Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1754: The Origins, The Void Spirits, and The Various Species

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Both the Tree of Life and the giant human being were Void Spirits that had been separated from the origin of life.

One carried the wonders of fleshly beings, while the other carried the mysteries of vegetative beings.

Both of them had been born in the Sea of Life, and could be regarded as part of the origin of life.

The origin of life had obtained imprints from almost all the major origins in the chaos from their exchanges.

Because of this, the beings it had created carried bloodlines with different attributes.

Just dragons alone could be divided into flame dragons, lightning dragons, frost dragons, black dragons, etc.

Titans and Ancientbeasts also carried various types of bloodlines, as opposed to the single type of bloodlines of the Moonspirits, Seaspirits, and Netherspirits.

However, the exchange of imprints between the origin of life and the other origins had been the foundation of the creation of all the species in this universe.

Creatures’ flesh power-infused hearts and bloodlines were the embodiment of the imprints of different origins.

Nie Tian was only able to drain flesh power from Devils, Netherspirits, Ancientspirits, Floragrims, Seaspirits, Blackscales, and the other outsider species with the help of his life bloodline because all those species had come to existence after the origin of life had mixed the imprints from the other origins with its own imprints and flesh power, and forged them into bloodlines and hearts.


In the depths of the endless blood sea.

With a connection established between his vessels and the colossal heart, Nie Tian had been receiving information on the secrets of the creation of various species.

Image after image manifested in his mind.

From them, he had learned that the creation of all the species in the three worlds, except the Bonedrudes and the Bonebrutes, had the origin of life to thank.

That was also why he could rely on his life bloodline to absorb and refine the flesh power of beings of various species.

As for Void Spirits, they were wisps of awareness that had been separated from their origins.

Once they left their origins and the chaos, they would develop and grow.

They shouldered the responsibility of making new species.

The three major races in the Void World, along with the Seaspirits, the Moonspirits, the Lightspirits, and the Voidspirits, had been created by the Void Spirits sent out by different origins, using the imprints of their origins, life imprints, and flesh auras.

The fact that he had been able to trade three drops of his Blood Essence for a flame spark from the Divine Flame was because the Divine Flame had seen the possibility of creating a new species with his Blood Essence.

The exchange he had made with the Divine Flame was similar to the ones the origin of life had made with the various other origins in the Dark Abyss.

Before the birth of the Ifrits, other fire-attributed outsider species had been made in the three worlds by other Void Spirits of Flame. It was just that they had gone extinct for different reasons.

The Divine Flame was a Void Spirit the origin of fire had separated from itself after many others had failed their purpose.

It was actually very consuming for the origins to separate awareness from themselves to make Void Spirits. They themselves would grow weaker with every Void Spirit they made.

Many fire-attributed species had perished, along with the Void Spirits that had created them, which was why the origin of fire had no choice but to create and release the Divine Flame.

The origin of fire had been weakened so much that it hadn’t even had the imprints to trade for life imprints and Blood Essence from the origin of life.

Therefore, after the Divine Flame had left the chaos, even though it hadn’t stopped growing stronger, it hadn’t been able to create new species as the origin of fire had instructed it to.

This had changed when it had met Nie Tian. After recognizing Nie Tian’s uniqueness, it had asked to make a trade with him for the life power-infused Blood Essence in his heart.

The transaction had later turned out to be a great success. The Divine Flame had developed an early-stage fleshly form with the three drops of Blood Essence, and the flame spark and flame imprints it had provided had helped Nie Tian create Nie Yan, the first Ifrit.

“I don’t know what the origin of fire has been through, but it’s in a very weak state now.

“Luckily, I didn’t choose it earlier when it called out to me. If I did, then even if it had helped me become a paragon, I definitely wouldn’t be as strong as the paragon made by the Sea of Life.

“And I wouldn’t have been able to uncover so many secrets...”

Nie Tian looked back on the path he had taken while obtaining imprints from the origin of life.

New images and knowledge kept pouring into his mind.

He suddenly came to learn a new fact.

The Void Spirit the origins had separated from them could perish in the outside world, which would cause damage to the origins.

However, the origins wouldn’t be affected if their Void Spirits were absorbed and refined by the creatures they had created.

For instance, the Void Spirit that the River of Souls had separated from itself and sent out to the worlds had created Netherspirits, but eventually, it had been refined by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit and helped him become a paragon. This wouldn’t undermine the River of Souls.

However, if the species they created through their Void Spirits were wiped out, the origins would suffer tremendous blows.

For instance, the origin of fire had created fire-attributed species through the Void Spirits it had released. It had been greatly weakened when those species had died out in battles.

Similarly, the stronger a species became, and the more grand monarchs it produced, the stronger their origin would become in the chaos.

Therefore, the struggles among the various species in the three worlds actually played an important part in the rise and decline of the origins.

One could even say that the battles among the species were in fact the battles among the origins!

When a species rose to prominence, their bloodline origins would definitely shine like a brilliant star in the chaos, in the Dark Abyss!

Back when Nie Tian had been carried out of the endless blood sea by the third-generation Tree of Life, the fact that he had been able to see the River of Souls, the Mountain of Death, and the Origin of Darkness was because those three origins had been very strong at the time.

They corresponded to the three major races in the Void World. The Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes in the Spirit World had also thrived for some time.

He hadn’t seen the fire, the lightning, or the glacier in the chaos because those origins had been much weaker in comparison.

This was reflected in the extinction or decline of the species they had created in the outside world.

That was why they had been hard to see in the chaos.

Furthermore, if the Void Spirits returned to their origins, it would also help lift the power of their origins to a great extent.

The stronger the Void Spirits became on their journeys, the greater boosts they would give to their origins upon their return.

For instance, if the Divine Flame or Pei Qiqi fused into the origin of fire or the origin of space, they would make their origins significantly stronger.

Therefore, most of the origins would have a welcoming attitude towards the return of their Void Spirits.

However, there were exceptions.

The Tree of Life was the best example!

As a Void Spirit the origin of life had separated from itself, the Tree of Life had accumulated power through many generations and countless battles, and had grown to be so powerful that even the origin of life was apprehensive about it.

A Void Spirit like it could even replace its origin!

If the Tree of Life returned to the endless blood sea now, it might very well erase the awareness of the origin of life and replace it with its own.

Having lived for who knew how long, the Tree of Life had long since developed its own independent will.

That was why even the origin of life feared it.