Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1767: If I Can’t Choose Life, I Will Choose Death!

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Nie Tian was furious!

He had never imagined that the bloodline that had accompanied him all his life and had helped him achieve greatness would become his prison!

He didn’t expect that the origin of life that he was eager to step into and he had thought highly of would threaten him with Pei Qiqi’s life!

The feeling of being abandoned and betrayed was terrible.

It seemed to him that the colossal red beating heart had become the coldest and most pitiless abomination in the world at this moment.

However, this abomination had affected all living beings in the three worlds for hundreds of millions of years, and no living creature with a bloodline could escape its clutches.

“No wonder the Tree of Life and the Blood Father of the Spirit World that have come out of you ended up like that,” Nie Tian murmured. “You must have been too greedy, wanting to dominate everything. You want all the origins in the chaos and all the beings of the three worlds to act according to your will!”

The Sea of Life responded.

The images of his three doppelgangers simultaneously emerged in three drops of Blood Essence that looked like crimson diamonds.

The three doppelgangers, which had been separated from his Life-origin Form and condensed from rich flesh auras, were still being controlled by the Sea of Life.

They gave a similar cry of pain in the different origins. All of them felt great pain that came from their fleshly bodies!

It was as if sharp knives were cutting their meridians and viscera in their fleshly bodies, which made them suffer agonizing pain.

In a flash, the sharp pain was gone.

Then, his three doppelgangers all had a new feeling — their bodies started shrinking!

The shrinkage of their body meant that the flesh auras that had formed his doppelgangers were rapidly disappearing, making his three doppelgangers weak and… human.

The disappearing flesh auras inexplicably wreathed his spiritual sea in his dantian region.

It seemed that his flame power core, star power core, and pure spiritual power core were being wrapped and sealed, along with his sea of soul awareness. Neither his spiritual power nor soul awareness worked smoothly anymore.

This would make his three doppelgangers’ path to becoming paragons much more difficult.

“Are you doing this to teach me and the three origins a lesson?” Nie Tian asked in the depths of the blood sea, his face looking very gloomy. “Are you trying to tell me that you can destroy my transcendence in the chaos, and that even though my three doppelgangers are separated from my true form, you can still limit them?”

The Sea of Life didn’t respond, but Nie Tian knew that that was exactly what it was trying to tell him.

Since Pei Qiqi and his three doppelgangers all carried his flesh aura, they would be affected by it as long as they were in the chaos.

In this chaos, it was the strongest, and it… could do whatever it wanted.


Two drops of Blood Essence emerged, respectively mirroring the Divine Flame and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, who had vanished for a long time.

The Divine Flame’s small blurred fleshly body emerged in one of the drops of Blood Essence.

In another drop of crimson blood, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil kept changing and growling, as if he were in an extremely unstable state.

That drop of Blood Essence was filled with darkness. However, in the depths of the darkness, there were various kinds of extremely weird terrifying auras that exuded destruction, violence, and bloodlust.

Those auras were interacting with Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, as if they were feeding him knowledge and trying to help him become another paragon after the Dark King.

Looking at the auras the darkness had spawned, Nie Tian immediately realized that the darkness was the core of the Devils.

The darkness was the root of all Devil power, but it had endless changes. Since it could make the Dark King, it could use the same method to make other paragons with dark power as their foundation.

Now, however, the origin of darkness met an accident while a new paragon was being made.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils, who had been chosen by the darkness, had a fleshly body that also carried imprints from the Sea of Life!

As soon as the Sea of Life intervened, countless dangers appeared out of thin air in Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s path.

It was as if the Dark King and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had only succeeded because they had gotten its permission and acquiescence.

It could deny any outsider expert who carried a bloodline their chance at becoming a paragon!

It was just that it hadn’t done that before, but had acquiesced in their becoming paragons.

However, it felt provoked now because the origins had offered olive branches to Nie Tian’s three doppelgangers. Therefore, it responded with such actions.

None of the living beings of the three worlds and the various origins in the universe were allowed to go against its will!

It was domineering and overbearing!

The Divine Flame’s fleshly body being stripped from it, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s abnormal advancement, and the oddities of Nie Tian’s three doppelgangers and Pei Qiqi were all its reprimand and warning for all the origins in the chaos.

In this way, it was telling all the other origins in the chaos that it was their one and only leader!


Outside the chaos, the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life were still fighting fiercely.

Thanks to Wu Ji, the human experts had learned the truth. Now, as they watched their fight, their expressions were completely different from before.

They became indifferent, refusing to help either side. They just wanted to wait for the outcome of their battle from afar.

Deep down, they believed Wu Ji’s words that whoever won would be the enemy of the human race!

Wu Ji suddenly sighed and said with a frown, “Damn it. It has made a move in the chaos.”

“What?” Mo Heng exclaimed.

“It has forcibly interfered with everyone’s paths to becoming a paragon,” Wu Ji spoke. He was in the dark land, but he seemed to know everything that was happening in the chaos. “Nie Tian, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Pei Qiqi, and the mysterious Divine Flame are all affected by it. Now, it’s keeping Nie Tian in the blood sea and waiting for the result of this duel.”

Dong Li was stunned. “By ‘it,’ are you referring to the origin of life?”

Wu Ji nodded gently, gazing off at Zhao Shanling in the distance, and Ji Cang and Qin Yao in the sky. “Sometimes, knowing too much is not a good thing. Nie Tian understood the truth too early, so now, it’s suspicious and guarded against him. But it’s almost impossible for him to become a paragon when it obstructs on purpose instead of providing assistance.”

In another area, Zhao Shanling also looked gloomy. “How many years has it been? Are the living beings of the three worlds still unable to escape its clutches, and the influence of those two it created?”


In the depths of the River of Souls.

Nie Tian’s doppelganger suddenly walked out, and then resolutely walked step by step towards a shrunken bone mountain in the chaos — the Mountain of Death.


His doppelganger suddenly landed with a loud crash atop the Mountain of Death.

The moment it did, the rich flesh aura that had formed this doppelganger of his started leaving him at an alarming rate.

Even his eyes seemed to be veiled by a layer of gray, an unswerving death aura. “If I can’t choose life, I’ll choose death instead!”

At that moment, the endless crimson Sea of Life below suddenly stirred up violent waves.

The origin of life was enraged.