Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1761: Jackals from the Same Lair

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At this moment, the soul awareness of the Blood Father of the Spirit World was still fragmentary and incomplete.

Given his current situation, he could only act by instinct.

He couldn’t weigh the pros and cons or consider whether his decision would benefit or harm others.

However, this was a truthful reflection of what he was.


The streaks of blood-colored light flying out of him pierced through the Devils, Netherspirits, Seaspirits, and Moonspirits, and drained their flesh power one after another.

Even though he wasn’t attacking the humans and the Ancientspirits, Dong Li, Yin Xingtian, and the other human experts started looking at him in a different way.

“They’re jackals from the same lair,” a female Moonspirit spat, holding a dead male Moonspirit in her arms. Hatred filled her icy eyes as he looked down at his shriveled body, which was bereft of any flesh aura.

Her hatred was towards the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

At this moment, everyone from the Void World was feeling the same way as her.

They had assumed that after this Blood Father of the Spirit World had regained his awareness and charged out of the chaos, he would focus all of his power and energy on helping them fight the Tree of Life.

Upon his return, they had seen him as the greatest help they could get.

Now, however...

Zhao Shanling, who was in his Ancient Arch-devil form, was full of apprehension as he looked at the Blood Father of the Spirit World. “Like the Tree of Life, he also comes from the Sea of Life. He’s completely different from what you may think of him. Back in the day, the things he had ordered the Ancientspirits to do in the Spirit World aren\'t much different from what the Tree of Life had done.”

Everyone was flabbergasted to hear this.


The blood-colored storm spread madly into the surroundings of the Blood Father of the Spirit World, sweeping everyone and everything it came across.


As soon as the blood-colored storm made contact with the branches and leaves of the Tree of Life, heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing energy fluctuations burst forth.

As the Blood Father of the Spirit World opened and closed his eyes, blood-colored light shot out of his pupils like lightning bolts.

The scarlet lightning bolts pierced through the realm barrier of the dark land and left for unknown areas.

However, they returned shortly afterwards and slipped back into his pupils.

Then, his hollow, glazed eyes gradually brightened up.

He was gathering fragments of his lost memories and awareness!

However, at the same time, he didn’t stop slaughtering the Devils, Netherspirits, and Seaspirits that were close to him.

The brutal, cruel aura his flesh aura sea gave off scared everyone even more than the Tree of Life did, which meant this Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was regaining his awareness, couldn’t have been a peaceful soul before he had died.

When he had been in his prime, the Ancientspirits he had created in the Spirit World must have been as extreme as him under his command.

A rogue Qi warrior from the Doomed Star Sea ran his gaze over the numerous shriveled outsider corpses that were scattered around the Blood Father of the Spirit World and let out a cold snort. “I suppose it wasn’t a bad thing that someone like him was attacked and killed by the Tree of Life. I can’t tell which of these two Void Spirits that the Sea of Life sent out to create lives in the Spirit World is more... evil!”

“But the Sea of Life is the origin of our young master’s bloodline as well,” another Qi warrior said.

“The young master...” The first one fell silent, an awkward expression appearing on his face.

A beam of blood-colored light shot straight out of the chest of the Blood Father of the Spirit World into the dazzling seas of stars that were Ji Cang and Qin Yao.

Within the two seas of stars, many giant branches and wood power-infused leaves of the Tree of Life were crushed and reduced to scattering cyan and green sparks by the beam of blood-colored light.

The seas of stars rapidly morphed into Ji Cang and Qin Yao.

Confusion filled their faces as they silently shifted their gazes between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the unbelievably powerful Tree of Life.


The Rampage Behemoth’s roar suddenly echoed out.

Everyone jerked their heads to see what was happening, only to find that the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was originally charging towards the Tree of Life, suddenly changed directions and pounced towards the Rampage Behemoth.

In his flesh aura perception, the Rampage Behemoth was like a giant ball of immense flesh power. By devouring it, he would become much stronger than he was now.

Its flesh power might help improve his odds of defeating the Tree of Life, his arch enemy, by as much as twenty percent.

Therefore, he launched attacks without the slightest hesitation.

The Rampage Behemoth had already suffered heavy blows from the Tree of Life. Upon seeing him coming after it, it roared and fled.


The Tree of Life gently swayed its branches and leaves without making any soul voice.

However, the experts of various races that looked at it received the message it wanted to convey: “Don’t tell me that you thought he was a saint.”

Apparently, it was referring to the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

“This is their battle,” Zhao Shanling called out. “Those who are not related better get away from them, as far as you can.”

Having witnessed everything that had happened, who would be foolish enough to stay?

Even Dong Li instructed the black tortoise to fly far away from the main body of the Tree of Life and the returned Blood Father of the Spirit World, enveloped in thick darkness.

The escaped Rampage Behemoth hid itself quietly.

Within moments, there wasn’t a single being between or near the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life.

Everyone was silent.


Deafening rumbles kept coming from the depths of the earth and the dark clouds in the sky, where crimson light clashed with green light over ten thousand times in every second.

Bright sparks poured down like heavy rain from the sky, but vanished before even touching the ground.

Every once in a while, the branches of the Tree of Life would break and turn to ashes, as if by themselves.

Before everyone could realize it, a fierce battle had already broken out between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life in heaven and earth.


In the endless blood sea.

Gazing at the colossal heart silently with narrowed eyes, Nie Tian finally spoke. “If you chose him long ago, why did you pass those memories of the past on to me? Why did you help temper my heart with your power and set me on the path to become a paragon?”

He could see that a large amount of the flesh power-infused blood in this endless blood sea had vanished.

He knew that it must have been channeled away by the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

The third-generation Tree of Life hadn’t been able to channel flesh power from the endless blood sea anymore the moment countless fine Bloodline Crystal Chains were regenerated and reforged to recreate the life bloodline of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

It was the reason why the Tree of Life had taken a different approach, and turned the entirety of the dark land into another endless blood sea.

By doing that, it had intercepted the flesh power of the creatures that had died in the dark land before their flesh aura could flow to the Sea of Life.

That was the moment when it had officially and completely broken up with the origin of life.

Apparently, the origin of life had chosen the Blood Father of the Spirit World to deal with it.

What did that make him?

With a cunning smile, Nie Tian said, “It seems to me that you still find them the strongest and most trustworthy. After all, even though they’ve developed their independent selves, you separated them from yourself. In a sense, they’re still you.”

“They’re parts of you that are plagued by evil thoughts.”

“If that’s the case...” Nie Tian dragged his voice.


His Life-origin Form suddenly exploded and split into many Nie Tians.

One of them shone with brilliant starlight, with a Heavenly Stars Flower pattern between his eyebrows.

Another seemed to have a river of souls running through the depths of his eyes.

A third was enveloped in raging flames.

Immediately after the split, the three of them charged upwards and leaped out of the endless blood sea.

Then, they simultaneously sensed calls from the River of Souls, the cluster of flame, and the first star that had ever existed.