Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1756: The Extinction of Star Behemoths

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At first, the Tree of Life hadn’t paid any attention to the humans, since they didn’t carry any significant flesh auras.

It had even assumed that the humans were the result of a failed creation of the origins in the Spirit World. Their existence had been nothing but a joke to it.

After all, since the origins and the Blood Father of the Spirit World hadn’t been able to find a way to make humanity stronger over a long period of time, they had lived lives even worse than livestock.

Even though they had been blessed with remarkable intelligence, they hadn’t been able to escape the fate of being enslaved by the powerful species.

Even so, this species, which had been widely regarded as the weakest species that had ever been created, had been the only hope of the origins that had suffered a crushing defeat in the Mortal World.

They had done everything in their power to fuse humans with their imprints, which had allowed them to develop many different attributes.

For instance, some humans were born with an affinity for fire incantations, while others were born with an affinity for ice incantations...

As a result of their tireless exploration and guidance, humanity had finally found a way to practice cultivation by relying on their spiritual seas in their dantian regions, instead of bloodlines, which was a brand new self-strengthening method.

After that, humanity had rapidly risen to prominence and burst forth with terrifying power despite their limited lifespans, forcing the Tree of Life to pay attention to them.

By that time, the Tree of Life had already realized that the creation of humanity had been a joint effort against it.

However, it had been too late.

After their rise in the Mortal World, the humans had turned the tide and expelled the Ancientspirits and outsiders from the Spirit World!

Due to the influence of the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the origins, the humans had been bent on fighting their way back to the Spirit World.

Meanwhile, the wide variety of devil plants and spirit herbs in the Mortal World happened to be spiritual materials that could help human cultivators become stronger!

They needed them to make breakthroughs in their cultivation and forge their Void, Saint, and God domains!

Upon deep analysis, one would see that the entire human cultivation system seemed to be built to undermine the Tree of Life.

Because of the humans’ tremendous need for cultivation materials, countless rare flowers and precious grasses had been harvested and refined. Some of the mighty vegetative beings the Tree of Life had created and nurtured in the Mortal World, such as Godspirit Trees and Heaven-equal Vines, had even been driven to the verge of extinction.

That, in fact, had been consuming the power and influence of the Tree of Life.

Humanity’s unstoppable rising momentum had finally made the Tree of Life anxious.

After learning that this new species didn’t rely on flesh power to strengthen themselves, and that they could make themselves stronger by simply obtaining the spiritual energies of heaven and earth and refining all sorts of precious materials, it had come to realize that it would be its end if they didn’t die out.

Therefore, as ‘Ji Cang’ had said, it had found Qin Yao, who had been consumed with his hybrid research, and helped him make Nie Tian with the most precious thing it had stolen from the Blood Father of the Spirit World: the life bloodline.

Most of the other hybrids had been made from crossbreeding between humans and titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts.

Since the life imprints that had been used to create Ancientspirits, Floragrims, and the other outsider species in the Spirit World had been in its control, those hybrids had been born with strong bloodline connections to it. Their thriving would make it stronger.

The goal of the entire hybrid-breeding project had been to defeat the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the weaker origins in the chaos.

As long as the hybrids had focused on strengthening their bloodlines, the Tree of Life would become stronger and stronger.

Even though the hybrids might be distracted by the cultivation of their spiritual seas and their human half, they could be used to divide the humans from within.

In the future, when human hybrids made up the majority of the human population, it would make other arrangements to get rid of their spiritual seas and their cultivation system, which was based on the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Then, the hybrids would gradually forget their cultivation method as humans, and begin to strengthen themselves by devouring other creatures as the Ancientspirits did.

By that time, pure humans would die out, leaving only hybrids that were loyal to it as the Ancientspirits were.


Nie Tian, who was focused on receiving legacies from the origin of life, felt a sudden pain in his chest. Then, he sensed that several Bloodline Crystal Chains had snapped in his heart.

“The Rampage Behemoth!”

As soon as a thought entered his mind, his bloodline connection to the Rampage Behemoth, which he had brought back to life by infusing a large amount of his Blood Essence and boundless flesh aura from the endless blood sea into it, allowed him to learn that the third-generation Tree of Life was inflicting severe damage upon it in the dark land.

He could almost hear the Rampage Behemoth’s painful wails.

He could feel its bone-deep hatred towards the Tree of Life!

It wasn’t a hatred that could build up in a day.

Rather, it was something that had been branded on the Rampage Behemoth’s bloodline and soul, which was making it attack the Tree of Life at the risk of its life.

Because of this, the Tree of Life had to focus most of its power on dealing with it.

However, the Rampage Behemoth was much stronger than the five evil gods. Despite the severe damage, it was striving to fight back and pass his torrential hatred towards it to him through their bloodline connection.

“How come the Rampage Behemoth hates it so much?”

As soon as the question entered his mind, brand new information came through from the colossal pumping heart.

Then, the mystery of the births of Star Behemoths was unraveled.

Star Behemoths had come into existence in the Primal Era.

The so-called Primal Era referred to the period of time after the great explosion, when the origins in the chaos had separated Void Spirits from themselves to explore the three worlds.

The behemoths that had been unbeatable and unmatched throughout the three worlds during the Primal Era, such as the Rampage Behemoth, the Dark Behemoth, and the Chaos Behemoth, were actually Void Spirits that had rebelled against their origins and ‘created’ themselves in the three worlds with imprints from the endless blood sea.

They had used the imprints to give themselves fleshly bodies, instead of creating new species like the Devils and the Netherspirits.

Every Star Behemoth was a Void Spirit that had gone out of control in the earliest era!

The purpose of the origins trading imprints with the origin of life had been to have the Void Spirit create new species, not to have them use those imprints on themselves.

However, Void Spirits would develop their own awareness and independent will once they left the chaos.

Some of the Void Spirits had chosen to go against their origins’ will and slowly refine the flesh aura essence their origins had obtained from the endless blood sea, which should have been used to create new species, themselves.

It was the combination of Void Spirits and the flesh aura essence that could be used to create new species that had made the overlords of the Primal Era!

As Void Spirits that had gone rogue, the Star Behemoths had been transcendent and invincible at that time.

However, since the origins had been unable to leave the chaos, they could only watch the rebellious Star Behemoths cause havoc throughout the three worlds and strengthen themselves further by devouring the species created by other Void Spirits.

While their souls were Void Spirits that had been separated from the origins directly, the fleshly bodies they had forged for themselves had been extremely strong. Hence, their only opponents had been their own kind before the later rise of the major species in the three worlds.

Because of their mutinous behavior, the origins in the chaos had viewed them as traitors and thorns in their flesh.

Their eventual extinction had been the joint effort of almost every origin in the chaos.

The Tree of Life, however, had played a very important role in their extinction.