Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1769: You Should Be Afraid of Me Too!

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The Mountain of Death in the depths of the chaos was a very special existence.

It was undoubtedly the origin of death.

From the day it had developed intelligence and gained its own awareness, it had realized that it and the origin of life were natural enemies that couldn’t fuse with each other.

When the other origins in the chaos had traded with the origin of life and sent out Void Spirits to create brand new species in the three worlds, it was the only one that hadn’t made a single transaction with the origin of life.

Death power and the life essence from the Sea of Life were naturally incompatible with each other.

Therefore, it was impossible for it to create beings with fleshly bodies that carried death power.

The other origins had created Devils, Netherspirits, Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and numerous other species thanks to their transactions and fusion with the origin of life.

Even their rebellious Void Spirits had turned themselves into Star Behemoths by taking the life essence for themselves.

Even though the Star Behemoths had fallen out with the origins, they had made the origin of life stronger by growing stronger themselves.

In the chaos, the origin of death had watched the origin of life grow from a blood pond into a blood lake, and then into a blood sea...

Eons later, it had turned into a boundless blood sea that took up almost the entire chaos, with all of the other origins occupying a small space above it!

The rapid expansion of the origin of life had made it seem weaker and weaker...

However, since it hadn’t been able to change the situation, it could only watch the space belonging to it grow smaller and smaller.

It didn’t matter whether it was the Star Behemoths, the Netherspirits, the Devils, or the Ancientspirits from the Spirit World. They all had exceptionally long lifespans.

Whenever living beings died of natural causes, and their flesh aura started to dissipate into heaven and earth, it would sense it, and absorb some death power from them to make itself stronger.

Technically speaking, it should have become a mighty origin in the chaos as the Sea of Life had thrived.

However, the majority of the powerful creatures that had been created from the fusion of life essence from the Sea of Life and imprints from the other origins died unnaturally.

Most of them were killed by their enemies, or their own kind.

For example, low-tier devil beasts and devil insects would usually fight among themselves. The winners would devour the losers.

As for high-tier Devils, their approach would be less primal. Their winners would refine the losers’ flesh auras.

By fusing the losers’ flesh auras into themselves, they could make themselves stronger and achieve higher bloodline upgrades.

For those who died in these ways, they had their flesh power refined directly, without generating any death power.

Therefore, the origin of death couldn’t benefit from their deaths.

For powerful beings with fleshly bodies like Star Behemoths, Devils, and Netherspirits, when they were killed, their remains would be made full use of.

They would either be devoured whole, sealed away somewhere, or forged into powerful tools.

However, they would be dealt with so their remains wouldn’t be left to rot while their rich flesh power slowly transformed into death power.

Therefore, even though more and more living beings had been born in the three worlds, and wars had broken out more and more often, causing many to die, the origin of death hadn’t thrived as the origin of life had.

Instead, the deaths in battle had created stronger experts with fleshly bodies, which had nurtured the origin of life in return.

It couldn’t get a single piece of the action.

Finally, after expending tremendous time and effort, it had created the Bonedrudes in the Void World without any help from the origin of life.

They were a peculiar species that thrived on death power, and corresponded to it and it only.

They were like a war it had launched against the Sea of Life.

The stronger the Bonedrudes became as a species, the more they had to go around and start wars among the other species, and they would also have to keep the dead from being devoured or refined by members of the other species.

That was why the Bonedrudes’ Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones had been a place where the bodies of countless powerful experts had been tossed and left to generate death power.

As a matter of fact, the Bonebrutes’ so-called burial grounds were replicas of the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones.

Its resolution to fight against the Sea of Life had soon gained the support of the other origins in the chaos.

The River of Souls, the origin of darkness, and many other origins had helped it secretly.

Under its guidance, the Bone Emperor had risen to power.

In his prime, the Bone Emperor had been the greatest threat to the Spirit World, as he had dealt a heavy blow to the Sea of Life by obliterating countless lives in the Spirit World.

Unfortunately, he had eventually been killed by the Tree of Life.

After the demise of the Bone Emperor, the Bonedrudes, the Bonebrutes, and even the origin of death itself had spent a very long time recovering from the loss.

It had been saving up strength until it had chosen and placed its hope in Grand Monarch Bone Piercer. This time, he had planned on tempering and making Grand Monarch Bone Piercer a new paragon, who it would then rely on to launch another war against the Sea of Life.

Sadly, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had died at the hands of Nie Tian, another inheritor of the life bloodline, in the dark land before he could even enter the chaos.

The death of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had hurt the foundation of the Bonedrude race and the Bonebrute race terribly. Even their Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones had fallen apart.

In return, these incidents had hurt it further.

It was well-aware that it had suffered another crushing defeat from the Sea of Life.

The death of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer had cost it the chance to make a new paragon. If the Bonedrudes and Bonebrutes, which had direct connections to it, were targeted in the outside world, it would suffer even more. Perhaps it would even lose its awareness and fall into a slumber.

If that happened, it would be a long time before it could even consider changing the situation in the three worlds again.

It knew that its part in this competition in the chaos and the dark land had come to an end. Therefore, it was prepared to admit defeat and wait for the next era.

Who would have thought that the man who had killed Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, inflicted heavy damage upon the Bonedrudes and the Bonebrutes, and destroyed the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones would charge out of the River of Souls and land in its territory at this moment?

It found this extremely baffling.

Then, it heard the man’s mutter.

“I want to die. I hope you’ll corrode my fleshly body with your endless death power.”

Surprised and astonished, it secretly communicated with the River of Souls. As soon as it received a positive response, it infused Nie Tian’s body with the most refined death power.

The life force in Nie Tian’s body was rapidly gnawed away, along with the flesh power it contained.

The Sea of Life started surging as this happened.

That colossal heart even emanated fluctuations of fury, allowing every other origin in the chaos to feel that it was truly angered now.

Ironically, the one who had angered it was Nie Tian, who carried its life bloodline and entered the chaos because it had chosen him!

Nie Tian, who had been shackled and dragged back to the colossal heart by his own bloodline, suddenly let out a ferocious laugh facing the heart. “You’re afraid that the third-generation Tree of Life will replace you as the master of this endless blood sea.

“Actually, you should be afraid of me too.”


Crimson crystalline chains shot out of the origin of life one after another like numerous icy arrows.

They all targeted Nie Tian’s chest.

It appeared that the origin of life was going to retake the life bloodline that had been given to him, along with his every drop of Blood Essence, and return him to his true self: a human.