Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1748: Bloodline Instructions

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Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect, who had spent a long time looking at the Tree of Life, suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He hastily drew corpse power from his spiritual cores to heal himself.

However, beams of sparkling, green light suddenly struck down from the Tree of Life that were unbelievably vast and enveloped in the boundless chaos.

The beams of light easily pierced through his god domain, which was filled with swirling corpse auras!


Violent explosions started taking place everywhere in his god domain, causing him to let out agonized shrieks.

On the ground, the experts who had been torn with dilemmas were dumbfounded.

They couldn’t believe that the third-generation Tree of Life had actually launched an attack against Feng Beiluo in the middle of its battle against the Ancient Arch-devil!

It might have been an accident when it had caused them to lose their life force and have their lifespan shortened by activating Life Erosion earlier. It might have been a result of its Life Erosion’s overly vast range of influence.

But what was this about?

If what Ji Cang had said had been true, and Qin Yao actually served it, then the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea and those who were loyal to Nie Tian should have been under its protection.

After all, according to Ji Cang, it had created Nie Tian to help it fight against the giant being that had created humanity.

Since Feng Beiluo had been helping Nie Tian the whole time, it should have considered him to be on its side.

Could it be that just because Feng Beiluo cultivated corpse power, which was close to death power, he had to be eliminated?

“Damn you!” Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, bellowed with reddened eyes upon seeing Feng Beiluo being attacked. “I don’t care what you are. You did this first!”

He shot skywards like a cannonball.

As he did, dazzling enormous thunderballs were conjured, with vast thunder pools that he had condensed in the Doomed Star Sea within them. Each and every one of them was vested with the profound truths of thunder and lightning.

Even after they flew out, they continued to gather lighting power from this dark land to boost their might.


The enemy he was facing was the Tree of Life, the mighty existence that had ruled the Spirit World since ancient times and thwarted numerous attempts the three major races of the Void World had made to invade the Spirit World.

Green, fresh leaves fell from the heavens.

Every single one of them was full of wonders and engraved with the myths of the births of lives. They emanated light so bright that they lit up the entire dark land.

One of the tree leaves touched a thunderball.

The seemingly-weightless leaf suddenly became as heavy as a continent, instantly crushing the thunderball and causing it to explode.

At the same time, rays of mysterious light shot out from within the leaf, instantly piercing through the scattering lightning runes and erasing every wisp of lightning power.

More tree leaves fell weightlessly into the Thunder Devil’s god domain.

Within seconds, his wondrous god domain, which had raging lightning bolts slithering about in it like giant serpents, broke apart.

Like Feng Beiluo, he was also severely injured seconds after he was attacked.

At the same time, his hair and eyebrows were turning gray, as if he was aging at an increased speed.


The five evil gods shot towards the Tree of Life from different directions. They appeared to have received Nie Tian’s bloodline message and suddenly had a target: the Tree of Life.

Dong Li gasped. “You?”

She was flabbergasted to see the five evil gods, who had been loyal to Nie Tian since he had helped forge their fleshly bodies, rushing over to join the fight against the Tree of Life.

Surrounded by all sorts of chaotic auras and lights, the Tree of Life suddenly released streaks of green and cyan light.

The divine light fell like the light of punishment that the most ancient god used to strike down upon those who dared to defy him.

In the next moment, gashes appeared on the sinister flesh forms of the five evil gods. These gashes couldn’t be healed within a short time by flesh power.

Within seconds, the five evil gods were covered in bloody wounds.

The Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into let out a long laugh, even though his blood was also spilling like blooming flowers. “You see it too, don’t you? Nie Tian forged your bodies, but you can’t sense any closeness to it, which proves that he doesn’t have any actual connections to it!”

At that moment, Dong Li received a soul message from the black tortoise.

She gasped. “What? Nie Tian just gave you instructions from the Dark Abyss by relying on your bloodline connection?”

However, a second later, she came to a realization.

“If this is the case, then the Tree of Life is probably going to fight Nie Tian for the sole paragon slot as Zhao Shanling said. If only one paragon can be born to wield the profound wonders of life, it has to be Nie Tian!”

With these words, she jerked her head to look at Feng Beiluo and Yuan Jiuchuan. “It must have realized that Nie Tian has learned the truth and decided to fight it, so it has now ripped its mask off and started with Feng Beiluo, who makes it feel the most uncomfortable.”

Having reached this point in her train of thought, she finally had it all figured out. Then, she growled, “Darkness: Call of the Origin!”

Torrential dark power poured out of her dark power core and two dark stones, and fused into the Dark Aureole as she activated a secret magic with her soul.

In a split second, the Dark Aureole floating over her head seemed to turn into a black hole that connected to a different dimension... where the origin of ultimate darkness lay!

However, at this point, her figure, which looked stunning in a long black dress, suddenly grew blurry and illusory, as if she was going to enter the Dark Abyss as the Divine Flame, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, and Nie Tian had.

However, she made herself stay where she was by force.

Instead of disappearing into the Dark Aureole that was floating over her head, she used it to summon the purest ultimate dark power.

In the next moment, ultimate darkness poured out and engulfed the Dark Aureole, her, and the black tortoise.

Then, the vast cloud of darkness rose towards the Tree of Life.


The Rampage Behemoth, which had withdrawn to a distant area, also returned at this moment, as if to answer Nie Tian’s summons.

It was because Nie Tian had fused drop after drop of his Blood Essence into that bone that it had been awakened from the dead.

Eventually, after Nie Tian had established a connection to the Sea of Life and gained access to endless flesh power, he had reforged its fleshly body with boundless flesh power.

This was why it had also heard Nie Tian’s bloodline instructions.

Nie Jin raised her hand and pointed at the cloud of darkness Dong Li and the black tortoise had morphed into. “Look! That cloud of darkness!

“Her target is the same as that of the evil gods and the Rampage Behemoth.”

Grand Monarch Serene Fiend’s face turned pale with astonishment. “It’s the Tree of Life! Why are they doing this? What’s happening?”

According to Ji Cang, the Tree of Life was the reason why Nie Tian had been created.

Their leader, Qin Yao, had only survived the pursuit of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace because it had prized and helped him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lived to become the overlord of the Doomed Star Sea.

Therefore, shouldn’t they stand by the Tree of Life?

Nie Jin frowned and said with a profound look in her eyes, “That Ji Cang isn’t the man he was now. Of course we can’t trust everything he says. Also, even my husband doesn’t know everything.

“Like us, he’s also looking for the truth. We can’t know the truth until all of this comes to an end.” She took a short pause. “But from the look of it, the truth is emerging.”

“Got it. The Tree of Life is the enemy!” Grand Monarch Serene Fiend cried.