Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1736: Head Explodes!

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Gupi’s birth remained a mystery. However, it appeared to be the origin of all that was toxic in this starry river.

Now, thanks to the help of Jiang Yuanchi and the Lightspirits, it seemed to have become stronger than ever before, even though it had died once.

Multicolored light surrounded it like rainbows.

Drops of multicolored liquid rained from its body and the toxic miasma it had released as it slithered swiftly through the void, looking even more winding and sturdier than a tenth grade dragon.

All of a sudden, it spewed out a mouthful of a foul-smelling mist.

As a condensation of its flesh aura essence, it contained billions of drops of multicolored liquid, each of which contained fatal toxins.

The mouthful of mist sprayed directly towards Nie Tian like a gorgeous stream.

At this moment, Nie Tian let out a loud harrumph, and swung his fist towards Gupi.

Energy that was mighty enough to break time and pierce through heaven and earth blasted out with an unstoppable momentum.

It was as if all the gods in this starry river let out a furious roar at this moment, vesting the blast of energy with the unbending will of the mightiest grand monarch of the titan race to fight against the heavens!


The flesh aura essence Gupi had spewed out of its mouth was instantly scattered, and the overwhelming blast of energy hit its fat, gooey head.


Like a huge bag of water, its head suddenly exploded, sending multicolored liquid flying in every direction.

Within seconds, a foul smell pervaded a vast area around it, making all the experts that were fighting in that area of heaven and earth want to vomit.

Even Grand Monarch Nether Spirit was forced to hold his attacks against Nie Tian and escape from the spray of toxic liquid.

As soon as the liquid, which appeared to be Gupi’s brains, made contact with the invisible soul shadows he had released into his surroundings, they suffered from fizzing corrosion and started to lose soul power.

This accident caused his perfect opportunity to join hands with Jiang Yuanchi to go down the drain.

“Jiang Yuanchi, control that abomination you awakened!” Grand Monarch Nether Spirit said with his face filled with disgust, before flying off to Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. His eyes lit up as he saw the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth that had been built by the joint efforts of the Spirit Scepter and the five evil gods. “Let me help you, Heaven Devil.”

Surrounded by rolling Devil Qi, Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said with an expressionless face, “Whatever.”

Even though the Devil high chieftain was stranded by this preeminent soul formation of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, he didn’t seem worried at all, as if he hadn’t brought out his trump card yet.

“Burn!” As soon as Nie Tian exclaimed softly, drops of his Blood Essence were ignited and amplified the orange-red flames that poured out of his flame domain to engulf Gupi.

Gupi instantly caught fire. In fierce crackling sounds, its toxic liquid was rapidly reduced to toxic gas that dissipated in the air.

This was inflicting even greater damage on it than the time when it had been cut to pieces.

This time, Nie Tian was trying to make use of the Divine Flame’s incinerating aura to burn it to ashes, and finally put an end to its existence.

“Jiang Yuanchi!” Nie Tian laughed wildly as his Life-origin Form, which was exposed in the mighty divine light, was suddenly enveloped in a crimson bloody mist.

The cuts and burns on his skin instantly healed, as if they had never existed.

Being able to draw an endless stream of flesh aura from the Sea of Life, this Life-origin Form of his was almost in an eternally indestructible and immortal state.

As long as he wasn’t vaporized by a single strike, and as long as he still had a piece of flesh left, he would be able to recover within a short time.

“Rampage Behemoth, storm away!”

Millions of crimson rays of bloodline power instantly pierced into the crimson bone.

The bone rapidly multiplied and even developed meridians, veins, internal organs, a skull, limbs...


The Rampage Behemoth, which had dominated the three worlds countless millennia ago, shockingly reappeared in this dark land!

Not just that, but it charged into Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain before even assuming its complete form, while its body was still rapidly expanding.

“The Rampage Behemoth!”

“The Rampage Behemoth that died in a mutually destructive battle with the Bone Emperor has come back to life!”

“That’s a Star Behemoth, for heaven’s sake!”

Disbelief filled the faces of Master Blood Spirit, Feng Beiluo, and the Thunder Devil, since they had never expected Nie Tian to reanimate this behemoth, which had inspired fear and despised all lives throughout the three worlds, in such a manner at this time.

What they didn’t know was how much Blood Essence Nie Tian had fused into that bone over the years to make this happen.

The Rampage Behemoth’s Bloodline Crystal Chains had long since been regenerated in the bone, so its awareness had been awakened.

All it had lacked to be reanimated was flesh power, flesh power so immense that even Nie Tian hadn’t been able to give it as a tenth grade grand monarch.

This was why the Rampage Behemoth’s chance at coming back to walk this starry river had been slim to none.

Now, however, after Nie Tian had arrived here and gained the ability to draw power from the endless blood sea, this so-called impossible task had become possible.

The Rampage Behemoth had actually come back to life!

It, which had gone to mutual destruction with the Bone Emperor, rammed about in Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain like a frenzied beast that had just broken free from its prison. Beams of blood-colored light kept shooting out of its humongous form.

Vested with the most violent and refined flesh power, they easily pierced through and shattered the numerous prisms in Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain.

The divine light it had amplified and focused on Nie Tian through them was instantly weakened.

Nie Tian lifted his hand to point at the black tortoise, which was covered in burns and cuts. “And you. You were born because of me. The blood running through your veins carries the wonders of life I gave you. As long as I’m here, you won’t die!”


Streaks of crimson flesh auras spiraled into the black tortoise’s vast shell, allowing this spirit tortoise, which carried the Dark Behemoth’s bloodline, to recover at a visible speed. Moments later, no serious wounds could be seen on it anymore.

“The Lightspirit elders...”

As soon as Nie Tian let out a derisive laugh, sparkling and crystal-clear branches of the Heavenly Stars Flower shot out of his star domain.

The Lightspirit elders, who had snow-white feathered wings growing out of their backs, were pierced through by the branches before they could even react.


Their bodies exploded, their golden blood and bones flying everywhere.

Taken aback, Nie Tian thought to himself, “Golden blood and bones… The Void Spirit of Light created the Lightspirits? But how did it manage that? Was that as difficult as the creation of the Ifrits?”

The first Ifrit, Nie Yan, had been born because Nie Yan had given him a body he had built with his Blood Essence, and the Divine Flame had vested him with Bloodline Crystal Chains and a soul.

The Lightspirits had probably been created by the Void Spirit of Light and another powerful creature as well.

“Jiang Yuanchi has fused with the Void Spirit of Light. A Void Spirit that carries the wonders of stars has devoured Ji Cang’s soul and refined his memories...” he muttered inwardly. “And the Dark Abyss is the place that spawned the Void Spirits. Ji Cang, Jiang Yuanchi, and the Divine Flame are all eager to enter the Dark Abyss. Why do I find their behavior similar to that of the Heavenly Demonsbanes, the coexisting flowers, and the other devilish plants doing everything they could to come to this dark land to fuse into their main body?”

He suddenly had a bold guess.

“Could there be something else in that wondrous dimension other than the Sea of Life, the Mountain of Death, the River of Souls, and the Origin of Darkness? Could the Void Spirits of different attributes be from places that are similar to the Sea of Life and the Mountain of Death? Is it possible that after being created in those places, they were sent out to the three worlds on some sort of mission?”