Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1733: A Misty Cyan Heaven And Heaven

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Numerous Ghostly Corpse Snakes were blasted into ashes by the Titan’s Wrath cast by Nie Tian.

The bleak, white light in Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s eyes suddenly darkened to a large extent.

These Ghostly Corpse Snakes were vested with the profound truths of his death bloodline.

In fact, he had created each and every one of them by vesting a drop of his death power-infused Blood Essence with a wisp of his soul will.

Their perishing dealt a heavy blow to Grand Monarch Bone Piercer.

After all, for outsider grand monarchs, their core strength lay with their Blood Essence and soul will.

“Bone Piercer!”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil of the Devils gasped with astonishment, as if he hadn’t expected this Titan’s Wrath of Nie Tian’s to be able to blast through the bone shields transformed from Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s bone throne, and obliterate so many of his Ghostly Corpse Snakes.

Nie Tian let out a derisive snort. “People call this Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes the God of Death?” In the next moment, his rapidly-expanding Life-origin Form, which had transcended the limits of ten thousand meters, blurred into action, and suddenly arrived in the air above the Bonedrude high chieftain.

He pressed his enormous hand down towards him.

Countless sparks of starlight quickly condensed in his palm like dazzling stars.

A wondrous star formation formed in an instant, and then started falling towards Grand Monarch Bone Piercer like a boundless, mysterious sea of stars.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer gasped with astonishment.


The dry, pale-gray bones from the shattered bone throne were channeled by his bloodline power, and spread like a peacock tail above his head.

It looked very much like Yin Xingtian’s Godspan Sword Formation!

As soon as the fan-shaped bone formation took form, sparkling white currents of death power slithered through and bonded with the bones. Immediately afterwards, a profound connection seemed to be established between them and the Bonedrudes’ Forbidden Land of Myriad Bones, allowing a copious amount of death power to pour into the bones.

A brand new unusual defensive ward of death power instantly came to form.

However, it was meaningless.


The dazzling sea of stars falling from Nie Tian’s palm was vested with the mysterious power of the highest heavens and the vast starry river. His immense flesh aura also multiplied its might.

“Damn it!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil cried out.


The death power ward cracked and shattered violently.

Countless dry bones were reduced to clouds of bone ashes and bone shards. The bits of refined life power in the starlight crushed and dissolved the death power in them like fatal particles.


The Bonedrude high chieftain couldn’t help but let out a pained cry.

Sparks of starlight that were branded with the essence of life cascaded on his giant bone body, which was almost ten thousand meters tall, and burned his skull like a strong acid.

It pained him to the point where he wanted to die.

“Heaven Devil! Nether Spirit!”

He floated away to put as much space between him and Nie Tian as possible. As he did, his gigantic, glittering, jade-like bone form seemed to morph into a magnificent mountain of bone where the ultimate secrets of deaths lay.

Nie Tian’s pupils shrank, and he said, “I can’t believe you’ve touched the core of the Dao of death. With one more step, you’ll be able to reach the Bone Emperor’s height and become a paragon!”

With the help of the Tree of Life, he had had the privilege to rise out of the endless blood sea that was the Blood Realm of Life for a brief moment.

In that chaotic, mystical dimension, he had seen a giant mountain made of nothing but white bones.

Just like that endless blood sea was the origin of all life power, that bone mountain was the origin of all death power!


As the five evil gods spun their weapons, which had been sealed away for millions of years, they burst forth with terrifying cyan light that created a misty, cyan realm where Grand Monarch Heaven Devil was.

It was called the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth.

The Spirit Scepter, which had returned to Nie Tian, was its core.

Even Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s soul was stranded by this unearthly grand soul formation created by the joint efforts of the five evil gods and their signature tools.

The five evil gods’ power surged with every passing second.

As Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s right-hand men, they seemed to have reached a perfect cooperative state with the Spirit Scepter to bring the deceased Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s lost Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth soul formation to this world.

“Nether Spirit!” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil cried out, his enormous devil form wreathed in magenta Devil Qi.

Every time he attempted to break out of the Cyan Nether Heaven and Earth, he felt that his soul was going to be stripped from his body.

Once his soul was separated from his body, he wouldn’t be able to cast many of his profound bloodline magics, which would cause his battle prowess to drop significantly.

“Nether Spirit!”

In another location, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer was also crying for help.

It was hard to believe that the top three grand monarchs of the three major races of the Void World were being suppressed by Nie Tian at this moment.

This was utterly unbelievable!

The five evil gods, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, the black tortoise, the Flame Dragon Armor, Pei Qiqi, and Nie Tian himself...

All those who had been given his Blood Essence were growing stronger at an alarming rate.

Even though the others couldn’t make sense of their soaring strength and battle prowess, Nie Tian knew this was happening for a reason.

When the Divine Flame had grown blurry and disappeared, and the Void Spirits had appeared in the form of projections to observe what had been happening here, a profound connection had been established between his life bloodline and its origin, that endless blood sea.

It was a connection that he could tell actually existed, unlike when he made a breakthrough in his bloodline, and a wisp of his soul awareness would leave to roam his blood realm.

The endless blood sea was made of innumerable drops of life power-infused Blood Essence that were as gorgeous as crimson diamonds.

He felt as if a bridge had been built to link his heart and that endless blood sea.

Now, he could draw inexhaustible life power from it!

Furthermore, this was life power he could use directly. No purging or conversion was needed.

It was as if he were floating right in the middle of that blood sea, which allowed him to draw as much life power as he desired and fight till the end of time, when all the domains in this starry river perished.

This feeling of growing stronger in an incredible manner and possessing endless power made him think that even these top three grand monarchs of the Void World before him might not be unbeatable.

“Flame!” As soon as he exclaimed softly, the spell formation in his flame domain that connected to the Flame Land started operating, giving rise to loud rumbles.

Flames that were multiplied by his intense life power and carried the Divine Flame’s unique aura poured out of the ‘eye’ of the spell formation to engulf and burn Grand Monarch Bone Piercer.

The Bonedrude high chieftain’s cries grew more and more desperate.

This mighty grand monarch of the Void World who had inspired fear across the starry river for many millennia seemed so powerless at this moment.

Life and death were on eternally opposite sides. The thriving of one would diminish the other in a swift and violent manner.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer finally felt despair facing this Nie Tian, who could somehow channel inexhaustible life power directly from the endless blood sea.