Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1739: Grand Monarch Lurking Devil

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Nie Tian finally vanished.

Neither the Space Boundaries Crystal nor the Void Mirror could lock onto him.

Pei Qiqi also activated her bloodline in an attempt to capture his aura by relying on the life aura he had left inside of her.

However, all of her efforts turned out to be futile.

Like the disappearance of the Divine Flame and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Nie Tian’s disappearance was complete.

Dong Li had noticed the confused look on his face when he had vanished.

It was as if even he himself didn’t know what had caused this, and it wasn’t his intention that this happened.

As soon as he disappeared, the reanimated Rampage Behemoth’s rapid growth came to a stop.

Even though it had come back to life, it was still far from recovering its peak state.

Right now, it was slightly larger than the black tortoise in its awakened form, but was still considerably smaller than the Ripper Behemoth.

Star Behemoths’ strength was usually reflected in their size. Even though the Rampage Behemoth had finally come back to life, it still had a long way ahead of it.


After the Void Spirit of Light vanished, Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain exploded into countless brilliant sparks that emanated blazing light.

However, the immense, holy, and magnificent feeling it had given people was completely gone. By the time he presented himself in his dharma idol form again, he looked rather depleted.

“W-where’s the holy spirit of light?” he muttered in a low voice.

At that moment, the Rampage Behemoth let out a furious bellow, before it pounced on and started tearing at his dharma idol with its teeth and claws once again.

In the sky, the giant being that Ji Cang referred to as the creator of humanity started falling with an increased momentum.

Many human experts had died protecting him from the Tree of Life, the Floragrims, and the Ancientspirits. Even more had suffered injuries.


Yin Xingtian suddenly gasped with astonishment, his widened eyes fixed on the descending giant being.

The giant being was plummeting towards him and many other human experts!

However, to his surprise, just as they were about to be crushed, the giant being that stretched as long as a mountain range suddenly grew illusory and blurry, and vanished in the same bizarre manner as Nie Tian had.

The third-generation Tree of Life continued to float high above the dark land, and release greenness to its heart’s content.

The countless wisps of emerald green aura seemed to nourish any creature and spirit plant they touched, and were a nurturing life force in this ice-cold, silent dark land.

Everyone could see that the Tree of Life had become significantly vaster than before, its numerous branches giving off divine green light.

Some Saint and God domain human experts were unwilling to give up the fight, and continued to attack it from different directions. However, they all had their domains riddled with holes, and they fell to different parts of the dark land like angels with broken wings.

Standing on the black tortoise, Dong Li was holding the Dark Aureole like a black sun and using it to release pure black light.

Seeing this, she exclaimed, “He’s gone too! Pei Qiqi! You carry a Voidspirit bloodline and wield those divine spatial tools! The Divine Flame, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Nie Tian, and now that giant have all vanished from this place!

“The gate to the Dark Abyss must be here. How come you can’t sense its existence?”

Feng Beiluo and the Thunder Devil also turned to fix her with baffled looks.

In the distance, the members of the three major races in the Void World were in a muddle.

Because Grand Monarch Nether Spirit had attacked his own clansmen, many Devils, Netherspirits, and Bonedrudes that were loyal to the three top grand monarchs panicked.

The Void Spirits’ projections seized the opportunity and launched fierce attacks. Many of the powerful experts of the three races perished before realizing what had struck them.


A blast of pale-gray light suddenly shot from the distant sky.

Inside of it was the Ripper Behemoth, which had shrunken to be only a few dozen meters tall.

It hadn’t shown itself for a long time after it had been badly cut and injured falling through the tunnel in the Realm of Shadow Devil.

However, it had decided to come out now.

“This is the place.” An ethereal voice that many human experts found both familiar and unfamiliar suddenly echoed out.

In the next moment, a figure manifested out of thin air, holding the Voidspirit Pagoda.

“Zhao Shanling!” Yuan Jiuchuan, Dong Li, and Pei Qiqi exclaimed in astonishment.

The second person in the Domain of the Falling Stars to have entered the Saint domain after Wu Ji, an expert in spatial power, and the man who had disappeared from everyone’s sight for a long time reappeared at this moment.

Furthermore, he was now at the early God domain!

He hadn’t been there when powerful experts from across the Mortal World had gathered and marched into the Void World.

He had been focused on his advances in cultivation before.

It was a tremendous surprise to everyone that he had not only entered the Void World by himself, but that he had found his way into this dark land and magically emerged at this ‘gate’ to the Dark Abyss.

Pei Qiqi’s pupils suddenly shrank as her expression turned icy. “T-there’s something off with your aura.”

With a casual smile, Zhao Shanling said, “Don’t worry. It hasn’t been long since I returned to the Void World and refined Devil Qi into my body. Apparently, this human body of mine isn’t strong enough to bear the awakening of my devil soul.”

Other than spiritual power, Zhao Shanling clearly had devil power running inside of him as well.

Confused, Dong Li asked, “Your devil soul?”

However, immediately afterwards, her expression flickered with astonishment, and she cried out, “You... You’re a Devil?!”

“I was.” Zhao Shanling admitted frankly. “But I have a stronger sense of belonging with my identity as a human now.”

Dong Li came to a shocking realization. “Y-you’re Grand Monarch Lurking Devil! This is unbelievable! According to Ji Cang, Grand Monarch Lurking Devil is one of the top ten grand monarchs in the Void World, and he’s an even greater threat to humanity than Grand Monarch Heaven Devil.”

“I guess you can say that I was a threat to humanity, but I am no more, not after my death,” Zhao Shanling said, looking calm and composed. “Relax, girl. I’m still me. I’m still Zhao Shanling. The Grand Monarch Lurking Devil that plagued the Mortal World died long ago. Even though I was him in my previous life, I am Zhao Shanling in this life.”

A skeptical expression filled Dong Li’s face.

Yin Xingtian and all of the other human experts stared at Zhao Shanling vigilantly, as if he were a formidable foe.

Even though this Zhao Shanling in front of them was only at the early God domain, he gave them a feeling of an unfathomable dark pit, that they didn’t know what was hiding in it.

Also, as opposed to before, when he had always been cold and distant, he had a warm, faint smile on his face now, as if he had become a different person.

“I’m here to tell you how to enter the Dark Abyss,” he said. “Yin Xingtian, even though you were the mighty Azure Heaven Divine Emperor in your previous life, you don’t qualify to enter the Dark Abyss.”

With these words, he pointed at the Ripper Behemoth, which had been flitting about, but couldn’t find its way into the Dark Abyss, and said, “Neither do you.

“It’s a shame that you were born in the wrong era. The three worlds have only a limited number of fortunes. The Void World has already produced three paragons in succession. That giant one and the Tree of Life hogged the fortunes of the Spirit World.

“You spent a long time drifting around on the floating continent before you finally arrived in the Mortal World, thinking that you could transcend your limits with the fortunes of the Mortal World.

“However...” he shook his head with a pitiful look on his face. “Someone else has long since set their mind on this newest fertile land. So even if you find the gate to the Dark Abyss, you won’t be able to enter it. You might as well leave now.”

This came as a great surprise to everyone. He was actually advising the Ripper Behemoth to leave right away.

However, the Ripper Behemoth didn’t show even the slightest intention to leave. Instead, it continued to fly around, looking for a way to enter the Dark Abyss.

All of a sudden, the Rampage Behemoth that Nie Tian had reanimated swooped down from the heavens with a terrifying momentum, and swallowed the Ripper Behemoth in a swift motion.