Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1765: The Epoch-making Human Race!

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Wu Ji spoke eloquently.

What he said corresponded with the manifestations in the River of Time, so it was highly credible.

Listening to his words and watching the scenes emerging in the River of Time, many of the people who were gathered here gradually came to believe him.

Fan Tianze, however, remained doubtful.

“If it’s because our flesh power can’t help him that the Blood Father of the Spirit World didn’t attack us, what about the Ancientspirits?” he asked. “Why didn’t he attack the Ancientspirits?”

“The Ancientspirits are what he really cares about, not us,” Wu Ji said.

Many were taken aback.


“Why is that?”

“Aren’t the Ancientspirits and our human race all made by him?”

Without sorting out their thoughts and figuring out the truth, they didn’t know which side they should take.

Wu Ji fell silent for a moment.

Then, he gave Zhao Shanling, who was standing in the form of a human among the many outsiders of the Void World, a meaningful glance from afar.

Zhao Shanling hesitated before he said, “Come with me.”

He flew into the distance at a fast speed, as if he wanted to put a significant distance between him and Wu Ji.

Due to their previous battles with the human race, the Ancientspirits of the Spirit World were now scattered everywhere in the dark land instead of this place.

Gathered around Wu Ji were only humans and the crooked forces, outsiders and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea.

Wu Ji glanced at Nie Jin and said, “Humans, stay. The others, please leave for now. There’s something that only the humans can know...”

Nie Jin was stunned, and immediately realized that what Wu Ji was going to say could be earth-shaking, and overturn their previous thinking.

She was a little nervous, and hurried to say, “Those who follow us are trustworthy, I...”

Wu Ji shook his head.

The rebels who had been expelled from the Spirit World and the hybrids who had been born in the Doomed Star Sea were sensible enough to leave on their own.

“Mistress, we’ll give you some time alone.”

“We won’t put you in an awkward situation, mistress.”

Soon, there were only pure humans around Wu Ji.

No matter whether it was the experts of the four great ancient sects, the minor sects of the Mortal World, or the crooked cultivators from the Doomed Star Sea, they were all humans.

“Humans are the creatures that the Blood Father of the Spirit World was forced to create when he wasn’t able to make bloodline creatures, after he was deprived of his life imprints,” Wu Ji finally spoke. “Deep down, he considers humanity a failed creation! Before the human race, all the races in the three worlds cultivated and grew stronger by relying on their bloodlines, whether they were outsiders, Ancientspirits, or spirit beasts.”

Everyone looked confused.

Wu Ji then explained in detail, “There’s something you should know. No matter whether it’s the three outsider races of the Void World, the Ancientspirits of the Spirit World, or the Icespirits, the Thunderspirits, and the Starspirits that previously existed in the Mortal World, or even the Star Behemoths, they all have bloodlines.

“Do you know what it means to have a bloodline?

“It means that these races of life all carry the imprints of the Sea of Life! They all exist because the origins had their Void Spirits create them by merging different imprints with the essence of life from the Sea of Life.

“Therefore, whether it’s the Ancientspirits in the Spirit World, the outsider races in the Void World, or those extinct outsider races in the Mortal World, they all have traces of the origin of life in them.

“Their ups and downs are of course related to their respective origins, but they’re also related to the origin of life.

“As long as a race of life carries a bloodline, no matter who created it, the origin of life will benefit from it. Therefore, the strengthening of the Star Behemoths, the rise of the three outsider races in the Void World, the prosperity of the Ancientspirits in the Spirit World, and the birth of various races in the Mortal World all silently nurtured the origin of life in return.

“All the origins in the chaos are well-aware of this, but weren’t able to change it… until the human race was born!

“The human race is a failed product that the Blood Father of the Spirit World created in frustration. At first, this failed product wasn’t recognized or valued by him. After all, there had never been a race that didn’t rely on bloodlines to strengthen itself. Also, when the humans first appeared, they were indeed incredibly weak, and couldn’t possibly make any waves.

“At first, because the Icespirits, the Thunderspirits, the Goldspirits, and the Firespirits were destroyed by the Tree of Life, and their corresponding Void Spirits exploded, various origins suffered sound defeats in the Mortal World, and were unable to trade with the origin of life to create new races, so they placed their hopes on the human race.

“As a result, they actually found a way. They were surprised to find that this so-called failed creation could strengthen themselves and improve their cultivation bases by refining the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth without relying on flesh auras or bloodlines, and comprehend their mysteries through different means.

“For those origins, the fact that the human race could cultivate with spiritual Qi without relying on flesh auras was of epoch-making significance!

“This allowed them to discover that through the rise of the human race, they could finally stop relying on the origin of life and escape its clutches!

“In the beginning, they traded with the origin of life to create various races in the Void World and Mortal World and give birth to the Star Behemoths.

“They didn’t know that all races’ bloodlines depended on their Blood Essence, which was condensed by the origin of life, and that this would result in the latter becoming the most powerful origin in the chaos.

“And this origin also arranged for the Blood Father of the Spirit World to create the Ancientspirits in the Spirit World with the power and mysteries the other origins had given to it through trade.

“The bloodlines of the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons varied, but they all came from them.”

“The prosperity of the Ancientspirits would strengthen the origin of life to the greatest extent, but the other races would also indirectly strengthen it.

“Under such circumstances, all the origins in the chaos were destined to be suppressed by the origin of life and would have been suppressed forever.

“But humanity was the real hope they saw!

“You don\'t have significant flesh auras, don’t rely on bloodlines, but can make rapid advances in cultivation, and are perfectly compatible with the power of different origins! The human race isn’t under the control of the origin of life at all. No matter how strong you get, you won’t nurture the origin of life in return. When humans with various attributes break through and strengthen themselves step by step, it’s the corresponding origins that will be nurtured!

“The human race had only the cultivation attributes of flames, ice and, lightning at the beginning, because only these origins approved of the human race at first.

“Later on, humans were able to practice star power, comprehend spatial power, and understand the mysteries of souls, which means that the origins of stars, space, and souls also offered olive branches to them.

“Today, almost all the origins in the chaos have secretly imparted profound knowledge to the human race.

“Now do you understand what the human race means to them?”

Speaking up to this point, Wu Ji paused.

All the listeners were struck dumb, and silently digested the meaning of his words.

“Grand Monarch Lurking Devil of the Devils, who is also Zhao Shanling now, has reincarnated as a human for several generations to study and practice the human race’s systems with spiritual seas just to be freed from the fetters of his bloodline,” Wu Ji continued. “Even if he can’t get rid of it completely, he hopes that by doing this, he’ll at least have other options.

“I think he has long since understood this and received guidance from the darkness corresponding to the Devils.

“In the chaos, all the origins have been silently watching the human race and considering it with hope. In addition to the races that directly correspond to them, they all secretly place great hope in the human race as well.

“No matter how the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life fight each other, both of them are from the blood sea. The rise of the human race and the deaths of other races will do them and the blood sea no good!

“As soon as their duel ends, the human race will be the first one that they will want to exterminate.”