Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1759: The Seal of Time!

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The glorious River of Time manifested out of nothing.

Countless brilliant imprints within the river morphed into a series of distinct images.

Most of the images were of the history of the Tree of Life and the births, prosperity, and extinction of various species.

Through the River of Time, those who couldn’t enter the endless blood sea to receive legacies from the origin of life actually saw the crimes the Tree of Life had committed.

Thanks to it, the races from the Void World finally knew that all of their three paragons had perished because of it.

The Ancientspirits came to realize that their creator was actually the Blood Father of the Spirit World, the giant human corpse that had been bereft of any flesh aura.

They only felt a natural sense of closeness towards the Tree of Life and were willing to take orders from it because it had refined and absorbed the life imprints of the Blood Father of the Spirit World.

All of the humans, hybrids, and experts of other races burst into a clamor.

“The River of Time! It’s Nie Tian’s master, Wu Ji!”

“I can’t believe he’s the one the Ancient Arch-devil has been waiting for!”

“Are those images of the Tree of Life in the River of Time really what have happened? Is the Tree of Life really the origin of all that is evil in the three worlds? Is it really the hand that wiped the Icespirits, the Lightningspirits, and the Firespirits from the Mortal World?”

“Is it true that the Heavenly Demonsbanes, the Demon Eyes Flowers, and all the other devil plants and spirit plants that emerged in large numbers in the Void World were actually its tentacles that it used to contain the three major races in the Void World?”

The River of Time, which was flowing with glorious light, suddenly morphed again.

Wu Ji, who had disappeared for a long time, manifested in what seemed to be his dharma idol, which was somehow similar to the Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into.

It was just that his dharma idol flowed with glorious light.

Even Yin Xingtian, who had awakened as the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, couldn’t help but exclaim, “The power of time!”


Streaks of gorgeous light sprayed from Wu Ji’s brilliant dharma idol and plunged into the earth.

The streaks of gorgeous light were vested with profound time power that seemed to be able to reverse the flow of time.

In the depths of the earth where no one could see, the life power that filled the countless tunnels the enormous roots of the Tree of Life had created seemed to be flowing back to its roots under the effect of time power.

Screams of astonishment suddenly echoed out. “What the...?!”

Some Devil experts were flabbergasted to see the bloody gashes on their devil forms being erased, as if by an invisible force.

It was as if they had returned to the time before they had suffered heavy blows from the Tree of Life...


Strange cracking sounds even came from the space in the dark land.

“Time...” A voice came from the main body of the Tree of Life, and echoed in the depths of everyone’s souls.

Even though the Tree of Life was in the form of a colossal tree, everyone had a peculiar feeling that it was fixing its eyes on Wu Ji at this moment.

Its lush branches and leaves, which were starting to move with difficulty in the sky, gave a slight shake.

Then, countless brilliant sparks that were green and cyan flew from its branches and leaves.

Thick bloody auras burst forth from its enormous roots, causing the earth to quake in a blood-chilling way.


The entirety of the dark land gave a violent shake, as if a vast prisoner’s cage were shattered from within.

As soon as that happened, cries echoed out in different areas once again. The healed ones looked down at themselves with baffled expressions as the healed gashes were ripped open once again, feeling as if they were in a dream.

Even the grand monarchs and God domain experts were dumbfounded.

Wu Ji’s dharma idol let out a soft cry. “Time Freeze!”

All of a sudden, countless streaks of glorious light flowed out of his brilliant dharma idol.

A small boat could be seen sailing in the midst of the streaks of light, emanating endless light.

It was as if the small boat were drifting along the River of Time.

As soon as this happened, the wind seemed to suddenly stop. The branches and leaves of the Tree of Life and the experts of various species that had been attacking it from different directions also froze, each maintaining their fighting postures. Even the sword light they had unleashed stopped moving forward...

Time seemed to become still in this heaven and earth.

Only a handful of peak experts were still able to think and see. They knew that this was Wu Ji manifesting the might of the River of Time once again.

“Now that a seal of time has taken effect, let me add a seal of space!” As soon as Zhao Shanling muttered inwardly, the Void Mirror that was floating high in the sky turned towards the Tree of Life.

The moment the reflection of the Tree of Life appeared in the mirror, a profound seal of space was cast on it to cooperate with Wu Ji’s Time Freeze.

Time power and space power, the two most mysterious types of power in this starry river, were manifested by Wu Ji and Zhao Shanling’s joint efforts.

Their sole goal was to defeat the Tree of Life.

Zhao Shanling looked up at Wu Ji and let out a broad laugh. “The Domain of the Falling Stars is a magical land indeed. The fact that I chose to be reborn there and start another life as a human is probably because I sensed anomalies in the time and the space there. If I hadn’t awakened the memories of my previous lives, I doubt that I’d have been able to tell that you were right here.”

It was surprising that he could still speak.

At this moment, the majority of the experts were unable to move a single hair. Only the powerful ones could still see and think.

Under the doubled effect of the time and space seals, even the Tree of Life was silent and motionless, like a locust in amber.

In the depths of the blood sea, Nie Tian sensed the sudden freezing of the Rampage Behemoth, the black tortoise, and the evil gods by relying on his bloodline connections to them, and immediately realized that only time power could achieve such a divine result.


He had known that his master, who had established a profound connection to the mysterious River of Time and cut Gupi to pieces, must have been somewhere in the starry river this whole time.

He had suspected that he would show himself at some point, and had looked forward to his reappearance.

As he had expected, Wu Ji came out of the dark at the most critical moment, and joined Zhao Shanling in his effort to imprison the Tree of Life.


From the legacies he had received from the origin of life, he now knew how powerful the Tree of Life had become. Even the strongest origin in the chaos, the origin of life, couldn’t defeat it now. Could Wu Ji and Zhao Shanling really succeed?

Or were they simply buying time for him?

Or for the Blood Father of the Spirit World?


Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering flesh aura fluctuations suddenly burst forth from within the Blood Father of the Spirit World. Countless wisps of blood-colored light started slithering all over the majestic form of this mighty existence, who had been recondensing his life bloodline with innumerable blood drops and the help of the origin of life from the moment he had entered the endless blood sea.

Nie Tian jerked his head towards the Blood Father of the Spirit World, and was astonished to see him start rising at an incredible speed.

He seemed to be trying to rise out of the endless blood sea to the space where the Tree of Life had once taken Nie Tian to have a peek at the chaos and the other major origins.

Meanwhile, he remained in the depths of the blood sea, unable to see the changes in the chaos.

However, he knew that by attempting to charge out of the Sea of Life, the Blood Father of the Spirit World must have regained some of his awareness.

Then, he vaguely saw the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who was surrounded by streaking chaotic lights, start becoming illusory and blurry.

“He... He’s going to leave the chaos!”