Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1738: Killing The Hope

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This was a backlash from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual will!

This was his attempt to come back to life, just like the time when he had attempted to wipe out Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s awareness and possess his body permanently in the Spirit World.

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who was now known as Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, was aware of what was happening as soon as he saw the cyan gem on the Spirit Scepter bursting forth with dazzling light and heard the soul echo ‘Soul Disturbance.’

An old trick was being played!

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit shook his head and muttered, “Nie Tian, Nie Tian...”

Then, he suddenly split into numerous soul shadows that floated ethereally in Dong Li and Pei Qiqi’s surroundings.

Each and every one of them kept a close watch on Nie Tian and the Spirit Scepter and waited eagerly for the result of their confrontation.

Meanwhile, the five evil gods floated motionlessly in the air, as if they were completely fettered by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s power.

Even though they would probably acknowledge him as their former master, Nie Tian was their master, who had given them brand new fleshly bodies.

To eliminate the possibility of mishaps, he had confined them with his power.

As the sharp end of the Spirit Scepter was about to pierce into the spot between Nie Tian’s eyebrows, a downscaled Nether River that was even tinier than a hair flew out of the tip of the scepter.

Surprisingly, even though this Nether River was so tiny that it was hard to see, it wasn’t illusory like all the others!

Instead, it was the crystallization of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s last remaining soul awareness and soul power!

It could even be said that this tiny, sparkling Nether River was what was left of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit!

At this point, a deep sigh echoed out directly from Nie Tian’s chest, from his heart.

The sigh was filled with disappointment.

In the next moment, the Spirit Scepter started shaking violently. An extremely light shade of blood-red spread quietly from the heart of that cyan gem, and devoured the cyan in the gem at an alarming rate!

The tiny, sparkling Nether River immediately started fleeing, as if it had its own awareness.

It appeared to be eager to escape from Nie Tian, the Spirit Scepter, and this dark land!

The glazed look in Nie Tian’s eyes was suddenly replaced by an icy, ruthless look. “Why do you have to do this?”

Then, in a split second, his Life-origin Form, which was more than ten thousands meters tall, shrank to the size of a thumb.

In a swift motion, he caught the tiny, sparkling Nether River with two fingers. “I thought you could be refined into a loyal soul for the Spirit Scepter. But apparently, your residual will doesn’t allow you to be someone else’s tool.

“You finally gave in to the temptation, thinking that you could possess me while my soul was away in the endless blood sea.

“Too bad you failed.”

Nie Tian shook his head slightly, and incomparably dazzling light burst forth from between his fingers.

Flesh aura essence, fiery light, sparks of star power, and soul storms seemed to pour madly into the tiny, sparkling Nether River through his fingers.

If this Nether River, which carried Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s residual awareness, was put under a microscope, one would be able to see numerous soul symbols exploding within it like countless realms in a vast starry river.

A large number of soul strings that were used to script profound soul spells and record truths of soul power were burned to ashes like gigantic dragons, along with Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s memories that they contained.

Countless cyan sparks at the bottom of the Nether River were wrapped around by cyan flesh auras and melted away.

This tiny bit of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s last remaining soul essence had hidden itself all this time in the Nether Rivers in the three worlds and the Spirit Scepter, and had almost never exposed itself.

Even Nie Tian only knew that it hadn’t perished after his physical demise.

However, all of his efforts to dig it out had failed.

All he had been able to do was wait for it to lose its patience and come out by itself.

Now, the time had finally come for him to snuff out this wisp of Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s soul essence and rid this starry river of his influence.

As soon as the tiny Nether River vanished, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s awareness perished.

With the cyan gem on its pommel turning blood-red, this mighty soul tool that had inspired fear in powerful experts from across the three words temporarily lost its radiance.

However, Nie Tian knew that it would have its wonders back after it was vested with a new soul, and that soul mastered the soul spells Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had left in that cyan gem.


The Nether River in the Realm of Dark Souls in the Void World, which had been polluted by Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, suddenly faded, and vanished within moments.

All the Netherspirits in the Realm of Dark Souls looked up and witnessed the dissipation of the Nether River. A terrifying sense of the end coming took them over.

Many old Netherspirits even wailed that the future of their race was lost.

After the Bonedrudes’ Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, this Nether River, which had protected the Netherspirits for countless years, was gone for good as well.



Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s numerous soul shadows suddenly scattered and flew away.

Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and a few other Netherspirit grand monarchs, who were being attacked by the Void Spirits’ projections in another location, saw the soul shadows flying towards them.

“Soul Capturer!” Just as they exclaimed, the soul shadows of Grand Monarch Nether Spirit pierced into their seas of awareness.

In the next moment, they let out long, bloodcurdling cries as cyan blood flowed from the corners of their eyes, giving them horrifying looks.


Nie Tian squinted, and saw that all those Netherspirit grand monarchs, including Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits and Grand Monarch Soul Slayer, had their bodies crushed by the Void Spirits’ projections.

At the same time, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit’s soul shadows could be seen in the depths of their eyes.

Apparently, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit was strengthening himself with the souls of his own kind again.

However, he didn’t care anymore.

“It’s your turn now, Jiang Yuanchi.”

Driven by Pei Qiqi’s Space Boundaries Crystal, numerous interweaving spatial blades flew into Jiang Yuanchi’s badly-torn light domain.

The Rampage Behemoth stepped down.

Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain exploded under the violent attack of the brilliant spatial blades.

The Void Spirit of Light flew out and vanished in the blink of an eye, as if it had returned to the Dark Abyss as well.

Up in the sky, Saint and God domain human experts were still fighting outsider grand patriarchs and grand monarchs. Fresh lives were lost from time to time.

This war that was happening around the confrontation between the giant human and the Tree of Life had come to its fiercest point.

The battle between Ji Cang and Qin Yao had filled the sky with billions of fragmentary stars and streaks of starlight, turning the heavens in the dark land into a mysterious, gorgeous, vast painting of stars.

As Nie Tian looked up and around, his eyes seemed to ignore the space between them and see the fierce fights that were taking place in the heavens and in every corner of the dark land.

Then, he turned to look at Dong Li, Pei Qiqi, and Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who was building up his soul power by sacrificing other Netherspirit grand monarchs.

“Nie Tian!” Yin Xingtian, Dong Li, and Pei Qiqi cried out in astonishment once again.

“Young master!” Feng Beiluo and the Thunder Devil also called out, looking shocked.

Like the Divine Flame and Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Nie Tian was growing illusory and blurry, as if he was slowly squeezing into another dimension.