Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1753: Wandering In The Chaos

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Zhao Shanling’s cadenced voice reverberated through the dark land like a large bell.

His voice drifted about like devil symbols with wings.

Every living thing could hear him, no matter what race they were from.

Instigated by Zhao Shanling, all the living beings’ attitude towards the Tree of Life changed quietly.

Even the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims of the Spirit World were bewildered.

“The Tree of Life!”

“The Tree of Doom!”

“The most wicked and evilest tree!”

According to Ji Cang, the birth of the Ancientspirits was inextricably linked with the first generation of the Tree of Life.

The Floragrims had been created by the Tree of Life on its own.

The Tree of Life had also played a secret role in the birth of the Stonemen and the Blackscales. Therefore, they also had bloodline connections to the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life’s traces could be found in all the native races of the Spirit World!

Nonetheless, as Zhao Shanling’s words now spread, even the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims couldn’t help but think carefully.

The Titans, the dragons, the Ancientbeasts, and the Floragrims had produced many powerful peak tenth grade experts. However, there hadn’t been a single paragon like the Dark King, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, and the Bone Emperor in the history of the Spirit World.

There seemed to be an invisible hand in the dark that had killed their hopes of becoming paragons.

The Tree of Life was the only being that had lived through the entire history of the Spirit World.

“Is that really its doing?” This idea haunted the minds of the grand monarchs of the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims.

At the thought that the dead kingpins of their races had reached the late tenth grade and struggled hard to pursue their dreams of becoming a paragon, but inexplicably vanished, their chances of being reincarnated stifled, all the experts of the Spirit World who had previously helped the Tree of Life fight the humans were perplexed.

They were all silent as they gazed up at the Tree of Life that filled the whole dark land.

Before this, they had all flown valiantly to the Tree of Life’s main body, trying to fight alongside it and besiege the ancient gigantic devil that Zhao Shanling had morphed into.

Standing between several Floragrims, Grand Monarch Primal Wood tried to use a wisp of his soul awareness to communicate with the Tree of Life, “Do you have anything to say? Grand Monarch Heavenly Wood, the first peak tenth grade expert in the history of our race, died inexplicably. Was he killed by you? After him, several grand monarchs also reached the late tenth grade, but they also died suddenly. Were they also…”

The Tree of Life didn’t respond.

Having taken root in the depths of the dark land, it was being attacked by the experts of various races at the moment, so much so that it seemed to have forgotten the Floragrims, who it had created, and Grand Monarch Primal Wood, who it had instructed to fight for it.

After a moment of internal struggle, Grand Monarch Primal Wood ordered his clansmen that were gathered around him to stay their hands.

After deliberation, the powerful experts of the titans, the dragons, and the Ancientbeasts he had brought from the Silent Star Sea also slowly stood down.

Quietly, they watched the Tree of Life battle the other living beings in various ways, but didn’t join in.



The gigantic heart in the depths of the Blood Realm of Life was beating violently.

Bloodline Crystal Chains that were as thick as ferocious dragons and huge pythons twined around Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form before splitting into millions of thin rays of blood light that connected to Nie Tian’s blood vessels.

Flesh power that was imprinted with the mysteries of the origin of life and the profound truths of life poured into Nie Tian’s heart to temper it further.

Meanwhile, magnificent pictures entered Nie Tian’s mind.

He saw that the whole universe had been chaos at first, and then a sudden explosion had taken place somehow.

That major explosion had caused billions of streams of broken light to shoot out of the chaos.

The broken light had gathered dust in the dry, cold void, and morphed into stars that scattered on all sides.

It seemed that the broken light had been the origin of all the realms in the three worlds.

Streams of light had been everywhere as well, but they had slowly dispersed and become a variety of energies of heaven and earth.

Unusual things had also been born from the grand explosion in a miraculous manner.

A blood sea, a River of Time, a River of Souls, a cluster of flames, a ball of shining stars, a Mountain of Death, a thunder pool, a cluster of darkness, and all kinds of amazing spectacles...

After these unusual things had been created during the explosion, they had mysteriously developed intelligence, and begun to have early-stage awareness.

They were the so-called origins.

They had been born in the depths of the chaos, a place that was now known as the Dark Abyss or the Blood Realm.

Originally, living beings hadn’t existed in the Void World, the Spirit World or the Mortal World.

After eons of changes, the origins in the chaos had become more intelligent, and their awareness had become more and more condensed. Suddenly, they had felt that if the whole universe was eternally desolate, and if they were the only ones that had wisdom and awareness, life would be too lonely and boring.

They had wanted to break away from the chaos and soar through the universe, but they had been confined to the depths of the chaos, and it had been difficult for them to move themselves.

It seemed that they could only exist eternally in the chaos.

If they broke free from the chaos, it seemed they would lose everything, such as their wisdom, awareness, and the principles and Dao about themselves that they had comprehended for hundreds of millions of years.

They couldn’t forsake all that. They hadn’t known how to, and also had not dared try.

Later, when they had tried to release a strand of their awareness, they had found that the awareness they had separated from them could easily break away from the chaos and wander freely in the outside world.

The wisps of awareness had been Void Spirits.

However, as soon as the Void Spirits had walked out of the chaos, they had become independent selves in the outside world.

The Void Spirits had connections with them, which allowed them to see everything through them, as if they were their eyes.

However, the Void Spirits were influenced by so many factors in the outside world that their awareness mixed with other things. It became less pure, and they had stopped being completely obedient.

Even though they had released the Void Spirits to wander in the outside world, the vast starry river had seemed boring.

The universe had only them and the Void Spirits, which were their eyes. Nothing else.

During that period of time, the Sea of Life had found a way to create new creatures with its blood imprints, using its flesh aura as a starter.

Then, all the origins had started creating creatures with the Blood Essence from the Sea of Life by branding the creatures with their own imprints, and spreading them with the help of the Void Spirits who had been released outside.

The Devils, the Netherspirits, the Seaspirits, the Moonspirits, and the Lightspirits of the Void World had been born in this way.

Only the Bonedrudes had been different, as they were a race made from white bones by the Void Spirit of Death that had flown out of the Mountain of Death.

The origin of life had also obtained the other origins’ imprints when it had given them its Blood Essence imprints.

This was the exchange.

As for the origin of life, it had created living beings in the Spirit World through the two Void Spirits that it had released. The Titans, the dragons, the Ancientbeasts, and the Floragrims had all been created by the two Void Spirits under the command of the origin of life.

The two Void Spirits had been none other than the first generation of the Tree of Life, and that majestic giant being.