Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1740: A Brutal Truth

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“Ow!” the Ripper Behemoth growled.

Its growl was earth-shattering, and waves of tearing force ripped the Rampage Behemoth’s large bloody mouth.

Many of the Rampage Behemoth’s jagged sharp teeth were shattered.

However, the pale beam of light was still crushed little by little by strands of crimson Blood Essence from the Rampage Behemoth.

The Rampage Behemoth’s Blood Essence secretly contained life power’s unique ability to swallow and absorb flesh power. Although it was impacted by the Ripper Behemoth’s residual strength, it still gnawed at the Ripper Behemoth.

Having been nourished by Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, it seemed to have inherited part of his bloodline power and talents.

This also enabled it to quickly get an overwhelming advantage in its battle against the Ripper Behemoth!

In the ancient Primal Era, the Star Behemoths had been well-deserved overlords, but they had actually fought each other constantly.

Because the Ripper Behemoth had been born near the end of the Primal Era, it had missed that bloody period, and the mutual annihilation in its memory was so faint that it might have forgotten what it meant to meet one of its own kind when it was weak and badly injured.

The Rampage Behemoth was different. It was a Star Behemoth that had survived the cruelest era.

It was its instinct to kill its own kind and use them to strengthen itself and restore its flesh aura...

Therefore, faced with the Ripper Behemoth that had been severely injured flying into the dark land, it launched an attack without even the slightest hesitation.

In the pale beam of light, the Ripper Behemoth whose Blood Essence was extremely condensed changed from furious snarling to agonized howling.

At this moment, it seemed to regret that it hadn’t listened to Zhao Shanling’s words and hadn’t left in time.

Watching the Rampage Behemoth suddenly rush out and swallow the Ripper Behemoth that had shrunk hundreds of millions of times over, Yin Xingtian and all the others felt cold in their hearts.

Yin Xingtian displayed his Godspan Sword Formation, while Master Blood Spirit, Feng Beiluo, and the others also braced themselves, as if they were facing a formidable enemy.

They carefully guarded against the Rampage Behemoth, lest it, which Nie Tian had revived with boundless flesh aura from a mere bone, should kill them as well.

“Don’t worry,” Zhao Shanling said, glancing at them. “Apart from Master Blood Spirit, who has a mixed flesh aura inside his body, it won’t have any interest in any of you. But Master Blood Spirit’s flesh aura contains Nie Tian’s aura, so it won’t kill him either. So rest assured, you are not its target.”

Dong Li seemed a little uneasy. “We’d better be careful. As far as I know, when it was in the floating continent, the Ripper Behemoth helped Nie Tian remove the profound truths of death that the Bone Emperor has left in that bone. But what’s happening now? This recently-resurrected Rampage Behemoth didn’t even spare the one that once helped it.”

“Well...” Zhao Shanling, who felt slightly awkward, said, “I don’t know about that, but what I do know is that Jiang Yuanchi is probably going to die.”

The Rampage Behemoth, which had swallowed the Ripper Behemoth, seemed to follow Nie Tian’s will to hunt down and kill Jiang Yuanchi, which forced the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, who had found fortune in the Void World many times, to hide his light power.

His domain quickly morphed into a shadow domain that could only be partially seen around him.

Jiang Yuanchi seemed to know that he was no match for the Rampage Behemoth. However, he was unwilling to leave, so he took a roundabout route to see if he could luckily step into the Dark Abyss.

Zhao Shanling sneered. “How can you enter without the Void Spirit of Light?”

Dong Li was shocked. “Is a Void Spirit necessary if one wants to enter?”

“A Void Spirit is a kind of key,” explained Zhao Shanling. “The treasures you’ve obtained come from the Dark King and contain the ultimate Dao of darkness. Even if the Dark King is dead, the Dao of darkness that he comprehended can communicate with that ultimate darkness. So, as the one to obtain his legacies, you can get in.”

Hearing this, Master Blood Spirit shouted, “What about me?”

Feng Beiluo and Thunder Devil also shouted in unison, “What about me?”

Zhao Shanling pointed his chin at Master Blood Spirit and then Feng Beiluo. “You can’t. Neither can you.”

