Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1749: Colossus

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The Tree of Life, which stood tall in the sky, was still growing every minute and every second.

Some of its branches pierced through the barriers of the dark land and extended into unknown places, as if they were disturbing nature\'s mysteries.

Some stretched out to the end of the dark land, and laid magical principles and great Dao in even the most remote corners.

Some pierced into the earth of the dark land, and connected to the deepest depths of the land.

At this moment, the Tree of Life had become such a colossus that even Star Behemoths at their peak couldn’t rival it.

This also caused it to be visible to all the creatures that had survived and descended on the dark land.

After all, its branches were going to be everywhere soon.

Some of the experts from the three worlds floated in the air, while others stood on the earth.

They were all amazed to see the Tree of Life’s branches show up around them.

“Jeez! Is this the real Tree of Life? Before it came here, it was in the Realm of Middle Continent, which had been able to accommodate it. But now it’s become much larger than the Realm of Middle Continent!”

“It was rumored that the first generation of the Tree of Life was the largest existence throughout the three worlds. It’s regained its strength now, hasn’t it?”

“Such a Tree of Life is almost as vast as a domain. What in the universe can rival it in size?”

“It’s inconceivable that it can grow so dramatically large after entering the dark land!”

“Where’s Grand Monarch Heaven Devil? Where are the three grand monarchs of the Void World? Can the three of them cut down this enormous tree together?”

“I’m afraid not.”

All of the enormous branches were connected to the Tree of Life’s colossal body. The enormous tree seemed to be slowly taking root in the earth.

All the experts who stared at it were so shocked by its magnificence, the same way Nie Tian had been when he had first seen it in the Silent Star Sea.

Even in their dreams, they couldn’t imagine something so vast and terrifying.

At this moment, the three outsider races of the Void World as well as the experts of the Mortal World and the Doomed Star Sea felt that even the top three grand monarchs of the Void World might not be able to defeat the Tree of Life now if they joined hands.

That was because the Tree of Life was about to return to its peak.

The first generation of the Tree of Life was a monstrous existence that had killed Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit!

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer hadn’t become paragons yet. How could they possibly contend with the Tree of Life in its current state?

Some of the outsiders still didn’t know that Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had entered the Dark Abyss, that Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who now went by the name Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, had decided to temporarily avoid the Tree of Life, and worst of all, that Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes had been killed by Nie Tian.

In the depths of the dark land.

The Rampage Behemoth, Yin Xingtian, Dong Li, the five evil gods and many other experts were joining hands to attack the Tree of Life, which had taken root in the dark land, from different directions.

Brilliant cyan and green light, which was mixed with all kinds of strange energies, enveloped the colossal tree, forming wondrous shields to protect its roots and main body.


The storm of darkness, intelligent sword intent, the five evil gods’ seas of negative emotions, and the Rampage Behemoth’s raging flesh aura morphed into various kinds of colorful glowing spheres that exploded in the shields made of cyan or green auras.

The branches that the Tree of Life stretched out broke now and then.

However, their breaking seemed completely unimportant to the Tree of Life.

As long as its roots existed and its main body wasn’t damaged, it could spawn more branches in an instant!

Covered and permeated by its power, the land where it had taken root had turned deep green, as if it were generating life force and breeding brand new spirit plants and devil plants.

However, for the other living beings, the land was becoming more and more dangerous.


Divine green lightning bolts streaked across the sky every now and then, like brilliant rainbows.

Wherever they appeared, a long green river of rich and vigorous wood energies would be left in the sky.

Soon, many green rivers emerged in the sky of the dark land before anyone knew it.

Even Ji Cang and Qin Yao, whose god domains had morphed into seas of bright stars that filled up the sky, were influenced by them in their fight.

Greenness gradually spread across the sky, causing the stars high in the starry sky of the dark land to suddenly go dim one after another.

At the same time, the flitting divine green lightning penetrated Yin Xingtian’s god domain and made the shell of the black tortoise in the extreme darkness explode in different places every once in a while, even though, with its bloodline fully activated, its shells had become even stronger than divine iron.

Yin Xingtian, Dong Li, and Mo Heng, who had also joined the action, were all attacking the Tree of Life with everything in their power.

In this area, the raging lightning, rolling thunder, terrifying energies, and vibrating flesh auras were mighty enough to annihilate grand patriarchs and Saint domain experts before they could put up a fight.

The surging unusual powers and strong bloody wind spread far into the distance, and frightened some of those who came to join the fight.

However, as fierce as their attacks were, the great Dao and mysteries as well as the bloodline talents that they had comprehended and hurled at the Tree of Life didn’t seem to cause it any obvious damage.



A green branch that was as thick as a huge dragon suddenly shot into the waist of the evil god of hatred. The green branch then instantly spawned numerous sharp thorns, and activated the Heavenly Wood Thorns that Nie Tian was familiar with!

Weird thorns that were sharp as swords suddenly shot out of the evil god of hatred’s waist and belly!

His body, which was thousands of meters high, rapidly became extremely dry and shriveled. The flesh aura in his viscera seemed to become nourishment to make even more branches and thorns.

He let out a shrill, bloodcurdling shriek.

However, he couldn’t stop his vitality from withering in an irreversible way.

Then, a weird unusual flower that was full of thorns and fed on his flesh, meridians, and viscera bloomed in a glorious fashion, before it broke free from his waist and flew toward the Tree of Life.

Upon being touched by Yin Xingtian’s and the others’ spiritual power vibrations, the evil god of hatred was reduced to ashes.

Not a single wisp of his soul awareness or a single soul imprint escaped.

The evil god of hatred, who had been born among the Netherspirits and had once been well-known across the Void World, was really dead this time.

Even his chance at regathering his soul fragments and reappearing in the world was gone.

The four remaining evil gods cried and shrieked in grief as they attacked the Tree of Life even more violently and desperately.


“O-one died,” Nie Tian murmured in the depths of the endless blood sea as countless streaks of light fled from his wandering eyes.

A thin crystal-like chain in the green aura in his heart suddenly exploded.

Then, he instantly realized that the Tree of Life had killed the evil god of hatred, who he had reforged with his Blood Essence.

He knew this was just the beginning.

More experts and more people who were related to him would die like the evil god of hatred.

Looking at the half-naked giant being, he pondered for a moment, and then suddenly walked toward the so-called origin of life step by step.