Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1735: God of Light

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Master Blood Spirit exuded strong killing intent.

He glared at Yin Xingtian, Feng Beiluo, and the Thunder Devil in a way that seemed to say that he would kill them without hesitation if they said the wrong thing.

Yuan Jiuchuan grinned and said, “Relax. We’re not stupid. We just saw the young master kill the Bonedrude high chieftain. How could we have the audacity to attack him?”

Feng Beiluo nodded slightly and chimed in, “We’re not like those from the four great sects, who will look at the bigger picture. We don’t care about the future of humanity. Selfish ones like us only know our own interests. We won’t burden ourselves with others’.”

He paused and took a sideways glance at Yin Xingtian. “Even if you want to watch out for attackers, it shouldn’t be us.”

Master Blood Spirit went blank for a brief moment before quickly turning towards Yin Xingtian with a grim look on his face.

After his recent awakening, Yin Xingtian had become shockingly strong. The Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, his previous life self, had been a brilliant patriarch of the Heaven Span Pavilion.

Therefore, in a sense, he could be viewed as a member of the Heaven Span Pavilion.

Fan Tianze from the Heaven Span Pavilion had been affected by Ji Cang’s words, and was already attacking the Tree of Life for the fortune of humanity. This meant he had already chosen to fight alongside Ji Cang and join the opposite side of them.

How would Yin Xingtian choose?

“I’m no match for him,” Yin Xingtian said casually, and then went back to observing Nie Tian smashing at Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s body and the scattered bones from the bone throne with the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, and sensing torrents of life power pouring into the Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones with narrowed eyes.

It suddenly struck him that the Bonedrudes might decline rapidly as a race after this battle.

Nie Tian took a deep breath. His Life-origin Form, which was already more than ten thousand meters tall, was still expanding its limits.

“Now, Grand Monarch Nether Spirit.”

He took a step forward and charged into the area enveloped in utter darkness.

Dong Li and the black tortoise’s dark power and dark aura had pervaded the entire area.

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit, who had composed the Book of Spirits and defeated Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s ploy by faking his death and leaving the Spirit World, let out a cold harrumph in the darkness. “Nie Tian, the fact that you could defeat Grand Monarch Bone Piercer doesn’t prove how strong you really are. You won because your bloodline origin has suppressed the Bonedrudes’ bloodline origin since the Bone Emperor’s demise.

“Life and death stand on opposite sides. The fight between you, the Tree of Life, and the Bonedrudes and Bonebrutes is, by nature, a struggle between your bloodline origins, which has lasted for eons.

“It’s true that you’ve gained the upper hand, and the Sea of Life has overpowered the Mountain of Death. However, isn’t that because of the countless lives in flesh and blood that we’ve sacrificed for the opening of the Dark Abyss?

“Bone Piercer shouldn’t have lost his patience...”

Grand Monarch Nether Spirit spoke without the slightest fear in the utter darkness, as if he was waiting for something.

On the contrary, Nie Tian was enlightened and deeply shaken by his words.

“A struggle between our bloodline origins, the Sea of Life and the Mountain of Death?” It was also at this moment that he suddenly sensed that the flesh auras in the endless blood sea, which was the bloodline origin he shared with the Tree of Life, had indeed become much denser than before. Then, he thought about the blood sacrifices that had been made...


A cluster of blazing light suddenly descended from high above.

Bright like a sun, it fell into the area of utter darkness created by Dong Li and the black tortoise, and started expelling the darkness without being challenged.

It was Jiang Yuanchi!

In fact, the light was coming from a cluster of blinding light in his god domain.

A Void Spirit!

The Void Spirit that had existed in the Void World for countless millennia and created the Lightspirits! A Void Spirit like the Divine Flame!

This Void Spirit, which carried the profound truths of light, was the great fortune Jiang Yuanchi had found in the Void World!

It was also the reason why all the Lightspirits were willing to make him their new high chieftain and be loyal to him.

Since even their creator had decided to fuse with him and help him become a paragon, how would they dare to oppose him?

If Jiang Yuanchi could actually join the ranks of paragons with the help of the Void Spirit of Light, then they would instantly rise to prominence and become a race that was as strong as the three major races in the Void World.

“Nether Spirit. Heaven Devil.” Jiang Yuanchi’s soft voice echoed from within the realm of light he had created around himself. “Now that the Bonedrudes have declined, do you have a problem with us Lightspirits rising to take their place as one of the three strongest races in the Void World?”

Both Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Grand Monarch Nether River said, “No, we don’t.”

A mutual understanding was reached instantly.

Jiang Yuanchi grinned, as if the Void Spirit in his god domain, which could light up even the darkest night, were doing the same. “Good. I’ll expel the darkness released by Grand Monarch Utter Darkness’s relics.”

With these words, he turned to lay his gaze on Dong Li and the black tortoise, who were exposed as the darkness faded. His grin grew even wider.

Smoke started rising from both Dong Li and the black tortoise’s bodies in the divine light emanated by Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain.

Having entered the late God domain and merged with the Void Spirit of Light, Jiang Yuanchi had already become one of the mightiest experts in the three worlds. Even Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Grand Monarch Nether Spirit didn’t dare to underestimate him.

With a derisive laugh, Nie Tian said, “Jiang Yuanchi? What a meddler! Do you really think that you can do whatever you want now that you’re the Lightspirits’ high chieftain?”

“I also have them,” Jiang Yuanchi said, smiling.

As he said these words, the giant Gupi flew out from behind him. Standing on it were Lightspirit elders with snow-white feathered wings that were emanating brilliant light.

All of their wings faced Nie Tian like mirrors under a blazing sun.

They seemed to be collecting light from the sun-like Void Spirit in Jiang Yuanchi’s light domain, amplifying it, and then shining it towards Nie Tian.

Numerous beams of blazing light instantly focused on Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form.

The light was as sharp as blades!


Metallic clanking sounds echoed out as sparks sputtered off his skin, which was as hard as iron.


Gupi spewed a vast cloud of multicolored deadly miasma out of its mouth.

Drops of acidic, toxic liquid fell from the miasma like rain.

After falling on Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form, they corroded even this toughest body among the countless species throughout the three words.

Bloody smoke started rising from his skin as the Lifeblood Shield protecting it was melted away by the acidic, toxic liquid. Losing his natural flesh aura protection, he finally felt pain from the divine light that was focused on him.

Wounds started to appear on his skin.

However, not a single drop of blood flowed from them.

“Someone favored by the Blood Realm of Life, impressive indeed,” Jiang Yuanchi said, not looking surprised. As soon as he stomped his foot, thousands of prisms manifested out of nothing in his light domain like heavenly gates facing the black tortoise.

The divine light from the Void Spirit of Light was amplified once again.

Being shone upon by countless beams of light from the prisms, the black tortoise let out agonized shrieks, as if it were being punished by a god of light.

Dong Li’s dark domain, which she had formed with the Dark Aureole, was also pierced through by numerous beams of divine light like celestial swords.

“Jiang Yuanchi! You’re courting death!” With a grim expression, Nie Tian instantly rose up and flew over to block the light for Dong Li and the black tortoise.

Countless beams of piercing light shot into the front of his body.

Despite that, he clenched his fist and threw a punch towards Gupi, which was charging ferociously towards him with bared fangs.