Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1758: Time Travels Back

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Enveloped in vast chaotic currents, the Tree of Life emanated a tremendous amount of divine light like a god that had ruled the three worlds since the beginning of time.

The Devils and Netherspirits from the Void World, the humans from the Mortal World, and the rogue forces and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea were all attacking it at this point.

As for the Floragrims and the Ancientspirits, they were surprisingly quiet.

All of them and the members of the minor races from the Spirit World that had come from the Silent Star Sea were standing in place and observing with cold eyes.

Before it could realize it, it had already become the common enemy of the three worlds.

However, instead of being anxious as it had been earlier, it seemed to gradually become calm and patient again...

It was as if it had a new plan...

Now, other than the sparkling wood power, there was even thick blood running through its emerald green branches now!

The blood trickled through its every branch and every root like tiny rivers.

Misty bloody auras started rising from its myriad leaves, soon forming a shield of flesh aura that helped it fend off the attacks of the experts of various species like a flesh aura sea would.

Every once in a while, powerful experts of different species would be pierced through by its branches and killed by its bloodline talents.

Their mangled bodies, bones, and blood would fall from the heavens like rain of different colors, but vanish the second they touched the ground, like raindrops falling into a lake.

Experts of various species from the three worlds perished one after another, without leaving even a trace behind.

The Tree of Life, however, continued to grow at a fast rate.

Like gigantic thorns, its branches had stretched to every corner of the dark land.

Not a single being that had descended to the dark land could avoid dealing with them.

In the sky.

Enormous branches pierced into the two seas of stars that were Qin Yao and Ji Cang’s star domains with an unstoppable momentum.

Divine power that contained the endless wonders of life stirred up storms in the two seas of stars at the same time, causing numerous brilliant fragmentary stars to explode to dust.

Both Ji Cang and Qin Yao had become its targets.

“It must have gone mad!”

“It’s attacking every human, outsider, and hybrid. What the hell is it doing?”

“The Ancientspirits and Floragrims are the only ones that haven’t been attacked yet. All of the others that are here have become its targets to kill. What can it get by killing all of us?”

“Even its origin, the origin of life, can’t contain it now, can it?”

No one in the dark land understood why the situation had gradually developed to this point.

Only the Ancient Arch-devil shrank and morphed back into Zhao Shanling’s true form. Emanating strong spatial fluctuations, he explained to the confused experts, “It’s hoping to gather a tremendous amount of flesh power and bring its power to new heights by killing all of us. In the Sea of Life, the origin of life is transfusing its life power to that giant human being and Nie Tian in an attempt to revive the giant human being and make Nie Tian a paragon.

“Without any choices, the origin of life has already cut it off, and enraged it.

“Now, it’s even made the origin of life its enemy!”

In the depths of the earth in the dark land, where no one could see, the enormous roots of the Tree of Life were slithering furiously back and forth like heavenly dragons and earthly serpents.

Deafening rumbles echoed through the depths of the earth.

Countless huge tunnels and caves had been created by its roots in a way that composed an extremely complicated and mysterious spell formation that contained endless truths of life.

Flesh power and wood power that was crimson, cyan, and green filled every tunnel and cave.

If Nie Tian were here, he would be able to see that the large number of power-infused tunnels in the depths of the earth and the numerous winding branches in the sky looked very much like the countless Bloodline Crystal Chains in the colossal heart in the depths of the endless blood sea.

It appeared that the Tree of Life was creating another endless blood sea in the dark land by copying the unfathomable wonders of the origin of life!

Throughout this entire universe, it, which had lived through the history of the Spirit World, become a paragon many times, and mastered the profound truths of the origin of life, might be the only one that could carry out such a crazy plan in the dark land!

As the amazing grand spell formation came to form, it itself seemed to become that colossal heart, the origin of life.

Its countless branches filling the sky and countless roots slithering in the depths of the ground were like its Bloodline Crystal Chains.

From now on, for every being that died in the dark land, their residual power would no longer flow towards the origin of life, but become its source of power, whether they were humans, outsiders, spirit plants, devil grass, or even Star Behemoths.

Their deaths would help it become the most terrifying existence the three worlds had ever seen.

Furthermore, it had become something between a fleshly being and a vegetative being.

It had become even more wondrous than the origin of life, which was a combination of pure flesh power and awareness that couldn’t break free from the chaos.

Now, it was hoping to surpass its origin, dominate its origin, and even annihilate and absorb its origin!

In the endless blood sea, the colossal heart was still beating violently. However, the blood beads and cleansed flesh aura it pumped out were becoming fewer and fewer.

After all, the power that should have flowed towards it was now being intercepted by the Tree of Life.

This was a great change that would go down in history, an upheaval that would make all lives in the three worlds tremble in fear!

Now, in the dark land, it had taken the place of the origin of life!

Standing towering in the middle of the dark land, Zhao Shanling sensed the world-shaking changes and saw the Tree of Life thriving on the deaths of experts of various species. He seemed to finally lose it as he roared at the top of his lungs, “Aren’t you going to stop it?”

No one knew who he was roaring at.

Qin Yao and Ji Cang had clearly been infiltrated by the power of the Tree of Life. Right now, they were even having difficulty moving around, as if they were stranded in a bog.

Their fragmentary stars exploded from time to time.

This meant that both of them were being completely suppressed by the soaring power of the Tree of Life.

Severely injured, the Rampage Behemoth had already lost its ability to fight.

The vast cloud of darkness Dong Li and the black tortoises had condensed together had been cut to pieces by the flesh aura-infused branches, with light beaming through the gaps.

At this moment, who was strong enough to fight it head-on?

Nie Tian? Grand Monarch Heaven Devil?

While everyone was deeply confused and suffocating under the tremendous pressure from the Tree of Life, glorious light emerged in the area where the Divine Flame, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Nie Tian, and Pei Qiqi had vanished.

The glorious light gradually morphed into a flowing river.

It was a wondrous river that recorded the histories of the three worlds, along with the births, rise, decline, and extinction of every species in them.

In the river, the confused experts seemed to see the births of the three major races in the Void World, the rise of the Ancientspirits, and the whole process from the time the Icespirits, Lightningspirits, and Firespirits had been created in the Mortal World to the time they had been wiped out.

They also saw the uncharacteristically fierce battle between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life, which had determined the fate of the three worlds.

Even the vicious ploys of the Tree of Life, and the causes of the deaths of the Rampage Behemoth, the Chaos Behemoth, and the Dark Behemoth, manifested with great clarity within the river.

“The River of Time!”

“Wu Ji!”