Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1771: No More Restraint

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In front of the colossal heart, Nie Tian somehow sensed the Tree of Life...

He grinned. “Curious. This is so very curious.”


The green and emerald sparks clashed with each other in his bloodline aura in a violent manner.

His feeling of being restrained by the origin of life was suddenly gone!

“Now, come back!” He let out an explosive roar while loosening his shoulders and arms.

WHOOSH! A heaven-shaking, earth-shattering flesh aura burst forth from within him!

In the next moment, the Bloodline Crystal Chains that had shot from the origin of life to wrap tightly around him shook violently as the blood-colored light that was flowing through them was instantly reversed!

It started flowing back into him at a fast speed!

The flesh power that had been taken from him now returned to him!


One crimson lightning bolt after another shot out of him to brutally sever the crystalline chains that wrapped around his body and connected to the colossal heart.

Nie Tian took a deep breath and let out a long laugh facing the origin of life, the exhaustion and frustration in his eyes completely gone.


Atop the Mountain of Death, his true soul suddenly broke free from his doppelgänger, which was now bereft of any life force.

As it rose into the void, the River of Souls flowed over from the distance and received it.

“Engrave!” His true soul exclaimed together with his Life-origin Form, which was in the Sea of Life.

Immediately afterwards, the numerous green and emerald sparks and Bloodline Crystal Chains in his heart experienced new changes.

Refined crimson flesh power started pouring madly into his heart from his internal organs, muscles, and bones.

The crystalline chains that made up his bloodline aura, which now were a mixture of green and emerald, started turning crimson!


Crisp cracking sounds came from his bones all over as his Life-origin Form started shrinking.

However, the wondrous aura in his heart that embodied his life bloodline slowly changed to match the color of his heart, which was crimson.

Green was the color of the Blood Father of the Spirit World. Emerald was the color of the Tree of Life.

Crimson was his own color!

It was also the color of the Sea of Life, the color of the origin of life!


In the depths of the blood sea, Nie Tian laughed so hard that tears were coming out of his eyes.

He pointed at the colossal heart in front of him and said, “The imprints you gave the Blood Father of the Spirit World were green. He’s the one who takes your every order and enforces your will without asking any questions. So you assumed that since my bloodline aura was green, it meant that I inherited my life bloodline from him, and I’d be subject to your manipulation.”

“Then, you know that it was the Tree of Life that had me created. I suppose that’s largely the reason why you wouldn’t make me your first choice, right?

“Hehe, it’s true that the Tree of Life stole the wonders of life regarding fleshly beings from the Blood Father of the Spirit World, which you bestowed upon him. However, it also made a contingency plan when I was created.

“Those emerald crystalline chains that have been hidden so well over the years that even I didn’t perceive their existence were its ultimate countermeasure!”

At this moment, Nie Tian realized why he had been able to condense his wood power spiritual core and embark on his journey of wood power cultivation so smoothly after he had awakened his life bloodline.

He also realized the underlying reason why the Floragrims felt naturally close to him.

The fact that he was able to learn and use the Floragrims’ Heavenly Wood Heal and Wood Thriving Formation and nourish his wood power spiritual core with his flesh aura was all because of the wonders the Tree of Life had hidden in the deepest part of his life bloodline.

It was just that he hadn’t really thought about the reasons behind this, and the hidden power hadn’t manifested before.

“The truth is that it has guarded against me from the beginning. It’s aware that you or the Blood Father of the Spirit World might turn me against it one day.

“If I didn’t know better, and went to fight it after or with the Blood Father of the Spirit World under your command, those emerald crystalline chains would be activated, inflicting fatal damage on me.

“Hahaha. But who would have thought that I’d set myself against you as it did?

“The contingency plan that it was going to use to kill me as its last resort is now being used to help me break your restraints and become free in a real sense!”

The imprints from the Blood Father of the Spirit World that were branded in the depths of the green crystalline chains could be manipulated by the origin of life.

The imprints in the emerald crystalline chains could be channeled by the Tree of Life.

Now, both the green and emerald crystalline chains were replaced by crimson ones, which were condensations of Nie Tian’s own flesh power and essence of soul.

Even though he still carried a life bloodline, it was no longer subject to the manipulation of the Sea of Life or the Tree of Life.

This new, crimson life bloodline was a bloodline that truly belonged to him!

“Crimson is the true color of my bloodline, and represents power that only belongs to me.”

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian swung his arms casually to sever the Bloodline Crystal Chains from the colossal heart, before suddenly charging towards the surface of the endless blood sea.


Numerous rays of blood-colored light shot from the colossal heart, but couldn’t catch up to him.

The drops of blood that the origin of life had condensed in a special way to show reflections of the Divine Flame, Pei Qiqi, his doppelgängers, and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil still existed.

However, Nie Tian made a grabbing motion as he charged upwards, and they quickly vanished into his palm.

They fused with him upon contact.

Soon, there was a significant distance between Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form and the colossal heart.

Whenever he came across floating drops of life essence, he would activate Life Drain to absorb them.

As he did, his Life-origin Form started expanding and growing stronger again.

The colossal heart beat furiously in the depths of the blood sea. It even started moving for the first time, as if it were going to do everything in its power to kill him before he could leave this blood sea.

“Senior Martial Sister Pei and the Divine Flame have my bloodline power inside of them.

“If I’m free now, they must be free too!

“And you can no longer influence my doppelgängers either!”

Nie Tian continued to devour drops of blood as he charged towards the surface of the blood sea.

From time to time, he would also see the drops of blood he set his eyes on suddenly vanish by themselves.

He instantly realized that the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was fighting the Tree of Life in the dark land, was also drawing power from this blood sea.

“If you help me now, you’ll be helping yourself,” Nie Tian exclaimed softly.

By seizing drop after drop of blood in the blood sea, he was consuming the power of the origin of life and indirectly weakening the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

Suddenly, he reached a mutual understanding with the Tree of Life.

The two of them would attack the origin of life together, one from within and the other from without.

This was a situation he had never imagined would happen before entering the chaos.

As drop after drop of Blood Essence was absorbed and fused into him, his Life-origin Form rapidly returned to being more ten thousand meters tall, and was still expanding.

By tempering and refining his heart, the origin of life had actually prepared him for his transcendence and laid a solid foundation for him to complete his advance to becoming a paragon.

After an unknown period of time...


Incomparably violent, heaven shaking, earth-shattering flesh aura fluctuations burst forth from within Nie Tian’s chest.