father of the Spirit World who had returned from the Dark Abyss.

“The Blood Father of the Spirit World?”

“He’s the one who’s truly loyal to the origin of life and follows its every order.”

At this moment, Zhao Shanling, who had canceled his Ancient Arch-devil form and returned to his human form, left the members of the three major races in the Void World, and flew over from the distance.

“Nie Tian has become a paragon already?” he asked, looking at Wu Ji.

Wu Ji curled his lips and said with a somewhat wry smile, “That’s right. He has joined the ranks of paragons by making use of the power of the Sea of Life. But he hasn’t returned from the chaos, because once he does, his connection with that blood sea will be severed by the origin of life...” With these words, he pointed at the colossal tree that had taken up the entire dark land. “Just as it had done with it.”

Everyone could see that the third-generation Tree of Life had been able to grow in a frenzied manner upon arriving here because it had drawn power from the Sea of Life.

However, as soon as the Blood Father of the Spirit World had returned, it had been kept from being able to draw endless life power from that blood sea.

It was at that moment that the origin of life had officially fallen out with it and set itself against it.

Using the dark land as a base, it had reversed the flow of life power and turned this land where it had taken root into another endless blood sea. By doing this, it had stopped the flesh power of those who perished in the dark land from flowing to the origin of life in the chaos.

“Nie Tian can continue to draw power from that blood sea and use it to make himself stronger if he remains there?” Zhao Shanling asked.

Wu Ji took a breath and said with a light tone, “Not just that, but he can make his doppelgängers transform as well by infusing them with life essence. The path to becoming a paragon is full of obstacles. With the help of his true form, perhaps his doppelgängers can actually break the rules and make more paragons!”

Zhao Shanling’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard this. “Are you serious?”

“Even though things like that haven’t happened before, that doesn’t mean that they can’t happen now,” Wu Ji answered.


A brilliant star suddenly streaked through the dark sky in the dark land and flew over like a falling star.

The expressions of many human experts flickered as they watched the dazzling star fly from the distant sky.

“Ji Cang!”

“The Void Spirit of the First Star!”

They reached the conclusion that what was flying towards them was Ji Cang by spotting the Magnetic Star Crystal in the streaking star.

“Open the gate, and let me in!” Ji Cang’s bellow seemed to be coming from all directions as numerous clusters of starlight exploded in the area where the human experts were gathered.

Even the enormous branches of the Tree of Life that had stretched into the area were bombarded and reduced to shreds.

The dazzling streaking star came to a sudden stop, and morphed into Ji Cang’s form.

“Let me in! Now!” he bellowed again.

Everyone narrowed their eyes and examined him with rapt attention. Then, they saw countless wisps of spatial power that were even tinier than hairs slithering through his skin like wondrous lightning wisps.

His unfathomable eyes looked like two frosty stars.

Everyone had a peculiar feeling that they weren’t looking at a creature made of flesh and blood, but rather a frosty star in the silent, boundless starry river.

At this moment, everyone was convinced that this Ji Cang in front of them wasn’t the renowned sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, but rather the Void Spirit that had been separated from the First Star and possessed Ji Cang.

Wu Ji let out a disdainful snort.

The River of Time that was floating in the sky suddenly lashed out at Ji Cang like a long whip that ran through the three words.

Time power flowed inside the river, giving rise to splashing sounds.

Imprisoned by time power, the clusters of starlight in the area stopped exploding and no longer emanated dazzling light.

Even the fine wisps of peculiar spatial power stopped slithering on Ji Cang’s skin, and became silent and still.

“You’re being prevented from entering the chaos, aren’t you?” Wu Ji asked, looking distant and calm as he usually did. “Your own origin denied your entrance. You know what that means, right? I bet it’s not your origin’s intention to have every peak expert from the three worlds fight each other and die, but it’s rather the ‘Dao’ you’ve derived by yourself.”

“What if it is?” Ji Cang said with an icy expression. “How many realms have died and how many stars have stopped shining since the Star Behemoths appeared, the Ancientspirits came to existence, the three major races in the Void World rose to power, and the races in the Mortal World entered their prime?

“My origin is that First Star in the chaos! Only if the stars thrive and shine bright will it grow stronger and stronger.

“It’s those who represent the peak power in the three worlds that have been destroying the realms in the three worlds. If they don’t exist anymore, no realm will die!

“What’s wrong with this Dao I’ve derived?”

As he questioned Wu Ji, all of the other experts fell silent and pondered what he had said.

By taking his point of view, they found that his thinking and doing were indeed for the better of the First Star, the origin of stars. It appeared that his actions were actually justified.


Another star streaked across the sky and landed in the area with a loud crash.

Nie Jin’s eyes lit up, and she quietly went to stand beside Qin Yao, who had just arrived like a falling star.

“Qin Yao!”

Many human experts jerked their heads towards him and looked at him with mixed feelings in their eyes.

This man in front of them was the lord of the Doomed Star Sea, Nie Tian’s father, the advocator and enforcer of hybrid breeding, and the greatest rebel of the human race...

However, before he had left the Mortal World, he had also been a Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He had even outshone Ji Cang once upon a time!

If he had focused on seeking the Dao of stars instead of being infatuated with hybrid breeding, perhaps he would have long since become the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Now, many years later, he stood in front of the experts from the Mortal World once again.

Was he on humanity’s side... or was he on their opposite side?

No one knew.

“Long time no see.” Qin Yao greeted Fan Tianze and a few other acquaintances with a smile.

Then, he bowed towards Wu Ji and said, “Thank you, sage.”

Wu Ji waved his hand casually, signaling him not to stand on ceremony.

Just as he was about to continue, his expression suddenly flickered, as if he had sensed something surprising.

After a moment of hesitation, he gave Ji Cang a deep look, and asked, “It’s been a while since you could communicate with the origin of stars, right?”

“How do you know that?”

At that moment, countless beams of starlight suddenly appeared out of nowhere in the area where they were gathered.

Under everyone’s gaze, the beams of starlight rapidly wove into a wondrous plant: the Heavenly Stars Flower.

The Heavenly Stars Flower that had become one with Nie Tian’s star domain had left the chaos and reappeared in the dark land!

Everyone present could sense Nie Tian’s aura from it!