Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1737: You Finally Got What You Deserve!

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Soon, all of the Lightspirit elders were pierced through and killed by the branches of the Heavenly Stars Flower.

In the midst of crackling sounds, Gupi was also slowly being burned to ashes by the raging flames.

For peculiar, powerful creatures like Gupi, they might not be truly dead even if they were cut to many pieces.

Outsider grand monarchs could be revived from nothing but a single drop of their Blood Essence. Creatures like Gupi had the same ability.

Therefore, refining them would be the most effective way to wipe them out.

Watching Gupi’s toxic liquid vaporizing and its deadly miasma dissipating in the raging flames, Nie Tian put his heart at ease, and said, “Jiang Yuanchi, Lightspirits, and Gupi, you’re nothing but a joke in my eyes.”

With a derisive laugh, he laid his eyes on the Rampage Behemoth, which was expanding unceasingly in Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain. “The fact that you chose to join hands with the Devils and Netherspirits in the Void World suggests that you have a small ambition.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Yuanchi’s icy voice echoed out from within the dazzling divine light that had enveloped a vast area.

A blindingly bright shape could be seen at the core of the large amount of dazzling light.

It was probably the soul of the Void Spirit of Light.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian said with a taunting tone, “If you had chosen to side with me, as the new high chieftain of the Lightspirits, you might have had a chance at overtaking the Devils and the Netherspirits, and making the Lightspirits the number one race in the Void World, which is a height the Lightspirits have never reached before. But instead, you’d settle for ruling the Void World together with them.”

“You...” Jiang Yuanchi said through gritted teeth from within his brilliant light domain, but was then at a loss for words.

“It’s too bad that you can’t go back in time to change your decision.” After saying these words, Nie Tian didn’t spare Jiang Yuanchi another glance. With a loud whoosh, he charged into the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth, and shouted, “Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!”

The Devil high chieftain’s terrifying figure loomed in the depths of a sea of rolling Devil Qi, while a wondrous scene could be seen in the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth that had been created by the joint efforts of the Spirit Scepter, the five evil gods, and their signature tools.

A total of seven illusory Nether Rivers crisscrossed high in the heavens in the misty, cyan realm.

They seemed to have woven into a gorgeous, wondrous talisman that contained the ultimate secret of souls, which was putting great pressure on Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s soul.

Even the eyes of the Devil high chieftain, the number one expert in the Void World, looked dull under the effect of the mighty soul talisman.

Nie Tian sensed a boundless will of destruction from Grand Monarch Heaven Devil as soon as he charged into the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth.

“Your aura!” he cried out in astonishment. “That... that’s the aura of the Doom Spirit!”

At that moment, clusters of dark purple devil flames appeared in the depths of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s eyes.


For some reason, the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth created by the Spirit Scepter and the five evil gods started burning as well.

Surrounded by rolling Devil Qi, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil looked like a magnificent devil god, which was a combination of power, fierceness, wisdom, and immortality.

A mysterious shade of pure darkness seemed to be hiding behind the dark purple devil flames that were burning in his eyes.

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil shook his head and laughed. “Nie Tian, Nie Tian, Nie Tian...”

His laughter soon grew ethereal and remote, as if it were coming from another dimension.

Then, like the Divine Flame, his figure quickly grew illusory and blurry before eventually vanishing from this dark land.

While the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth was still burning fiercely, he was gone. Not a single wisp of his flesh aura or soul awareness was left.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted, overwhelmed by his new discovery. “I can’t believe he obtained Ophelia’s Doom Spirit and has been hiding it in the depths of his eyes! And like the Divine Flame and the Void Spirit of Light, the Doom Spirit is a Void Spirit too! One that’s infused with a terrifying will of destruction!

“Also, there seems to be something else in the depths of his eyes other than it.

“And now, he vanished as the Divine Flame did...”

As his train of thought came to this point, his expression suddenly flickered drastically, and he almost cried out, “Don’t tell me that he entered the Dark Abyss as the Divine Flame did!”

He looked around, straining his sight, soul perception, and flesh aura perception.

However, all he could sense was the endless blood sea that had a profound connection to his life bloodline, nothing more.

At that moment, a wisp of the Divine Flame’s soul awareness came through to him, although it was unknown whether it had been left here or conveyed through a secret magic. “You… have actually entered the Dark Abyss. You did the moment that special connection formed between your bloodline and the endless blood sea. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to draw inexhaustible life power from the endless blood sea.”

“What?!” Nie Tian exclaimed inwardly, as if a bolt of lightning flashed across his dark, muddled mind. “I’ve entered the Dark Abyss through my bloodline already?!”

In the next moment, a wisp of his soul awareness flew into his heart.

As soon as it did, another Nie Tian seemed to enter the endless blood sea.

Numerous beams of crimson light rose from the depths of the sea to shoot by or through that Nie Tian.

Each and every beam of it recorded a profound truth of life, a secret life magic, or a trick to using his life bloodline.

In his senses, the vibrating magnetic field of life in the depths of the blood sea seemed to be well within his reach, and it seemed to be calling him, urging him to come to it.

He also had a peculiar, warm feeling that he was home.

This was something he had never felt before by entering and roaming the endless blood sea with a wisp of his soul awareness to derive new bloodline magics after his every bloodline upgrade.

At this moment, he felt as if his soul had been separated from his body.

While his soul roamed the endless blood sea in search of the profound truths of life and approached the origin of all lives, his body was in a daze in the dark land in his Life-origin Form.

“Nie Tian!”

“Young Lord!”

Dong Li, Pei Qiqi, Feng Beiluo, and Yuan Jiuchuan’s cries suddenly echoed from afar.

They saw the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth that Nie Tian was in be ripped to shreds like a cyan piece of cloth, and the Spirit Scepter float weightlessly towards him.

Like an eye, the cyan gem on the top of the scepter seemed to be fixing him with a dark, gruesome stare.

All of a sudden, the scepter pierced towards the spot between his eyebrows with its pointy end like a spear.

By the time Dong Li and the others noticed this, it was already very close to Nie Tian, and there was no time for them to stop it themselves anymore.

They could only hope that their loud cries would wake Nie Tian from his daze.

None of them knew why Grand Monarch Heaven Devil had vanished, or that Nie Tian was in a daze because his soul had left his body for another space.

“Soul Disturbance, Soul Disturbance...”

A soul voice that only Nie Tian and Grand Monarch Nether Spirit could hear kept coming from the cyan gem at the top of the Spirit Scepter.

As that happened, the Heavenly Spirit Seals between the five evil gods’ eyebrows suddenly burst forth with suffocating cyan light, causing a violent disturbance to the souls and hearts of the evil gods.

“You finally got what you deserve,” Grand Monarch Nether Spirit said with a cold laugh.