Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1741: The Voidspirit Mother Goddess

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Zhao Shanling sighed with mixed feelings. “Some Void Spirits know what they are, while some are so muddled that they don’t even know that. The Divine Flame is a Void Spirit, and so is Ji Cang… now. However, because of your special situation, you never truly awakened. But you should have a vague feeling that you are different from Pei Yukong and the Voidspirits.”

He continued to speak softly, as if by doing this, he wanted to completely awaken Pei Qiqi’s Void Spirit soul.

“At the beginning, it was presumably because you have the soul of a Void Spirit that he condescended to reach out to you and personally took you to the Void Spirit Society. He must have intended to refine you into his god domain after you underwent a metamorphosis and woke up. But in the end, he changed his mind and came here alone.”

Speaking up to this point, Zhao Shanling paused for a moment.

Then he continued, “Your master must have come to really care about you after being with you for a period of time. It made him betray his original will to refine you into his god domain in the end.”


Countless sharp, brilliant spatial blades surged out of Pei Qiqi’s bloodline and acupoints.

They interwove into a dense net behind her.

The nodes where the spatial blades intersected were bright and dazzling, with extremely obvious spatial fluctuations coming out of them, as if they connected to many parts of the starry river.

Sparks of bright light suddenly flew out of those nodes.

The sparks were imprinted with dust-laden memories and the profound truths of spatial wonders.

The bright sparks fell into Pei Qiqi’s sea of soul awareness like rain of light, and merged into her soul.

She suddenly remembered that she had come from a spherical crystal.

The spherical crystal had been made up of countless pieces that were the size of a fingernail. There might be hundreds of millions of such crystals, as if they had corresponded to numerous starry realms of the three worlds.

She had flown out of it after being born in the spherical crystal.

The first place where she had arrived was this dark land.

After entering the dark land in the form of a wisp of awareness, she had rapidly undergone a metamorphosis and developed intelligence.

Then, she had wandered about in the dark land, gathering her thoughts. Her familiarity with spatial power had helped her break through the spatial barriers of the dark land and get into the Void World.

She had shuttled through every spatial rift in the Void World, absorbing the unusual spatial power to strengthen herself.

However, she hadn’t had a fleshly body, but had just been a mass of spatial power with its own awareness.

One day, she had flown into the space disruption zone.

She had found many unusual creatures with fleshly bodies like Silver Domain Snakes.

Their fleshly bodies had also contained unusual spatial power.

However, those creatures didn’t have intelligence, and couldn’t use their spatial power as expertly as her. Without a system, their understanding of spatial power was in fact extremely rough and simple.

Then, from them, she had found a sort of blue unusual bug that was very small and also fed on unusual spatial power. They had been undergoing a metamorphosis and advancing as a species.

Without intervention, it might have taken this kind of bug with blue blood billions of years to transform into large creatures like Silver Domain Snakes, and they wouldn’t necessarily even have developed remarkable intelligence by them.

She had intervened.

She had flown into the largest unusual bug. With her awareness and intelligence, she had helped the unusual bug speed up its metamorphosis, permanently branded her unique mark in its blood, and helped it refine and absorb spatial power at an increased rate, and fight the other spatial creatures like the Silver Domain Snakes in the space disruption zone.

The moment she had flown into it, the bug hadn’t been the same as the other bugs, as it had begun to grow and change at an incredible rate.

The bug had multiplied as it had grown stronger and stronger. All of the new bugs had bloodline connections with her, and through her they could indirectly sense the spherical crystal in the place where she had been born.

Successive generations of these bugs became more powerful, advanced, changed, and eventually evolved into the Voidspirits.

The Voidspirits became the sole masters of the space disruption zone and honored her as their Mother Goddess, Goddess of the Void.

Because of her, the Voidspirits had become a novel race of life that had fleshly bodies, and the masters of the space disruption zone, independent of the three worlds.

However, she had still been a mass of awareness and spatial energy that had had only intelligence and soul, but not a fleshly body.

As she had traveled through the three worlds, she had found that almost all the intelligent creatures had fleshly bodies, which had made her yearn for one of her own.

After that, she had begun to search for a body that could hold her soul awareness.

Even if she had to give up those spatial energies that she had condensed for many years, she wouldn’t hesitate.

Her first choice, of course, had been the Voidspirits, because their bloodlines had matched hers to begin with.

However, for some reason, she had always failed in her attempts to merge with them. Besides, the newly-born Voidspirits had already had souls, so their bodies couldn’t merge with her awareness.

She had tried many ways. She had even secretly facilitated the births of human-Voidspirit hybrids, because she had learned that the human race of the Spirit World didn’t have any special bloodlines, and as such were the most compatible with other races.

Hence, she had quietly created Pei Yukong, and silently waited for him to marry a human. She had snuck her soul in when the two of them had made a baby.

This time, she had given up everything in order to succeed and get what she wanted.

She had secretly sealed up all her memories, her perception and understanding of spatial power as well as the spatial power that she had accumulated for countless years, leaving only a touch of her soul essence.

Eventually, she had succeeded, but she had also lost much.

She had succeeded because she had obtained a fleshly body.

However, she had lost her original memories, her understanding of spatial power, and the spatial power she had accumulated into this new body, which was the same as starting a new life with another independent awareness, as if she had been born again.

She had forgotten everything in the past, including who she had really been. She had just regarded herself as Pei Qiqi.

It wasn’t until now that she was finally awakened by Zhao Shanling’s words.

“I-I didn’t expect...” she murmured.

Her sealed spatial energies, memories, and cognition of spatial power came roaring through the nodes of the densely-interwoven net of spatial rifts behind her.

She was becoming stronger and stronger at a speed that was beyond comparison.

Soon, the aura coming from her body made everyone present feel shocked and suffocated with terror.

“Jiang Yuanchi!” As soon as she exclaimed softly, Jiang Yuanchi and his light domain were broken into thousands of fragments.

Every last fragment was sucked into the spatial rifts.

Just like that, the sectmaster of the Shadow Society and the current high chieftain of the Lightspirits disappeared.

Even the Rampage Behemoth, which had just swallowed the Ripper Behemoth, was instinctively uneasy and backed away from her as she made her move.

In the distance, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who was strengthening his soul with the souls of his own clansmen, also felt a strong jolt to his soul. “Damn it! Another monster has awakened!”