Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1763: Who Is Right? Who Is Wrong?

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Nie Tian’s three doppelgangers rushed into the three different origins in the chaos.

As soon as one of his doppelgangers went into the depths of the River of Souls, his true soul was the first to react.


Soul strands that were invisible to the naked eye quickly permeated his true soul.

All of a sudden, complicated thoughts, which recorded the knowledge and mysteries of souls, were forcefully stuffed into his soul.

As the origin of life needed to change hearts, the River of Souls needed to change souls!

It wanted Nie Tian to advance to a paragon using his soul as a base!

It appeared that if he wanted to become a paragon with the River of Souls’ help, he wouldn’t have to rely on the strength of his fleshly body!

This was completely different from the origin of life.

Of the many outsider races in the three worlds, the Netherspirits and the Phantasms weren’t known for their strong bodies.

They attached great importance to the refinement and cultivation of their souls, which was what made them strong!


In another area, Nie Tian’s star doppelganger sank into the origin of stars, which was the First Star that Ji Cang and Qin Yao had talked about.

The interior of the origin of stars was filled with countless rays of bright starlight that had been condensed into substantial fragmentary stars, like a sea of glittering stars.

The fragmentary stars that scattered everywhere seemed to… correspond to the stars in the three worlds.

He naturally displayed his star domain, and the Heavenly Stars Flower showed itself.

Then, the Heavenly Stars Flower began to lead him, allowing his star domain to communicate with the starry sea inside the First Star and feel the vastness of the starry river and the changes of the realms.

Soon, he exclaimed, “Ah!”

He keenly sensed that the many fragmentary stars and specks of starlight within the First Star were exploding and disappearing.

As soon as he sensed this, the First Star imprinted many profound meanings in his soul.

The vanishing fragmentary stars and specks of starlight he sensed were in fact the realms that had been destroyed and broken by the wars and battles between experts in the three worlds!

Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim, “Geez!”

He didn’t expect the inconspicuous origin of stars, the seemingly insignificant First Star, to hide such wonders. Whenever a star core condensed in the three worlds, a corresponding fragmentary star would appear in the First Star.

If a realm was destroyed and its star core exploded, a fragmentary star would disappear in the First Star.

“All the stars come from it and correspond to it!”

At this moment, Nie Tian suddenly realized how mysterious and powerful the Dao that Ji Cang and the sectmasters of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had pursued really was.

Nie Tian was instantly absorbed in comprehending these mysteries.

At the very beginning, bits of light that had sputtered out of the explosion of the chaos had gathered dust and slowly become realms.

Once the realms bred a star core, a cluster of starlight, a fragmentary star, would appear in the origin of stars, carrying its faint awareness.

Originally, it had been very eye-catching and powerful in the chaos.

However, as all the origins and the Sea of Life had later joined forces and dispatched Void Spirits to breed many races of life in the three worlds, as the Star Behemoths had been born and run amuck, and as the other races had fought the Star Behemoths, realms that had taken billions of years to form had been destroyed, their star cores exploded.

Countless lively stars had gradually been reduced to dead ones.

Wars had even reduced the Dead Star Sea between the Mortal World and the Spirit World to a tomb of stars.

When the stars had been destroyed and the star cores had died, they had diminished the power of the origin of stars.

It had once traded with the Sea of Life and dispatched Void Spirits to create the Starspirits.

What the Starspirits had done was to coordinate the races, do everything they could to avoid the battles between races of life, and stop the grand monarchs or God domain experts from engaging in duels that could result in the destruction of realms.

The Starspirits had hoped that these battles or duels would only take place in vast empty areas in the starry river, so they wouldn’t damage the realms.

Another task of theirs had been to kill the Star Behemoths and make them go extinct.

The Starspirits had yearned for peace among all the races. They had wanted more realms to be born, and fewer realms to die.

They used to be the strangest race in the three worlds.

Unfortunately, the Starspirits it had created had been powerless to stop bloody battles from breaking out among the races.

Instead, they had been the first to be wiped out.

The Starspirits had been created in the Mortal World. Like the Icespirits, Thunderspirits and Goldspirits, they had been eliminated by the Tree of Life.

Therefore, after Blood Father of the Spirit World and the origins had worked together to create the human race, the origin of stars had also integrated the mysteries of the stars into the cultivation system of the human race.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace only existed because of that.

Ji Cang was a Void Spirit, a piece of its awareness, that it had later split from itself...

It had released it hoping that it would restore peace to the three worlds as it had wished the Starspirits would do, and that all the living beings in the three worlds would cease their endless wars and battles.

However, after flying out of the chaos, the Void Spirit had gradually become more and more self-aware.

After making itself Ji Cang, the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, it had thought that the so-called path of peace among all the races was simply impractical.

As Ji Cang, he had deemed that it would benefit the origin of stars the most if all the living beings in the three worlds suffered a bloody war, and the grand patriarchs, grand monarchs, Saint domain and God domain experts of all the races died, because they were the main forces and the culprits that had been destroying the realms!

He also knew that the dark land was an unusual place that could bear the deaths of many grand patriarchs and grand monarchs.

He had considered the dark land as a slaughterhouse where experts of all races should be slaughtered.

He and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils had reached an agreement and stirred up trouble between the human race, the outsider races of the Spirit World, and the Tree of Life. Their goal was to make all these powerful experts die in the dark land.

He had done what he thought was right for the First Star and himself.

His action wasn’t the origin of stars’ original intention, but was for the sake of the origin of stars.

Knowing the truth and the intention of Ji Cang’s behavior, Nie Tian’s star power sub-soul was at a loss. “Who is right? Who is wrong?”


In another area, his flame doppelganger flew into a blazing hot sea of fire.

The moment his flame domain was displayed, the flame spell formation that had been copied from the Flame Land began working automatically.

Suddenly, he sensed another aura in the origin of fire.

To his surprise, he saw a cluster of orange flame flying towards him from somewhere in the sea of fire.

It was the Divine Flame!

He had seen nothing else in the River of Souls. Ji Cang, who had flown away from the origin of stars, had yet to return.

However, besides Nie Tian, the Divine Flame was also in the origin of fire!

The Divine Flame had once condensed a small fleshly body for itself with his Blood Essence and created Nie Yan, the ancestor of the Ifrits, with the flame spark and his Blood Essence.

Because of this, he had a tremendously deep connection with the Divine Flame. Now, he had rushed in when it was already in the origin of fire...

In the burning origin of fire, his flame doppelganger was slightly embarrassed. “It... it was just that I had a grudge against the endless blood sea below, so I rushed up in a rage. I have no intention of competing with you for the origin of fire. It belongs to you to begin with, and it is the place you’ve been trying to enter.”

He gave up spontaneously.

A wisp of soul will came from the depths of the orange flame that was the Divine Flame, “I am it. I am the origin. Though I have been separated from it, I have never changed. Our awareness is consistent and unified. With your help, I’ve made the Ifrits appear in the Domain of Flame’s End, and have completed the mission it has given to me.

“Now, I’ve returned to my roots, and I may soon become a part of it again.”