Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1750: The Origin Of Life

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Another crystal-like chain exploded in the depths of his bloodline aura.

Nie Tian frowned as his face looked gloomier. “It’s the evil god of rage.”

Now, two of the evil gods who had served him, and whose fleshly bodies had been remade, had died.

He could no longer sense any existence of the evil gods of hatred and rage through their connections to his flesh aura.

Both their bodies and souls had perished.

He quickened his pace as his huge Life-origin Form walked through countless drops of blood, like a ball of burning red blood.


His heart beat violently, as if it would explode at any time.

Then, a marvelous spectacle appeared!

An enormous, crimson heart was beating violently in the countless drops of blood.

The heart was covered with countless Bloodline Crystal Chains!

Those Bloodline Crystal Chains, which were as thick as pythons and spirit snakes, gave him a feeling that they were full of explosive and shocking powers.


Its heartbeat rumbled in his mind. He examined it carefully, and found that his own heart was beating at exactly the same rate as the gigantic heart.

Then he noticed that every time the heart vibrated, many blood beads that secretly contained life energies sputtered from it.

The newly sputtered blood drops caused the existing ones to be naturally pushed outward, as if the endless blood sea that was filled with blood beads had come from the heart.

The heart seemed to be the origin of all the blood beads, and the core of the endless blood sea.

With each heartbeat, beams of crimson blood light radiated in all directions, like rosy glows and streaks of rainbow light.

The beams of blood light were exactly the key for his soul to obtain new bloodline magics from this wondrous place.

Before each beam of blood light flew out of the heart, the many Bloodline Crystal Chains of the gigantic heart would suddenly become gorgeously brilliant, as if they wanted to imprint some mysteries of life on the blood light in this way.

As long as the heart and those thick Bloodline Crystal Chains existed, endless beams of blood light would surge from the vibrating heart.

Of course, some of the beams of blood light were imprinted with the same mysteries of life.

“The origin of life is a heart, a gigantic heart!”

Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form had already surpassed 10,000 meters. However, he appeared extremely tiny in front of the heart, like a mosquito flying beside a colossal elephant.

The entirety of the boundless rich flesh aura in the Blood Realm of Life, which was as immense as a deep sea, seemed to be coming from this heart.

It looked as if the heart had been here, vibrating without end since ancient times.

Looking at the heart, Nie Tian suddenly had a feeling that if the heart stopped beating, he would die immediately, and his Life-origin Form would lose all its flesh aura, collapse, and die.

His life and death would be affected by that heart!

He frowned. “Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit comprehended the River of Souls. The Dark King channeled the origin of darkness. The Bone Emperor became a paragon with the Mountain of Death’s help...

“They are all wonders of the world that are condensed from magical principles and profound meanings. And they all have their own awareness. But I just can’t believe that the origin of their bloodlines is a heart!”

How did this heart come to exist?

Who did it belong to?


Soul light flew from the depths of the soul vortexes of his true soul and nine sub-souls.

He made great efforts to distinguish and derive information from the marks coming from his bloodline aura in his heart.

However, he only found marks that carried information about the Tree of Life and the strong giant human being. None of them recorded the origin of the colossal heart.


As the heart vibrated, spatial fluctuations seemed to be generated inside of it.

Nie Tian squinted his eyes to take a closer look. He saw flesh auras with various kinds of colors suddenly appear in the depths of the heart before they were instantly purified and turned into pure flesh power.

“Life Purification!” he screamed subconsciously.

The heart was constantly purifying various kinds of flesh auras, which belonged to the Devils, the Netherspirits, the humans, the Ancientspirits, and many other races in the Void World, such as the Seaspirits and the Moonspirits that he had had little contact with!

He was in a daze. “This is...”

Soon, he came to a realization.

Many experts of various races had been reduced to blood rain and died miserably, flying through the glorious passage in the Realm of Shadow Devil. Others had died in the land, but their bodies had vanished somehow. All their vanished bodies and scattered blood had flown to the heart in some unknown way, and had been turned into pure flesh power.

Then, with the beating of the heart, they morphed into drops of blood that were as red as diamonds, filling the endless blood sea, so that it continued to spread and become vaster and vaster.

Nie Tian understood. “So all those sacrificial offerings have been offered to the heart!”

He also understood why Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had waited for his arrival now.

Various races had gathered in the Realm of Shadow Devil. A fierce bloody battle had caused many experts’ deaths.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had directed all this without caring about the life or death of his clansmen. He must have known that the Dark Abyss wouldn’t open unless a number of clansmen of the three outsider races of the Void World died.

The Sea of Life was the key to opening the Dark Abyss!

Because his bloodline and his heart were deeply connected to the gigantic one before him, he had been crucial to the opening of the Dark Abyss.


A violent aura suddenly burst forth from behind him.

He looked over his shoulder. Columns of crimson blood light seemed to rush out of the giant being.

Blood that was as hot as magma seemed to surge in the depths of the crimson blood columns. The energies that they contained were astonishingly powerful.

Seventh grade, eighth grade, ninth grade...

The giant being had been defeated by the Tree of Life, and had his bloodline imprints stripped. Now, with the help of the heart, which was the origin of life, the giant being’s bloodline was growing crazily after the regeneration of his Bloodline Crystal Chains.

As a paragon-level existence, he had spent countless years solving and uncovering the mysteries and secrets of this life bloodline.

This enabled him to only need flesh power to break through his bloodline.

This was the Sea of Life, the place with the most immense flesh power.

Nie Tian floated there and murmured, with a solemn face, “Are you trying to compete with me?”

He could see countless drops of blood raining down on the giant being that stretched for thousands of miles.

Upon contact, the drops of blood disappeared into him, like water dissolving into the sea.

They all became streams of blood in his dry heart, helping him break through the barriers of his bloodline.

He was like an enormous sponge, absorbing blood from the blood sea!

The heart, which was the origin of the Sea of Life, allowed him to do so.

Nie Tian’s expression suddenly changed. “Tenth grade!”