Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1752: The Tree Of Doom

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The evil gods of hatred, rage, and fear had exploded into blood rain and sparks that scattered all over the sky one after another. Their souls had completely vanished.

The Tree of Life, which had taken root in the dark land, and whose branches had pierced the barrier in the sky, burst forth with extremely strong divine light.

Wherever the bright light stretched, mighty creatures were terrified.

The god domain of Feng Beiluo of the Heavenly Corpse Sect was permeated by the brilliant light and started to melt.

Feng Beiluo’s dharma idol, fleshly body and sea of soul awareness were bathed in the brilliant light released by the Tree of Life and quickly evaporated, like mist exposed to the burning sun.

Feng Beiluo was pained to the point where he no longer wanted to live.

Suddenly, a mild cry came from the distant sky. “Soul Return!”

The next moment, Feng Beiluo saw a ghostly iron pot flying through the gaps between the Tree of Life’s branches.

The iron pot was very rusty, as if it had been corroded for countless years. Ghost and spirit carvings could be vaguely seen on its surface, but most of them were covered by rust and hard to make out.

“Got it,” Feng Beiluo bowed his head, sighed, and flew with resignation toward the iron pot.

Finally, his dharma idol morphed into a phantom and suddenly disappeared like a reflection in water.

A wisp of his soul gathered all his memories and the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s secret incantations that he had comprehended, and fell into the iron pot.

As soon as it did, the iron pot brightened.

Many of the ghost and spirit carvings on the pot suddenly lit up at this moment.

Nie Jin quietly showed up, and her fair hands made a grabbing motion before the iron pot obediently fell into her palm. She promised Feng Beiluo’s fragmentary soul. “Rest assured. I will choose a new body for you so that you can be reincarnated.”

“Mistress!” the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan shouted.

Illuminated by the light released by the Tree of Life, the thunder pools that he had forged and refined in the Doomed Star Sea exploded one after another, spluttering tiny sparks of lightning.

He lost his lightning power at an alarming rate.

He recognized at first glance that the iron pot was none other than the evil divine tool Spirit Containment Pot that the Nether Spirit Society had passed down through generations.

This evil divine tool could contain God domain experts’ souls and refine them into the strongest evil souls and ferocious spirits. It had originally been forged by the first sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, and had been used to take numerous lives in the Mortal World. Rumor had it that it had been destroyed by the joint efforts of the five sectmasters of the Five Elements Sect.

Who would have expected it to be in Nie Jin’s hands?

Yuan Jiuchuan knew that she didn’t catch Feng Beiluo’s soul with it because she wanted to refine it. She must want to prevent Feng Beiluo’s soul imprints from being wiped out by the Tree of Life, like what it had done to the three evil gods.

However, he still felt sad.

Separating his soul from his body meant that Feng Beiluo knew that he couldn’t be saved, so he had taken the initiative to fly into the Spirit Containment Pot to wait for his next life.

Dong Li, who had established communication with the origin of darkness and enveloped the black tortoise and herself in a vast cloud of darkness, was shocked by this. She couldn’t help exclaiming, “It… it’s you...”

“If you’re convinced that you are going to die in your fight against the Tree of Life, you may take the initiative to condense the essence of your soul and fly into the Spirit Containment Pot,” Nie Jin said with a solemn expression. Her voice seemed to have a convincing magic. “I promise that I will not refine the essence of your souls. I will release them one by one after I leave the dark land, so you may find new bodies by yourselves and live again.”

She was addressing everyone.

At this moment, many powerful experts of the Spirit World, the Void World, the Mortal World, and the Doomed Star Sea were gathered around and attacking the roots of the third generation of the Tree of Life.

There were humans, Devils, Netherspirits, Seaspirits, Moonspirits, and hybrids...

Yin Xingtian, Mo Heng, Fan Tianze and many of the remaining experts as well as the Rampage Behemoth and Dong Li had all launched attacks toward the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life, which had come from the Spirit World, was under attack on all sides.

However, it wasn’t afraid at all.

Even though it was facing bombardment from various races and attacks from various divine tools, devil blades, and other treasures, the steady stream of flesh power it had gained from the endless blood sea seemed to be enough to let it fight to the end of the three worlds.

All of a sudden, someone shouted, “Up in the sky!”

The two seas of stars separated in a clear-cut fashion, one belonging to Ji Cang and the other belonging to Qin Yao. The fight between the two men finally stopped.


Suddenly, cyan and green currents shot out of the Tree of Life’s branches that had stretched all the way out of this dark land, and rushed outrageously into the two starry seas, targeting Ji Cang and Qin Yao, who were discussing in secret and were about to reach a consensus.

Experts of various races were shocked to see this.

“What? Qin Yao, the leader of the Doomed Star Sea, is being attacked too?”

“Wasn’t it because of its instigation and help that Qin Yao created Nie Tian?”

“Isn’t it the renowned Tree of Life the protector of the Spirit World? Why did it suddenly start to slaughter and attack all sides after coming to this dark land?”

“The Tree of Life is named the Tree of Doom by the three outsider races of the Void World! It has always been evil in the eyes of all the living beings in the Void World!”

“The Tree of Life? In my opinion, it is the evilest ancient tree in this starry river! None of the Demon Eyes Flower, the Spectre Tree, the Ghost Spirit Grass, the Carrion Flower, or the Heavenly Demonsbane can match it.”

“It is the most evil tree, and it always has been!”


The leaves of the colossal Tree of Life swayed, bursting forth with brilliant and terrifying light that attacked the clamoring experts of various races.

In a flash, many Saint domain cultivators and ninth grade outsiders were badly mutilated and exploded into blood rain.

Bathed in the blood rain, the leaves of the Tree of Life grew even greener.

This completely changed the way many looked at it.

This colossal tree, which had left many myths and legends in the Spirit World, the Void World, and the Mortal World, seemed to be building up an evil terrifying intent as it was smeared by the blood rain!

Everyone suddenly knew that it had finally lost its patience.

At that moment, the Ancient Arch-devil who Zhao Shanling had morphed into began to speak in a voice which sounded vast, melodious, and quaint.

He spoke in various languages. It was sometimes the devil language, sometimes an ancient language of the Spirit World, and sometimes in the human language, as if he wanted to be understood by all living beings in this dark land.

Even his Ancient Arch-devil form kept changing accordingly. Sometimes he was a Devil, sometimes an Ancientbeast, and sometimes a human.

All of them were forms he had taken in his previous lives.

“The Tree of Life is able to channel flesh aura from the endless blood sea. The creatures it kills will disappear from the dark land, and naturally fuse into the origin of life in the endless blood sea, which will produce and condense more life power. As long as the Sea of Life is not exhausted, it’ll never have to worry about a lack of energy, and it can fight forever.

“But now it’s anxious.

“It’s anxious because the giant being is crazily gathering flesh power in the Sea of Life.

“It’s anxious because Nie Tian has communicated with the origin of life, and is about to advance to a paragon.

“Those two are both vying for the life power in the Sea of Life. Whether it’s the creator of the human race or Nie Tian, they both need immense life power at present. This can cause it to have no power to use for a short period of time.

“This is our chance!”