Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1772: A Endless Climb

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In the dark land, Wu Ji exclaimed in soaring spirits, “Paragon!”

The experts of various races that were gathered in the area had baffled expressions on their faces.

Hadn’t Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s advance to becoming paragons been interrupted by the origin of life?

What was making Wu Ji so excited?

Who had resumed their path to becoming a paragon?

“Is it Grand Monarch Heaven Devil?” Mo Heng asked with a grim expression. “He’s the strongest one among all the species in the three worlds. If he succeeds and becomes a paragon, he’ll fight the Tree of Life too, right?”

“I bet it’s him,” Fan Tianze chimed in.

The two of them had teamed up against Grand Monarch Heaven Devil before. Therefore, they were well-aware of his terrifying power.

“Even if Grand Monarch Heaven Devil becomes a paragon and defeats the Tree of Life by chance, it won’t be good news for us,” Yin Xingtian said with a deep frown. “Eventually, he’ll unite the three major races in the Void World and march their forces into our world.”

As far as these experts saw it, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had always been a great threat to humanity. The mere thought of him becoming a paragon would put heavy pressure on them.

Dong Li let out a sigh, a hint of bitterness appearing at the corner of her mouth. “The origin of darkness can help only one candidate transcend and become a paragon...

“Even though I’ve obtained its legacies, I’m still far from being ready to become a paragon. I can feel that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil is the one it’s leaning towards.”

Not only had she won the acknowledgment of the origin of darkness, but the black tortoise carried the Dark Behemoth’s bloodline.

The Dark Behemoth came from that vast cloud of darkness. However, it had rebelled against the darkness and refused to create dark species as it had been instructed to.

Eventually, the darkness had had to separate another Void Spirit to create the Devils in the Void World.

Later, the brilliant Dark King had refined that Void Spirit of Darkness and gained the power to slay the Dark Behemoth. After he had grown mightier and mightier, he had won the favor of the origin of darkness, along with the chance to become a paragon.

Dong Li had had her chance to enter the chaos and meet the origin of darkness in person.

However, due to the existence of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, the origin of darkness had made her its second choice.

This had hit her hard.

Now, after hearing Wu Ji put it this way, she agreed, and assumed that it was Grand Monarch Heaven Devil who had resumed his path to becoming the second paragon in the history of the Devils.

“It’s not Grand Monarch Heaven Devil,” Wu Ji said, time power flying in the depths of his eyes. “It’s Nie Tian! He broke the shackles the origin of life inflicted on him, and is now on a fast track to become a paragon in that blood sea!”

“What?!” everyone exclaimed in shock, and quickly went on to ask him what had happened.

Wu Ji turned to lay his gaze on the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was fighting the Tree of Life in the distance. “Have you noticed that the Blood Father of the Spirit World is getting anxious?”

Hearing this, everyone gazed off with rapt attention, and found that the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who had returned from the Dark Abyss, seemed eager to break away from his battle against the Tree of Life.

However, the Tree of Life was keeping him from leaving with its myriad branches and countless streaks of emerald light.

He was being suppressed!

Wu Ji closed his eyes, as if to sense with his soul. “Nie Tian had a direct conflict with the origin of life in the endless blood sea. Right now, he’s building up his strength in the blood sea at a shocking rate! He appears to be transforming rapidly. However, the origin of life doesn’t seem to be able to stop him.

“If there aren’t any mishaps, he should be able to finish his transcendence and become a paragon within a short time!”


In the vast blood sea, Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form had already grown to be thirty thousand meters tall!

Like an enormous blood-colored storm, he swept across the endless blood sea and engulfed crimson drops of Blood Essence that had taken eons to condense.

The colossal heart had left the depths of the blood sea, and was chasing after him persistently.

However, it wasn’t built for fighting.

Since the imprints in Nie Tian’s life bloodline that allowed it to control him had been removed, it couldn’t suppress or bind him with the mysteries of life anymore.

Besides that, it had paved the way for Nie Tian to become a paragon by conducting a thorough refinement of his heart!

Together, these things had resulted in its inability to contain and restrict Nie Tian through his life bloodline as before.

Nie Tian, however, could devour and refine the life power in this blood sea, which it had spent eons accumulating, to his heart’s content.

Nie Tian had become the third mighty being to have ever been able to make use of the power in the Sea of Life to strengthen themselves after the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life.

If Nie Tian hadn’t been in the chaos, it would have been able to cut off his connection to the blood sea as it had done to the Tree of Life.

Now, the Tree of Life could no longer draw power from the blood sea to improve its battle prowess.

However, the problem was that Nie Tian was inside the blood sea, inside the chaos.

Moments later, Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form expanded to be fifty thousand meters tall, making him look like a majestic mountain of flesh and blood!

Blood-colored pillars of light shot straight up from his giant form and pierced deep into the void!

All of the other origins in the chaos saw the wide pillars piercing out of the boundless blood sea, no matter how distant they were.

Both the Mountain of Death and the cloud of darkness quietly moved towards the area from which the blood-colored light had shot out.

The River of Souls flowed above the boundless blood sea, with Nie Tian’s true soul floating in it and quietly observing the blood-colored pillars of light shooting out from the blood sea.

The mysterious, glorious River of Time magically recorded the wondrous scene in the innumerable grains of sand that were flowing in it.

At this moment, all of the origins in the chaos paid close attention to the endless blood sea, and sensed that a brand new paragon was going to be born in the vast Sea of Life.

It was just that this new paragon seemed to have set himself against the origin of life, and the origin of life seemed to be trying to stop him from finishing his transcendence.

No origins had ever tried to stop their chosen ones that had received their legacies from becoming paragons before. This was the first time this had happened.

Soon, Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form, which was absorbing life essence without ceasing, expanded to be a hundred thousand meters tall, so tall that even the vast blood sea seemed to be unable to contain him anymore!

All of the origins in the chaos could see a colossus slowly rising from the blood sea, like a red sun rising from the blood sea’s surface!

As Wu Ji showed the incredible changes that were taking place in the chaos in the wondrous river he had manifested using time power, every observer couldn’t help but let out sighs of amazement.

“Is that...?!”

“Is that Nie Tian? How come he\'s almost as large as the Blood Father of the Spirit World now?”

“My heavens!”

All of them could see a colossal human being emanating a dazzling divine light as he slowly rose from the surface of a boundless blood sea like the ancient god that had created the universe.


The river that flowed through the sky in the dark land suddenly burst and dissipated like sand. Wu Ji let out a muffled groan as fine grains of golden sand flowed from his nostrils, the corner of his mouth, and his eyes.

Even though he looked weary, he said in high spirits, “This is all I can show you now. However, I suppose this is enough. Nie Tian has finished his transcendence and become a paragon!”

“He has?!” Dong Li exclaimed in astonishment.

Smiling, Wu Ji said, “That’s right. He’s a paragon now.”