Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1755: The Blood Father of the Spirit World!

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“I really didn’t expect it to be the one you’re apprehensive about,” Nie Tian muttered inwardly as many things finally came to light.

The origin of life had only helped the giant being reforge its life bloodline and helped him temper his heart and passed the profound knowledge of the origin of species on to him because it wanted to prevent the arrival of the Tree of Life.

It was afraid that its awareness would be erased by it.

After all, the Tree of Life had already done something like it...

Back in the day, the giant being, who was regarded as the creator of humanity, and the Tree of Life had left to create lives in the Spirit World according to the instructions of the origin of life.

Both of them served the origin of life as its preachers.

At the beginning, the Tree of Life had been in charge of creating life force in realms with its wood power.

Thanks to its efforts, all sorts of devil plants, spirit plants, grass, and flowers had been spawned, covering numerous realms in lush vegetation.

This had created soil for creatures to live on.

The Tree of Life was the creature of all spirit flowers and devil grass.

For this reason, none of the spirit plants and devil plants like the Heavenly Demonsbanes, Demon Eyes Flowers, and coexisting flowers had been able to put up a fight when facing it. It had practically reaped them without effort, and strengthened itself with their essential wood power.

However, the Tree of Life couldn’t create fleshly beings, even though it could create Heaven Nourished grade plants like the Heaven-equal Vine and the Godspirit Tree.

The origin of life had given the task of creating creatures with flesh and blood to the other Void Spirit, the so-called creator of humanity, who had been known as the Blood Father of the Spirit World in the ancient records of the Spirit World that had been deliberately erased!

He had created the titans, the Ancientbeasts, and the dragons.

The births of a wide variety of unintelligent beasts, insects, and fowl in the Spirit World had him to thank.

The Tree of Life had nothing to do with it.

Originally, the fleshly creatures and the vegetative beings had lived together in peace in the realms of the Spirit World.

However, powerful creatures like titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts would slaughter and devour members of the weaker species, and even weaker members of their own kind.

The powerful species would also wage wars among themselves, which would damage realms and reduce forests with exuberant life force to ashes, while the weakest and youngest creatures still lived on tree leaves, grass, and flowers.

The Tree of Life had gone to great lengths to create the lush forests and all the vegetation.

Seeing the fruits of its efforts being damaged and destroyed due to the rise of the powerful creatures, it had finally attacked in rage.

Its target had been the Blood Father who had created all the fleshly beings in the Spirit World!

Even the so-called creator of fleshly beings hadn’t expected it to be so mighty then, and had been amazed by the fact that all of the forests and vegetative beings in the entire Spirit World could be used as its source of power.

Eventually, the Blood Father of the Spirit World had been defeated by the Tree of Life. With his soul scattered and his life imprints and life wonders stolen from him, he had been reduced to a soulless corpse. Luckily, he had sealed himself in the depths of the earth in the Realm of Middle Continent with his last breath.

By slaughtering its own kind, the Tree of Life had finally mastered the wonders and secrets of creating fleshly beings. Then, the Floragrims had been created.

Later, it had also created the Stonemen, the Fiends, and the Blackscales.

After seizing the life imprints of the Blood Father of the Spirit World, the Tree of Life had replaced him as the one to guide the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons.

Since it had carried those life imprints, generations of Ancientspirits had developed a natural sense of closeness to it, treated it as the guardian of the Spirit World, and taken orders from it.

As for the Blood Father of the Spirit World, it had long since erased any signs of its existence.

Every fleshly being and vegetative being had then become its weapons in war and source of power.

After that, it had started reaching its hands into the Void World and the Mortal World.

A wide array of devil plants like Demon Eyes Flowers and Heavenly Demonsbanes had been spawned in the Void World.

In the Netherspirits’ territory, it had turned Grand Monarch Ghost Spirit’s discarnate soul into Ghost Spirit Grass, and created Spectre Trees through secret magics.

In the Bonedrudes’ territory, it had made Carrion Flowers...

After being spawned in the Void World, these fiendish plants had lived on the bodies and souls of the creatures of the various species in the Void World.

Even the three major races had suffered from them for a long time.

Some of the minor races that had been created by weaker origins had even gone extinct because of them.

Only after the learned members of the three major races had conducted comprehensive investigations had they discovered that that tree in the Spirit World had been behind the emergence of those devil plants and spirit plants.

Therefore, in the early days, they had referred to it as the Tree of Doom, or the Tree of Evil in the Void World.

Meanwhile, in the Mortal World, the origins of ice, metal, fire, lightning, etc, had created numerous species such as Icespirits, Metalspirits, Firespirits, and Lightningspirits with the life imprints they had obtained from the origin of life.

However, they had been raided and wiped out by the titans, dragons, Ancientbeasts, and powerful spirit plants like Godspirit Trees and Heaven-equal Vines.

Because of that, those species that had been created by many origins in the chaos had been erased from the Mortal World, as if they had never existed.

The origins of ice, metal, lightning, and fire had also suffered heavy blows after this tremendous setback.

Then, with all the native beings in the Mortal World eliminated, all sorts of spirit plants and devil plants had started growing and spreading in the Mortal World. The Mortal World had begun to slowly recover its life force.

As the Mortal World had needed time to revitalize, its realms had also needed time to absorb energies of heaven and earth to lay the groundwork for the emergence of new lives.

During that time, the Tree of Life had forbidden members of the Ancientspirits from intervening in the revitalization of the Mortal World.

At that point, it had become so powerful that even the origin of life hadn’t been able to command it anymore.

In the meantime, the origins that had created Icespirits, Metalspirits, Firespirits, and Lightningspirits had been greatly weakened by the eradication of their creations, and had thus been unable to trade with the origin of life and have Void Spirits create more new species.

Therefore, those origins had joined together, and made tremendous efforts to have their Void Spirits find the Blood Father of the Spirit World, who had lost his life imprints and sealed himself in the depths of the earth in the Realm of Middle Continent.

Those Void Spirits had helped the Blood Father of the Spirit World regather his scattered awareness.

Their goal was to use him to contend against the unmatched Tree of Life.

However, having lost his life imprints and the recognition of the Ancientspirits, the Blood Father of the Spirit World had been aware that he would not be able to win a head-on battle against it.

He had been well-aware that its power originated from those devil plants and spirit grasses, and the allegiance of the Ancientspirits and Floragrims.

New species had to be created if he wanted to suppress its massive forces and defeat it.

At that time, the Tree of Life had already become so powerful that it had been able to perceive every move the origin of life had made in the chaos.

Hence, even though the origin of life had been discontent with it, it hadn’t been able to work with the other origins to overthrow it.

For that reason, the only choice of the Blood Father of the Spirit World had been to create humanity with his residual power and the assistance of the other origins.

Since he hadn’t been able to bless them with life imprints, humans had been born without special bloodlines, which had made them the intelligent beings with the weakest fleshly bodies.

Even so, they shouldered the hopes of the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the various origins to fight against the Tree of Life!