Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1770: Struggle

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It was horrifying to hang between life and death.

Atop the Mountain of Death, Nie Tian felt heart-wrenching pain as the origin of death infused his doppelgänger with the purest, most refined death power.

He felt as if he were being stir-fried in a large pan!

All of a sudden, he realized how agonizing it must have been for Grand Monarch Bone Piercer when his heart had been infused with his life power.

It was a pain that could pierce all the way into one’s origin through their bloodline!


Nie Tian let out wails of anguish and fury, standing atop the Mountain of Death.

Even though this was only a doppelgänger that had been separated from his Life-origin Form, it was forged from qi and blood that contained rich life power.

It was surprising that this overwhelming pain was spreading to his true form, despite the distance between them!

Then, through his true form, the pain was acting on the origin of his bloodline: that colossal heart!


The incredibly vast crimson heart pounded violently.

The numerous crystalline chains that were flying towards Nie Tian in an attempt to deprive him of his life bloodline were originally as straight as arrows. Now, however, they suddenly became wavy.

At the same time, gray spots started appearing on them, gradually filling these Bloodline Crystal Chains shooting madly from the origin of life...

It was hard to believe that the origin of death was actually spreading its death power to the origin of life, using Nie Tian’s doppelgänger and true form as a medium!

Now, its death power was actually attacking the Bloodline Crystal Chains the origin of life had shot at Nie Tian!

Nie Tian’s eyes opened wide.

With great clarity, he saw the Bloodline Crystal Chains seem to rot at an alarming rate as more and more gray spots appeared on them.

They looked like emerald tree branches that had gone through ten thousand years in a breath’s time!

A single gust of air would reduce them to ashes that scattered into the wind.


The Bloodline Crystal Chains suddenly turned to dust that scattered with countless pale-gray sparks.

The pale-gray sparks were a crystallization of refined death power that carried the profound truths of death. It was hard to believe that they actually came to shine in this crimson blood sea!

For eons, no matter how the origin of death had tried, it had never been able to send its crystallized death power through the layers of restrictions into this blood sea.

It should have been an impossible task.

However, who could have known that Nie Tian would rebel against the Sea of Life? By voluntarily joining the Mountain of Death and opening himself up to let death power pour into his doppelgänger, he successfully helped the crystallized death power enter the origin of life for the first time through the connection between his doppelgänger and true form.

At this moment, pale-gray death power had already filled every muscle and every meridian of his doppelgänger that was standing atop the Mountain of Death.

His heart, bones, and every organ that should have brimmed with life power had been infiltrated by the power of the origin of death.

Death power had already replaced life power as the master of this doppelgänger of his.

However, the true soul in his sea of awareness remained sober.

In fact, he had never felt so sober and clear-headed before.

He grinned and said, “Let me be the belt that connects life and death. Even if my life bloodline is taken away, and I become a pure human, it might not be a bad thing.”

He knew that the origin of life was completely and utterly enraged this time.

Even more thick Bloodline Crystal Chains shot out of the origin of life, braiding like numerous fierce dragons and vicious serpents.

Once again, they wrapped tightly around him.

However, last time, the Bloodline Crystal Chains from the origin of life had wrapped around him to infuse him with life power, temper his heart, and pass the secrets of the other origins and the evilness of the Tree of Life to him.

What the origin of life was trying to do this time was quite the opposite.

He looked down. “Hmm?”

A numb look appeared in his eyes as he watched wisp after wisp of flesh power be drawn from his muscles and internal organs and absorbed by the Bloodline Crystal Chains binding him.

“Life Drain...”

A bitter feeling filled his heart. Since he had awakened his life bloodline, he had been the one to cast Life Drain on spirit beasts and outsiders to drain and refine their flesh power into himself.

He had never known how it felt to be the one to have Life Drain cast on him.

“So this is how it feels to be drained of flesh power and slowly grow weak.”

He suddenly had a feeling that no matter what he did, since this was the origin of his life bloodline and that green aura in his heart belonged to this endless blood sea, he could not stop this.

He could only watch the Blood Essence he had gone to great lengths to condense disappear from his heart one drop after another.

At the same time, he could see the pale-gray sparks surrounding his Life-origin Form being rapidly turned into pale-gray smoke, and vanishing.

This made him realize that even though the origin of death was transfusing refined death power to this blood sea unceasingly by relying on the connection between his doppelgänger and true form, the origin of life was simply too much stronger than it.

Even though it had managed to infiltrate the origin of life with its death power through him, its attack would be soon snuffed out now that the origin of life had noticed what was happening and raised its guard.

He could sense his Life-origin Form growing weaker and weaker as his flesh power left him.


A shudder suddenly ran through his body.

He gasped with astonishment as he saw a few Bloodline Crystal Chains in the depths of the green aura in his heart bursting forth with dazzling emerald light!

That was a peculiar kind of wood power that was extremely tenacious and resilient!

The wood power seemed to instantly establish a connection with his wood power sub-soul and started modifying the other Bloodline Crystal Chains in the green aura!

The same emerald crystalline chains started manifesting among the countless Bloodline Crystal Chains that bound together to form the green aura.

It appeared that they had been hiding in the deepest part of the green aura the whole time, and had thus escaped his perception.

Now, however, they revealed themselves and burst forth with light so brilliant and divine that he couldn’t help but marvel at it!

Then, he sensed power that didn’t belong to him or the origin of life pouring out of those bright emerald crystalline chains.


Countless Bloodline Crystal Chains started slithering and weaving in the green aura in his heart like lightning bolts.

The color of the aura started changing from green to a brighter, emerald color.

Countless green sparks within the Bloodline Crystal Chains exploded and were replaced by emerald ones.


As more and more green sparks vanished from his bloodline aura, he shrewdly sensed that the imprints that the origin of life had branded his life bloodline with, which it could use to suppress him, were being erased!

The strange feeling that he was being restrained by his own life bloodline and Bloodline Crystal Chains soon disappeared!

He felt a lightness he had never felt before, as if he had finally broken free from all his shackles.

He also realized what the emergence of those emerald crystalline chains in the depths of his bloodline aura meant.

At this moment, he felt completely clear and burden-free.