Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1768: Paragons And Origins

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Wu Ji sighed. “I’m afraid their paths to becoming paragons have come to an end.

“If Nie Tian doesn’t become a paragon, and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil doesn’t become a paragon, even if the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life fight to the point where only one of them is left, we’ll still find ourselves in a difficult situation...”

“Only paragons can contend against the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life?” Yin Xingtian asked.

Wu Ji nodded. “That’s right. That’s because only paragons can communicate with and draw power from their origins from outside the chaos!”

Dong Li went blank for a brief moment before asking, “Have you been to the chaos yourself, Senior Wu? Do you have the abilities of a paragon?”

Wu Ji shook his head, smiling bitterly.

With a serious expression, Nie Jin from the Doomed Star Sea said in a soft voice, “Qin Yao told me about paragons’ divine abilities. He said that there are fundamental differences between paragons and even the strongest grand monarchs and God domain experts. Mister Wu, are paragons really as mighty and wondrous as he says they are?”

Her words sparked everyone’s interest.

After all, they and all the grand monarchs from the Spirit World and Void World had only entered this dark land at the risk of their lives to find their way into the Dark Abyss and become paragons.

Everyone knew how mighty the Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had been in their prime.

However, since it had been far too long since a paragon had been born in the three worlds, people were fuzzy on what wondrous abilities paragons actually had.

Since Wu Ji could communicate with the River of Time, wield time power, and see into the past whenever he wanted, he was most certainly familiar with the paragons’ secrets.

This made everyone fix him with curious, anticipating gazes.

Wu Ji opened his mouth and said, “It doesn’t matter whether they’re the Devils, the Bonedrudes, or the Netherspirits in the Void World, or the titans, the dragons, or the Ancientbeasts in the Spirit World. They all have limited lifespans, however long they may be. Even if humans advance to the late God domain, they can still die of old age.

“However, paragons are immortal. As long as their origins still exist, they won’t die of old age.

“The Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit all died of unnatural causes. Because they had greater pursuits, and their origins had instructed them to fight the Star Behemoths and the Tree of Life, who were also mighty, paragon-level beings, they were killed in their prolonged battles against them.

“Immortality is the paragons’ most wondrous feature.

“Other than that, they can also draw power from their origins whenever they want while they’re in the three worlds.

“For instance, after the Dark King became a paragon, he could draw the purest dark power from the origin of darkness, no matter who he fought or where he was. Compared to the so-called primary devil power that Devil grand monarchs wield, the dark power that paragons can channel from their origins is more advanced.

“Let me draw an analogy. Devils absorb Devil Qi into their bodies, refine it over and over, and turn it into devil power. Then, devil power can be used to strengthen their bodies and bloodlines.

“They have devil power coursing through their bodies and flesh aura seas.

“However, after Devils advance to the tenth grade and become grand monarchs, they’ll be able to refine their devil power ten times more than before. They call such refined devil power primary devil power, or devil power from the roots. Primary devil power is much purer and mightier than regular devil power. Many of the Devils’ secret bloodline magics rely on primary devil power to activate.

“It’s almost impossible for Devils under the tenth grade to master primary devil power. Even grand monarchs that come from poor backgrounds and talent would have a hard time refining primary devil power.

“As for the original devil power, it can be construed as devil power extracted from the origin of darkness, which is tens of times more refined than primary devil power.

“Original devil power dominates primary devil power, and far exceeds regular devil power!

“Throughout the history of the Devils, the Dark King was the only one who became a paragon and mastered original devil power. Wherever he was, he could obtain original devil power from the origin of darkness to improve his battle prowess.

“The same went for Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and the Bone Emperor.

“They could also draw power from their respective origins in the chaos.”

Wu Ji’s words were powerful and resonating.

Longing expressions appeared on the faces of many that were listening. Some quietly clenched their fists. Some widened their eyes, while others glanced around, all eager to win the origins’ favor.

After all, who wouldn’t want to achieve immortality and wield ultimate power from the origins?

“No wonder all powerful beings throughout the three worlds yearn to transcend their limits and become paragons,” Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion said softly.

“In order to become a paragon, one would have to refine a Void Spirit first. They’re the ‘keys’ to entering the chaos.” Wu Ji added. “After we enter the chaos, we’ll also have to win the acknowledgment of our origins. For origins, making paragons is a matter of great significance that’ll affect them for countless years to come.

“They’ll have to help the ones they choose to refine their bodies and souls further, so they’ll be able to communicate with it and draw original power from it outside the chaos. In order to do this, the origins will have to consume power that they’ve spent eons accumulating.

“Therefore, making paragons is usually a very consuming task.

“Then, after the paragons are made and go out to the three worlds, they can nurture their origins in return by honoring their deals with them and helping the species that have bloodline connections to their origins rise to prominence. If they do this, their origins will slowly recover, and even become stronger than before.

“However, if the paragons refuse to lead the related species to prosperity, but draw power from their origins immoderately to spill blood everywhere, the origins will be hurt further. Sometimes they may be hurt so badly that they would never recover again.

“Therefore, making paragons is a double-edged sword for the origins.

“The origin of darkness made the Dark King a paragon, and the Devils became the strongest species at that time. The Dark King also followed its instructions and snuck into the Spirit World, where he created the Demons by fusing local species with dark bloodlines, so they’d gradually gnaw at the power of the Sea of Life.

“The Bone Emperor created the Bonebrutes. Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit created the Phantasms. Both of them did that to corrode and unravel the power of the Sea of Life from within the Spirit World.

“They did that because the origin of life has been far too domineering, and has long since provoked discontent across the chaos.

“As you can see now, the numerous species in the Void World have various origins at their back.

“It used to be the same with the species in the Mortal World. However, those species were all wiped out by the Tree of Life eventually.

“As for the Ancientspirits, Floragrims, Birdmen, Blackscales, and the other species in the Spirit World, they were all created by the will of the origin of life.

“While all the other origins in the chaos shared the Void World and the Mortal World, the origin of life had the Spirit World, which used to be the most fertile land, all to itself. This is enough proof of its transcendent status in the chaos.

“It was only natural that the origin of life became the other origins’ common enemy.

“However, as much effort as the other origins have made to overthrow the origin of life, they seem to be suppressed by it to this day. Even the candidates they’ve chosen are suffering from its intervention on their path to becoming paragons.

“Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, the Divine Flame, and Pei Qiqi are all stuck at this moment.”