Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1742: Generations of Lurking Devil

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Everyone could see that Pei Qiqi began to change dramatically at this point.

She seemed to have gained control of the countless spatial rifts that had previously split open in the dark land.

The Rampage Behemoth had attacked Jiang Yuanchi, the high chieftain of the Lightspirits, for a long time, but had failed to kill him.

Now, however, she had crushed Jiang Yuanchi and his light domain with a single move.


In the distance, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit suddenly split into thousands of shadows that disappeared.

He even left behind the fragmentary souls of his clansmen.

Yin Xingtian, Dong Li, and the others all looked grim. The way they looked at Pei Qiqi changed.

They had no idea what Pei Qiqi would do now that she knew that she was a Void Spirit, and the Voidspirits’ mother goddess.

Was she going to live on as a human like Zhao Shanling, or…?


Fine wisps of rainbow light constantly sputtered from the Void Mirror that Zhao Shanling had now mastered.

Even he quietly condensed spatial power, as if he were facing a formidable enemy.

He also secretly activated the devil power he had absorbed, preparing himself for what might happen.

In fact, he somewhat regretted revealing Pei Qiqi’s identity. If he hadn’t done that, she wouldn’t have been able to gather her sealed power, memories, and knowledge so easily and quickly.

He also had no idea what Pei Qiqi would do after recovering her lost memories.

“Grand Monarch Lurking Devil, you played a vital role in the Voidspirits being expelled from the Void World by the three outsider races, didn’t you?” Pei Qiqi asked, her eyes suddenly turning cold and indifferent. “When the Voidspirits declined in the Void World and were forced to return to the space disruption zone and hide, that seems to be exactly the period when you made your name among the Devils.”

Zhao Shanling smiled and said leisurely, “It was a decisive role, instead of a vital one, that I’ve played in expelling the Voidspirits! You could say that I made the whole thing happen. In that era, the Voidspirits came out of the space disruption zone and ran amok in the Void World.

“They were conceited and thought they could do whatever they liked because they could teleport from realm to realm. You were intent on acquiring a fleshly body at that time, and didn’t pay attention to the Voirspirtis’ internal affairs for a long time. Or maybe you thought the Voidspirits were unbeatable in the three worlds.

“It was because I wanted to deal with the Voidspirits that I started studying spatial power. In addition to me, members of the other races also began to comprehend the mysteries of spatial power in various ways, because the Voidspirits were too arrogant and unreasonable at that time!

“It was later proven that the Voidspirits only had a natural advantage in the use and absorption of spatial power. However, members of the other races could also master the wonders of spatial power if they worked hard. In terms of perception, we were the same, except you.

“When the Voidspirits were the most arrogant, high-handed, and domineering in the three worlds, I persuaded the Netherspirits and the Bonedrudes of the Void World to join us in fighting them. You may not know it, but the Voidspirits scared the Netherspirits and the Bonedrudes so badly that they didn’t dare to fight them at that time.

“However, after I sealed space, and the experts of the Devils, the Netherspirits and the Bonedrudes joined the action, we almost killed all the Voidspirit experts in that era. We also made everyone see that the Voidspirits might be best in the art of escaping, but when the space around them is sealed, their battle prowess isn’t as strong as that of the Devils and the Bonedrudes.”

Zhao Shanling talked eloquently about the past.

He frankly revealed the fact that even the three outsider races of the Void World had been eclipsed by and apprehensive about the Voidspirits when they had been in their heyday.

It was he who had studied the mysteries of spatial power in order to deal with the Voidspirits.

It was also he who had almost single-handedly knocked the Voidspirits from their pedestal when they had been the most powerful!

He had forced them to escape into the space disruption zone, wander in the Mortal World and the Spirit World, but no longer dare to go to the Void World and do whatever they wanted.

The information he revealed was very different from what Pei Qiqi had learned.

What Pei Qiqi had learned was that the three outsider races had asked the Voidspirits to open the passages that connected to the Spirit World and the Mortal World. However, they had gone back on their promises, betrayed, and tried to kill the Voidspirits.

“It seems that when the Voidspirits were in their heyday, they were really...” Pei Qiqi murmured with her head low. All of a sudden, she agreed more with the answer given by Zhao Shanling in front of her.

“Since Pei Yukong is only my father in name, most of the Voidspirit experts have been sacrificed, and my master was also killed here, then... I have nothing to miss, and I think I know what to do.”

Hearing her words, everyone was instantly nervous.

At this moment, Pei Qiqi had a very sharp momentum. The spatial fluctuations from the Space Boundaries Crystal that she had mastered had exceeded those of the Void Mirror, making it the most powerful spatial divine tool in the three worlds.

Plus, she was the Goddess of the Void. After her awakening, she had regained her memories, her understanding of spatial power… and the spatial energies she had accumulated for countless years!

She had become one of the most terrifying beings in the dark land now.

“What?” exclaimed Dong Li. “You, you’re also...”

Under everyone’s gaze, Pei Qiqi’s beautiful figure became more and more blurred and illusory.

Their past experience told them that Pei Qiqi must have figured out how to enter the Dark Abyss after her identity and memories as a Void spirit were awakened.

She had decided to go.

As Pei Qiqi’s figure faded away, a taunting smile curved her lips. “The only person with whom I am still connected, and whose blood has made my fleshly body strong and perfect, is in there. I’m the one who should and can be with him.”

“You!” Dong Li yelled as her face turned cold. Anger filled her heart, but she couldn’t vent her anger because Pei Qiqi had disappeared.


Zhao Shanling exhaled. His nervous face suddenly relaxed. “Luckily, it went as I expected. Revived people like me and her may not be the same person as we were in our previous lives, and may not still miss and hold on to the past. The things that we experience in current lives always leave the deepest marks, and have the greatest impact on our souls.”

When it came to this, it was likely that no one felt more deeply than he did in the three worlds.

Almost no one knew that the “Grand Monarch Lurking Devil” of the Devils actually had experienced almost the entire history of the Devils, as he had existed throughout most of their history.

His bloodline talent was the most mysterious, and allowed him to be reincarnated again and again with his devil soul. Also, he could be reincarnated as any living creature, such as a devil, a human, or an Ancientspirit...

Even though he had been reincarnated many times, and he had been the mysterious Grand Monarch Lurking Devil of the Devils in every life, his soul had been quite different because of his different experiences in his different lives.

Because of that, he could be very capricious sometimes, and would do all sorts of things that violated his hidden identity.

There were times that he hadn’t even regarded himself as Grand Monarch Lurking Devil of the Devils, and undermined the Devils’ plans.

It was thanks to his personal experiences that he had believed even if Pei Qiqi woke up and learned who she was, she wouldn’t change her attitude towards Nie Tian and the people around her, because she had known Nie Tian with her identity of “Pei Qiqi”.

The part of her memory that belonged to Pei Qiqi would perhaps outmatch her soul as a Void Spirit.

Zhao Shanling laughed. “I gambled right.”

At the same time.

Nie Tian was floating blankly in the vast sea of blood. He looked around, and gradually came to his senses.

This time, he wasn’t here as a wisp of his soul. Instead, he had descended in his true form!