Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1747: Source of Bloodline

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The manifestation of a life bloodline in the heart was a green aura!

The aura in Nie Tian’s heart, which had been formed by countless Bloodline Crystal Chains braiding together, was green as well!

What was growing in the enormous heart of the alleged creator of humanity was evidently a green aura just like the one in his heart!

The green aura also contained all sorts of wonders of a life bloodline!

Nie Tian’s pupils shrank as he conducted a more thorough examination. Then, he realized that the origin of life in this endless blood sea was helping the green aura grow with beams of light that carried the profound truths of life and the highly-refined essence of life power.

In other words, it was helping the giant human being regenerate his bloodline aura.

As soon as his train of thought came to this point, both his mind and heart were shaken violently.

Beams of spiritual light seemed to burst forth and ignite his thoughts at this very moment, bringing light to many things that he hadn’t been able to see before.

“Like the Tree of Life and I, he also won the acknowledgment of the endless blood sea at some time, and he also possessed a life bloodline!

“It’s just that he lost it for some reason!

“Did he end up in such a state after losing his battle against the Tree of Life?

“Are the endless blood sea and the origin of life helping him reforge his life bloodline now?”

Nie Tian thought hard, recalling Ji Cang’s words, Pei Qiqi’s words, and his own memories regarding the legacies of the origin of life.

“According to Ji Cang, the Tree of Life helped my father Qin Yao make me a hybrid by vesting me with a life mark, or a seed of life. If my father is a pure human, then it must be thanks to the Tree of Life’s efforts that I carry a life bloodline. However, the aura of the Tree of Life has more in common with that of my wood domain and the Godspirit Tree, because the path it has taken belongs to the branch of life power that was wood power.

“I’ve long since learned that life power is divided into two branches: flesh power and wood power.

“Both of these powers share the same origin: the Sea of Life. The Tree of Life represents wood power. It can not only absorb wood power from spirit plants and vegetation, but also nourish them and help their wood power grow. The Floragrims it created carry bloodlines that are based on wood power. All of their bloodline talents and magics are wood power-related.

“Flesh power is another form of life power. In fact, my bloodline leans towards flesh power. It’s just that I started cultivating wood power first. I gradually condensed a wood power core and mastered it with the humans’ cultivation method. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that wood power and flesh power share the same origin...

“If my life bloodline didn’t come from the Tree of Life, then...?”

He suddenly jerked his head towards the giant human being.

His expression flickered drastically as he exclaimed, “Don’t tell me that my life bloodline came from him! Is it possible that the Tree of Life took his life mark, which contained his wondrous life bloodline, after defeating him? Then, it found my father and fused the life mark, or life bloodline, with me using his blood-mixing technique?

“Back when I was in the Realm of Middle Continent, the Tree of Life asked me over and over to enter the underground space where he was.

“Is it possible that not only is the Tree of Life not the source of my bloodline, but it’s actually my enemy?

“Instead, the source of my bloodline lies with this giant human being who had his soul eliminated?”


His true soul and nine sub-souls shook violently, as if a storm was going on inside his sea of awareness.

The runes that had shot from the origin of life and been branded inside of him were broken into countless soul symbols and realigned.

In this process, he was hit by a peculiar feeling that he was being spied on.

He felt as if a set of eyes, or a cluster of awareness, were looking at him, examining him closely.

However, he didn’t care about that now. All he wanted was to learn the truth and find the path he should take from now on.

He couldn’t wait to know what the relationships between the Tree of Life, the giant human being, and the origin of life were, and how he should deal with them.

He was convinced that if he could find the answers to these questions, he would be able to solve the mysteries of the Blood Realms, the Void Spirits, and the Dark Abyss, and know what to do next.

He was absorbed in decoding the runes and symbols he had received from the origin of life.

As he did, the enormous, mountainous human being continued to have beams of light shoot into him, receive life power irrigation, generate new Bloodline Crystal Chains, and grow his bloodline aura.



Beams of brilliant green light pierced through the Ancient Arch-devil’s body, causing mists of dark purple, pure black, light cyan, and bright red blood to burst forth all over his magnificent devil form like colorful flowers.

It was just that the scene was more dismal than aesthetic.

Even though Zhao Shanling had gathered Devil Qi, Nether Qi, Spiritual Qi, and all sorts of energies to strengthen his Ancient Arch-devil form, he was still losing in his battle against the Tree of Life.

At this moment, the Tree of Life seemed to be emanating heaven-shaking, earth-toppling life power fluctuations from the boundless chaos.

Everyone was deeply shaken, seeing that even though Zhao Shanling had awakened his abilities as Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, brought out the power he had accumulated over many lives, and displayed battle prowess that could easily wipe out entire domains, he was still no match for the Tree of Life.

All those who had been to the Silent Star Sea and witnessed the splendors of the first-generation Tree of Life, where its colossal branches had pierced through realms like fruits on sticks, were overtaken by a feeling:

The Tree of Life that had slain Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had returned!


The branches of the Tree of Life extended madly in different directions, piercing through the heavenly barrier that enveloped the dark land.

Everyone suddenly had a feeling that as vast the dark land was, it was going to fail to contain the expanding size and soaring power of the Tree of Life, and burst.

At this point, every expert that had descended to the dark land could see the Tree of Life with great clarity, no matter where they were, because it was simply too vast!

Before they could realize it, it had already surpassed the size of any Star Behemoth or realm, and attracted the attention of every being in the dark land.

All those who were fighting, including humans, hybrids, Ancientspirits, outsiders from the Void World, and members of various other races, had a terrifying feeling of doomsday befalling them.

Other than Ji Cang and Qin Yao, who were still fighting each other through various means, all of the rest started gathering together.

Like a multicolored cloud, Grand Monarch Serene Fiend, who was one of the six kingpins of the Doomed Star Sea, looked up at the Tree of Life, which was still expanding, and whispered, “Mistress! Is what Ji Cang said to be trusted?”

“Part of it, yeah,” Nie Jin said, looking overwhelmed.

“So who should we help now?” Grand Monarch Serene Fiend asked.

“Little Tian, of course.”

“But he’s not here.”

“He will return.”