Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1743: The Four Great Origins

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Nie Tian, floating in his Life-origin Form in the endless blood sea, gradually regained his awareness. When he saw the scene around him, he couldn’t stop screaming, “The Blood Realm of Life!”

All he could see were countless drops of red, diamond-like blood.

Some drops were huge, some were small as dust, some were like red balls of light, and some were just little traces in the vast sea of red blood.

His body was covered with boundless flesh aura, which was as thick and sticky as spiritual liquid.

His clothes had been reduced to ashes without him knowing it.

He floated naked in the boundless blood sea, his heart pounding.

His heartbeat seemed to have a strange resonance with the vibrations of the origin of life in the depths of the endless blood sea.

Nie Tian was still a little confused. “I can’t believe I ended up here. Could the so-called Dark Abyss be this Blood Realm, the origin of all living beings’ bloodlines? Are the Divine Flame and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils also here? All those Void Spirits with different attributes came from here, and then evolved in various ways after leaving?

“So what exactly are the Void Spirits? What kind of responsibility do they bear? And what about paragons?”

A series of doubts flooded his sea of soul awareness, making him confused.

All of a sudden, wonderful connections were made in his mind. “Huh?”

The flame power sub-soul in his sea of soul awareness sensed the existence of an aura, from which he was feeling a closeness.

It wasn’t in this endless blood sea, the origin of his bloodline.

However, that aura, which seemed to belong to the Divine Flame, was in this mysterious dimension.

“The Divine Flame is a Void Spirit. It’s likely that the origin of all flame power is also in this place. What I feel close to is most likely a cluster of strong, eternally burning flame!” as he thought of this, his true soul was suddenly shaken again.

There was another deep cyan aura giving him a close feeling somehow...

“The River of Souls!” he yelled.

He had once been temporarily pulled out of the endless blood sea by the power of the Tree of Life, and thus he had seen a long cyan river, which was the River of Souls.

The so-called Nether Rivers emerging in the three worlds were mere projections of that river.

Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had displayed them after communicating with the River of Souls with his fragmentary soul and residual strength through secret magics.

“The wonders and the Dao of souls that I derived when my true soul refined and merged the Nether Rivers one after another are from the River of Souls. After I wiped out all traces of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s existence, I replaced him as the being that’s nearest to the River of Souls.

“So as soon as I arrived here, the River of Souls offered me an olive branch.

“Hmm? There’s something else.” The star power sub-soul in his sea of soul awareness seemed to detect a speck of starlight.

Since he hadn’t displayed his star domain, the Heavenly Stars Flower was rooted in the star power core in his spiritual sea in his dantian region.

At this moment, the Heavenly Stars Flower, which was perfectly compatible with his star power sub-soul, became very excited.

It seemed to urge him to get out of this endless blood sea, find that speck of starlight, and merge with it.

Nie Tian suddenly felt that the starlight must be in this wondrous dimension as well, representing the origin of all star wonders.

The Void Spirit that had possessed Ji Cang must be from that speck of starlight.

Since he was still in the endless blood sea, he wasn’t really impressed by it, and only felt that it was a speck of starlight.

If he walked out of the endless blood sea, perhaps he would know that the starlight in fact carried profound meaning and endless wonders.

“Strange, really strange...” he murmured, feeling that his heartbeat and his bloodline were echoing the fluctuations of the origin of life in the depths of the blood sea.

However, his true soul, flame power sub-soul, and star power sub-soul were being tempted by three other origins: the River of Souls, the origin of flames, and the origin of stars.

He carefully pondered, and gradually came to a very mysterious feeling...

He felt as if he could break through to be a so-called paragon with any of his life bloodline, true soul, flame power sub-soul, and star power sub-soul!

If he followed the guidance of his bloodline and found the origin of life in the endless blood sea, he might be able to become a paragon somewhat similar to the Tree of Life with its help.

If he left the endless blood sea and entered the River of Souls, he could be favored by the River of Souls because of the power of his true soul, and then he could become an existence like Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

Or he could go to the origin of flame where the Divine Flame was, or merge with the starlight. Those options would also give him a great chance at becoming a paragon.

He was surprised to find that upon entering the endless blood sea, he had become a treasure that was acknowledged and wanted by four origins together.

“Paragon, paragon...” he lowered his head and murmured. “Is it true that I can only choose only one of the four origins to help me become a paragon? Which origin is the best? The origin of flame already has the Divine Flame. As for the origin of the stars... Ji Cang and Qin Yao, who is my father, are vying for the chance at becoming a paragon.”

“With Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit out of the picture, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit should be the contender for the chance at becoming a paragon with the help of the River of Souls. Will I have to fight Grand Monarch Nether Spirit if I enter the River of Souls?

“As for the origin of life, hasn’t the third generation of Tree of Life beaten me to it? Will I have to contend with the Tree of Life for its acknowledgment? According to Ji Cang, it’s via the strategy of the Tree of Life that I was created.”

At that moment, he suddenly became hesitant and confused again.

Suddenly, he sensed a wisp of life aura that belonged to him. “Mmm!”

He sensed Pei Qiqi in the endless blood sea through the drops of Blood Essence he had given her. “Senior Martial Sister Pei!”

With his surprised scream, a gorgeous light emerged suddenly in front of him.

The light quickly morphed into the graceful, distant Pei Qiqi.

It was just that the way she looked at him was very strange and different from before.

She looked around with a curious expression, and said in amazement, “I can’t believe I\'m in the blood sea.

“Before, I just knew this place existed, but never had a chance to come in here to take a look. I never expected I’d end up here when I came back.”

With that, she splayed her hands and looked at her palm.

A drop of blue blood split her skin and came to float in her palm.

It was like a crystal-clear sapphire, containing rays of fine light that manifested the profound meanings of space.

“Hmm, what do you know? Great compatibility...” she murmured.

Then, she fixed her eyes on the flabbergasted Nie Tian again, and burst into laughter. ”You’re quite cute when you look confused.”

Nie Tian was still taken aback. “Senior Martial Sister Pei, have you been here before?”

“No,” Pei Qiqi replied and pointed above. “I’ve been there. Something up there gave birth to my awareness. But it was only after I left this place and flew into the Void World that I quickly gained intelligence.

“That’s right. Like Ji Cang, I am also a Void Spirit, or a Spirit of Chaos.”