Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1746: Who To Believe?

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In the dark land.

Each and every branch of the colossal Tree of Life brimmed with life power.

They released brilliant emerald green light like a green sea of energy.

All those who were enveloped in it were losing their life force and lifespan, whether it was the Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into, Yin Xingtian the Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, Dong Li, Feng Beiluo, or the other human experts.


As the Ancient Arch-devil roared in an ancient devil language, his words seemed to morph into runes shooting out of his gigantic devil form.

Numerous pure black and dark purple devil symbols and runes that recorded the birth, rise, and prosperity of the Devil race in the Void World rose from his devil form, and exploded in the space between him and the Tree of Life, as if to defend against its terrifying power.

“Devil Soul Shakes the Heavens!”

A pillar of cyan soul power blasted out of the forehead of the Ancient Arch-devil.

Like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s Nether River, the pillar of soul power seemed to be made of innumerable tiny soul symbols, and carried numerous profound pieces of knowledge about souls that the Netherspirits wouldn’t impart to others.

“Hmm?!” The five evil gods, who were scattered in different areas and weren’t doing anything due to Nie Tian’s sudden disappearance, exclaimed simultaneously.

They had been at a loss for what to do after Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s last remaining awareness had been wiped out and Nie Tian had entered the Dark Abyss.

The Tree of Life’s aura had a lot in common with the aura of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, which he had infused and built their bodies with. This made them lean towards the Tree of Life.

However, Zhao Shanling and Nie Tian had known each other for a very long time, and his earlier remarks had been rather persuasive.

Was the Tree of Life really Nie Tian’s enemy?

Since they couldn’t find the answer to that, they had decided to exercise restraint and pull away from the fierce battle between Zhao Shanling and the Tree of Life.

However, at this moment, they shrewdly sensed that the Ancient Arch-devil Zhao Shanling had transformed into was casting the Netherspirits’ profound soul spells.

A wondrous prismatic mark seemed to be condensed by Zhao Shanling with soul power, and manifested between his eyebrows. “I lived a life as a Netherspirit.

“I gave guidance to Heavenly Spirit once, before he became a grand monarch. So I guess I made a little contribution to his late transcendence as a paragon. I wonder if he ever mentioned a senior named Yama Soul to you.”

The five evil gods, who had been Netherspirits in their previous lives, gasped. Their eyes were filled with astonishment and surprise as they stared at Zhao Shanling. “Yama Spirit?!”

They had heard Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit mention a senior named Grand Monarch Yama Spirit quite a few times during the many ages they had served him as his right-hand men.

However, they had never heard others talk about him.

Also, they hadn’t found any records about him anywhere, as if this grand monarch had never existed in the history of the Netherspirits...

Even so, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had said more than once that the Grand Monarch Yama Soul who had given him guidance was the most mysteriously powerful senior at that time.

Even after he had transcended and become a paragon, he had still referred to that Grand Monarch Yama Spirit as his master...

The Tree of Life’s soul will suddenly surged. “So you played a part in Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit becoming a paragon and crossing the boundless Realm Sea to fight me as well. You made your plans carefully, and then carried them out through generations using different identities. How patient of you!”


All of a sudden, thousands of streaks of green light shot out of the roots of the Tree of Life towards Zhao Shanling’s Ancient Arch-devil form.

The pillar of soul power that looked like a Nether River exploded instantly, countless soul symbols spraying over a vast area like a rain of glowing spots.

The Ancient Arch-devil let out a muffled groan, and then shouted, “I don’t know what you’re waiting for! But let me tell you. If you don’t try to stop it, it’ll cost Nie Tian his chance at becoming a paragon!”

Yin Xingtian, Dong Li, and the others shuddered violently upon hearing this. “Nie Tian!”

One fierce gaze after another rapidly fixed on the third-generation Tree of Life.

Could Zhao Shanling be trusted?

If the Tree of Life was in fact humanity’s arch-enemy and a great threat to Nie Tian, then why would Qin Yao, Nie Tian’s father, fight Ji Cang?

Shouldn’t the rogue cultivators, hybrids, and outsiders from the Doomed Star Sea be focusing on fighting the Tree of Life?


In the Blood Realm of Life.

After parting ways with Pei Qiqi, Nie Tian continued his journey to find the origin of life in the depths of the blood sea alone.

A large number of patterns and runes were still being analyzed and sorted by his true soul and nine sub-souls.

From the ones he was finished with, he had learned that the origin of life not only had its own awareness, but it was also deeply apprehensive about the Tree of Life and dreaded its coming.

It appeared that the origin of life favored him...

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

His heart pounded harder and harder as he approached the origin of life.

Beams of crimson light were flashing by like glorious shooting stars.

However, not a single one of them hit him anymore.

As he went deeper, the beams of crimson light even vanished.

That was when he saw something that shouldn’t be in this wondrous place.

That giant human being!

The giant, half-naked human being was floating motionlessly in the depths of the blood sea like a mountain range!

It appeared that drops of crimson blood that contained immense life power were attracted to and gathered densely around him.

Gorgeous beams of blood-colored light shooting from the origin of life continued to disappear into him.

Meanwhile, he remained completely still. The piece of golden armor on his chest, the frosty gem on his Adam’s apple, and the lightning chains that wrapped around him had all stopped giving off divine light.

However, his heart, which had been silent for countless years, seemed to be absorbing fine wisps of life power from his surroundings.

An extremely tiny aura, so tiny that no being in this starry river other than him and the Tree of Life could perceive it, was growing in the giant human being’s heart.

Nie Tian was so overwhelmed that he even stuttered. “The... the creator of humanity?”

Weren’t humans born without special bloodlines?

If that was true, then why would this giant human being, who Ji Cang had referred to as the creator of humanity, end up in the Sea of Life as he did after entering the Dark Abyss?

And so close to the origin of life no less?

“Don’t tell me that like me, he’s also favored by the origin of life and belongs here?”

Disbelief was written all over Nie Tian’s face as he looked at this giant human being, which he didn’t believe should be here, and sensed the faint flesh aura growing slowly in his heart.

He believed that if even Pei Qiqi, who had awakened her memories on a full scale, were here, she wouldn’t expect this giant human being to be in the depths of the Sea of Life.

He narrowed his eyes in an attempt to see more details.

Then, his gaze seemed to pierce through the giant human being’s chest, allowing him to see that his gigantic heart was gathering and condensing life power, which was everywhere, into a crystalline wisp of light.

Meanwhile, numerous gorgeous beams of crimson light shot into the crystalline wisp of light, which was not red, but green.

It was a green aura!