Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1732: All Beings Are Burning Coals

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That cluster of Divine Flame suddenly became illusory, as if it were about to disappear, like the Void Spirits that had suddenly vanished before.

Dong Li and Pei Qiqi didn’t notice the Divine Flame’s oddity, but Nie Tian could see it clearly.

Ignoring Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, and Grand Monarch Nether Spirit who were nearby, he stared at the Divine Flame and asked loudly, “What’s wrong?”

The Divine Flame’s soul awareness was breaking up. “I-I’m going back to where I was born.”

“There’re many projections of Void Spirits!” Pei Qiqi shouted as many shadows appeared in the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal in her hands. They were the Void Spirits that had vanished before.

The true forms of the many Void Spirits were nowhere to be seen. Only wisps of shadow were projected.

Only the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal could shine on these wisps of shadow, which couldn’t be seen with the naked eye.

Nie Tian suddenly had a feeling that the Void Spirits’ many projected shadows on the Void Mirror were staring at him in silence with wide eyes...

The awkwardness of being peered at from the dark made him very uncomfortable, as he felt as if something was going to happen...


In the sky, Fan Tianze of the Heaven Span Pavilion suddenly charged into the sky, roaring.

His sword intent pierced through the sky and rose like a glittering reverse waterfall!

A low chant came from the depths of the sword intent, as if the sword spirits had suddenly been vested with life and wisdom.


A green current surged out of the thick roots of the third generation of Tree of Life and shot down.

The green current, which contained endless vitality and the profound truths of wood, intercepted Fan Tianze’s sword intent.

It was clear that the third generation of Tree of Life had found that Fan Tianze was attacking it.

Fan Tianze had made such a decision because of Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s words.

He was determined to defend the colossal being against the third generation Tree of Life.

He feared that the human race would decline and his body would die after the colossal being exploded and died completely.

Following Fan Tianze, the human experts of the four great ancient sects charged into the sky one after another.

Many divine tools, violent balls of lightning, blazing meteors, and cold currents that could freeze the sky flew towards the Tree of Life.

Around the Tree of Life, thousands of energies that had developed from the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth exploded. Numerous Immortal grade divine tools and priceless psychic treasures bit vividly at the Tree of Life like bloodthirsty fish, ferocious dragons, and angry dragons.

The terrifying tides of energies were powerful enough to wipe out many domains in the Mortal World, Spirit World, and Void World!

The shockwaves of the explosions could destroy heaven and earth, cause the void to collapse, and turn the universe upside down.

However, the dark land somehow managed to withstand it, and didn’t collapse.

There were also densely interwoven spatial rifts, like a man-eating fish’s sharp mouth digesting the sputtering energies.

Pei Qiqi was shocked to see the interwoven spatial rifts that suddenly appeared by themselves in the dark land. “They… It’s strange that they’re in accord with the spatial mysteries that I have comprehended in the Void Illusion Mountain Range. They’re different from those of the Void Spirit Society and the Voidspirit bloodline.”

She fixed her eyes on the spatial rifts.

They were very similar to the ones in the Void Illusion Mountain Range, which contained another kind of great Dao and space’s true meaning.

The interwoven spatial rifts eradicated, or swallowed, the terrifying stray lights and unusual powers caused by the fierce fight between the humans and the Tree of Life, the Tree of Life and the colossal being, and Qin Yao and Ji Cang.

After the human experts joined the battle, the Ancientspirits and the Floragrims also flew into the sky one by one.

The outsiders of the Spirit World, who were rich in flesh auras, had also been affected by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil’s words, believing that the birth of their descendants and the continuance of their races were linked to the Tree of Life.

They would never allow it to be destroyed by the human race or crushed by the colossal being.

Thus, a new, bloodier, and fiercer war began.

The pure humans, outsiders, and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea also joined the war, quarreling as they did.

Mo Heng, the grand elder, stood in a dark corner of the dark land, looking sad.

He held Qin Yao in high esteem. It was thanks to him that he was who he was today.

However, he was a pure human too.

He could shrewdly sense that the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in his body was flowing towards the ancient being.

He only cultivated the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, and so lost more spiritual Qi than anyone else, which was why he had a deeper perception of it. He was sure that the colossal being which was sinking slowly under the attacks of the Tree of Life definitely had something to do with the human race.

He believed most of what Ji Cang had said, even if he wasn’t the real Ji Cang.

Now, a war had broken out. Should he help the humans fight as a pure human, or repay Qin Yao’s kindness by standing with him and Nie Tian?

He was in a dilemma, without any answers in his mind.

After a while, he thought of an answer. “If I can’t choose either side, I might as well go fight the three outsider races of the Void World. The Void World is not related to the Mortal World or Spirit World, so I can fight without any burdens!”


Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer made a move almost as soon as the Divine Flame became illusory and blurred.

Nie Tian, Yin Xingtian, Dong Li, and Pei Qiqi all sensed the horrifying Devil Qi, Nether Qi and death aura rushing towards them like a surging sea.

The auras that the top three outsider grand monarchs of the Void World emitted made them feel great pressure on their chests.


At this very moment, Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form suddenly started expanding!

In the invisible place where the Divine Flame was, a boundless sea of the most refined and purest flesh power seemed to be erupting violently.

He could only perceive it through his heart and bloodline.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian let out an earth-shaking growl.

As he did, all those who had bloodline relations with him or who had been given his blood essence discovered that their strength and battle prowess were rising at an incredible rate!

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, Grand Monarch Soul Capturer, and Grand Monarch Bone Piercer flew over with a mighty momentum.

“Here it comes.”

“It’s finally happening.”

“Has it begun yet?”

Watching Nie Tian’s Life-origin Form expanding sharply and feeling the incredibly strong and violent power erupting from him, they were both apprehensive and excited.

They seemed to have been waiting for this moment!


Nie Tian threw a casual punch at Grand Monarch Bone Piercer, who he was instinctively disgusted with and was sitting on the bone throne. “Titan’s Wrath!”

It was as if many tenth-grade titans growled in unison as they added their bloodline power and brute power to the punch.

The punch was like an unstoppable torrent, mingled with the powers of star, flame, wood, and soul power, his flesh aura, and the Rampage Behemoth’s aura.

Countless electric currents, gorgeous lights, and crystalline sparks sputtered in the torrent.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer’s eyes widened as he suddenly flew up, crying, “Bone Walls!”

The bone throne underneath him clattered and piled up into colossal white shields and barriers between him and Nie Tian.

The torrent of energies that the Titan’s Wrath had morphed into slammed into them.


The shields and barriers that the bone throne had transformed into were instantly reduced to broken bones, bone shards, and clouds of ash.

Grand Monarch Bone Piercer screamed loudly. The light in his eyes dimmed as thousands of the Ghostly Corpse Snakes surrounding him were killed by the shockwaves.