Then, he turned to the Thunder Devil. “You… have a chance, but I don’t know exactly how to make it happen.”

The Thunder Devil’s eyes lit up.

“What about me?” asked Pei Qiqi.

Zhao Shanling’s expression became very complicated and unreadable because of her question.

“You…” he said with a stutter. “There’s something special about you. I can’t see through it for the time being.”

It was clear that he knew something, but wasn’t willing to explain.

“Qiqi, do you feel that your power has been improving in this place?” he suddenly asked.

Pei Qiqi was shocked. “Yes. My acupoints were opened by Nie Tian’s Blood Essence. Like me, the five evil gods, the black tortoise and the others are all rapidly gaining strength with the awakening of Nie Tian’s new bloodline talent.

Nie Tian had told her that earlier.

Zhao Shanling nodded and said, “Yes, the awakening of Nie Tian’s new bloodline talent did enhance your flesh auras, but in addition to the strengthening of your flesh aura and your fleshly body, your spiritual power and Voidspirit bloodline are in fact also quickly improving. Nie Tian didn’t give you that.”

Pei Qiqi explained, “Before he died, my father also passed his Blood Essence and the Voidspirits’ secret magics to me.”

Zhao Shanling forced a smile and said, “That wasn’t enough to keep you getting stronger. Do you know what my identity in my pre previous life was? I was also from the Void Spirit Society. Even your master Qu Yi was a few generations younger than me.”

Speaking up to this point, he gave the Void Mirror a look.

The Void Mirror that Pei Qiqi was holding firmly abruptly flew out and fell into his palm.

The Voidspirit Pagoda that he had mastered took the opportunity to merge into the Void Mirror.

Then, the soul of the Voidspirit Pagoda that he had refined immediately started swimming around in the Void Mirror to refine and complete its soul that had been mutilated by the Void Spirit and Ji Cang.

In his hand, the Void Mirror gleamed. Even the cracks on its surface were gently erased.

Pei Qiqi understood instantly. “Was the Void Mirror made by you?”

With a smile, Zhao Shanling said, “Yes. I was the one who made this immortal grade divine tool of the Void Spirit Society. In my previous life, I was able to hide in the human race because my devil soul had become proficient in spatial power.”

Yin Xingtian was appalled. “So it was you! You lived in the era before me! You were the Void Mirror’s creator, the famous Voidspirit Shadow Devil in the Mortal World! Shadow Devil, Lurking Devil!

“I didn’t expect it to be you. The havoc you caused almost destroyed the Mortal World! So... you are indeed Grand Monarch Lurking Devil of the Devils in the Void World! If your devil soul can live in a human form generation after generation, then you must be… even older than Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!”

Zhao Shanling smiled. “All the current members of the Devil clans are indeed my descendants, including Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, who has entered the Dark Abyss.”

“I don’t care who you were,” Pei Qiqi shouted coldly. “I just want to know what’s wrong with me!”

After thinking for a while, Zhao Shanling finally said, “Your bloodline is from the Voidspirits, and you’re a hybrid of human and Voidspirit. However, your soul wasn’t born naturally...”

Pei Qiqi was stunned. “What?”

“Your soul is actually a Void Spirit,” Zhao Shanling dropped a bombshell. “The whole Voidspirit race was born because of you. Pei Yukong recreated you for the prosperity of the Voidspirits. Why else do you think you could win the Space Boundaries Crystal’s favor so easily in the Shatter Battlefield?

“Perhaps it was because your master Qu Yi saw this that he cultivated and shaped you at all costs.

“Do you think he did that because he cherished your genius?”

Hearing this, Pei Qiqi froze, as if she had been struck by lightning.

“He only made the Void Spirit in you grow, undergo a metamorphosis, and continue to advance so he could refine and merge it with his god domain to acquire a paragon seed, and lay the foundation for his entry into the Dark Abyss,” Zhao Shanling continued to explain in a soft voice. “Pei Yukong did that for the betterment of the Voidspirit race, while Qu Yi was possibly motivated by self-interest. Both of them cared about you, but only they know how much they actually cared about you.”

Hearing his words, everyone present looked at Pei Qiqi with pity.