Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1730: His Mindset Collapses

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Nie Tian was dumbfounded.

He was rather conspicuous in his Life-origin Form, enveloped in a dazzling sea of stars.

He had charged into the sky originally because he had wanted to denounce Ji Cang, hoping that the experts of the four great ancient sects like Mo Heng and Fan Tianze would learn how cruel and ruthless he was and raise their guard against him.

However, he hadn’t expected that the situation would change dramatically after Ji Cang’s impassioned defense and revelation.

He and Qin Yao, who was his father, had become the common enemies and the so-called moles of the human race that were working for the Tree of Life.

What Ji Cang had said made sense.

All the humans were meditating on whether Ji Cang’s words were true.

Nie Tian froze in midair, wanting to refute Ji Cang.

However, he knew nothing of the lost history of the human race.

He couldn’t defend his father and himself.

Even he himself suspected that the third of Tree of Life had made secret efforts to erase the heyday history of the human race!

The lightning bolts wrapping around the colossal being, the armor on his chest, and the frigid gem around his neck were clearly Immortal grade divine tools.

What was flowing in his body was pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth instead of flesh aura.

The colossal being had clearly been under the ground of the Realm of Middle Continent, but the Tree of Life had claimed that it knew nothing about it. Instead, it had constantly urged him to break the seal of that underground space.

As the guardian of the Spirit World, had the Tree of Life truly known nothing about the existence of the colossal being and the birth of the human race?

Was it because of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s arrival that the Tree of Life had failed to eradicate the colossal being? Was it because the first generation of Tree of Life had died with Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit that it had had no power to break into the underground seal that the colossal being had condensed with his last breath?

The births of the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons were related to the first generation of Tree of Life. All of them used flesh auras as the source of their strength.

The births of the Floragrims, Birdmen, Blackscales, and several smaller races of the Spirit World that had disappeared were associated with the second generation of Tree of Life.

The Floragrims could help the titans, Ancientbeasts, and dragons regain their strength as quickly as possible, like they were made to aid those sharp weapons of war.

No matter whether it was the Ancientspirits or the Floragrims, Birdmen, and Blackscales, no one had been able to stop the human race from rising and developing step by step.

In this process, Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit had created the Phantasms in the Spirit World, the Dark King had created the Demons, and the Bone Emperor had created the Bonebrutes, which also seemed to restrict the Tree of Life.

Seeing the human race gradually prospering, the third generation Tree of Life had found another way: unravel the humans from within.

As a result, Nie Tian and the numerous hybrids of the Doomed Star Sea had appeared.

Those from the Doomed Star Sea had been talking about the beginning of a new era of hybrids.

However, the breeding of hybrids might disrupt the normal evolution of the human race and result in fewer and fewer pure humans in the future.

In this way, the colossal being’s strength would be greatly weakened, making the possibility of his resurrection even less likely.

If that was true, then Ji Cang was right to say that Nie Tian was a mole in the human race, that the hybrids were spreading toxins, and that his father was a rebel.


He began to descend from the sky with an unreadable expression as he suddenly felt low-spirited. “Is what Ji Cang said true or false?”

He was dazed.

He had always believed that what he had done was right, that he had been defending the human race against the outsiders of the Spirit World and the three outsider races of the Void World, and that he had righteousness and orthodoxy on his side.

Now, however, Ji Cang suddenly told him and everyone that he and his father Qin Yao were the cause of the human race’s disaster.

Hybrid breeding defied the will of the ancestor of the human race, and was the main reason why their creator hadn’t been revived for so long.

In this way, he became the wrong party instead. What he had done was not only meaningless, but also seemed to have become a joke.

Ji Cang’s words had greatly influenced his mindset.

The collapse of his mindset directly undermined his confidence. Losing his sense of righteousness made him question many things. He wondered if he had been instigated by the Tree of Life to do things for it before.

According to Ji Cang, he and the other hybrids had been created by the third generation Tree of Life’s will and his father’s hand, so it was natural that the Tree of Life and the Floragrims were close to Nie Tian.

In addition, it also explained why he had been able to comprehend the titans’ magics in the magical land, subdue Agaz the flame dragon, and see through the wonders of lives.

“Nie Tian...” Dong Li exclaimed softly, “Are you alright? Ji Cang was just talking nonsense. He also gave a long speech before we exposed him. He also said that he and your father were close friends, and that he helped your father escape to the Doomed Star Sea.

“He’s a liar. Don’t throw yourself into confusion because of what he says!”

Pei Qiqi chimed in, “What Ji Cang said is not necessarily true. The Tree of Life may be able to explain itself and tell us the truth, but it can’t now because it’s caught up in a battle against the colossal being.”

Nie Tian was still very puzzled, and didn’t have any answers in his heart.

Because of Ji Cang’s words, Yin Xingtian, the awakened Azure Heaven Divine Emperor, suddenly fell silent.

Ji Cang’s words influenced all the humans in the dark land.

The God and Saint domain experts of the four great ancient sects like Fan Tianze and Dou Tianchen had originally stood on Nie Tian’s side.

However, now Ji Cang told them that the hybrids like Nie Tian were seeds that the third generation of the Tree of Life had created after the Ancientspirits and Floragrims, and that their purpose was to ruin the normal development and evolution of the human race and make it decline!

Hence, they had to give serious consideration to the matter.

The influence of Ji Cang’s words was especially significant on those from the Doomed Star Sea!

The Doomed Star Sea’s forces, which were made up of hybrids, humans, and outsiders of the Spirit World, were torn apart by Ji Cang’s mere words.

The so-called crooked forces that had been expelled from the Mortal World were, after all, humans.

Now that they learned that Qin Yao, their leader, had actually been instigated by the Tree of Life to create hybrids to endanger the whole human race, ideas naturally arose in their minds.

Ji Cang had come out before them, and before even showing his divine power, his words alone had completely changed the situation in the dark land.

The Ancientspirits of the Spirit World, the humans from the Mortal World, and the hybrids and rebels of various races from the Doomed Star Sea, whose alliance had originally been ironclad, suddenly started to distrust each other.

Some even started to regard each other as enemies.

The consequences and impact were far greater than the deterrence that Ji Cang’s battle prowess could bring.

At this moment, Qin Yao’s calm, rational voice sounded, “You are not even Ji Cang. How dare you even talk nonsense to divide us? Do you think that you’re the real Ji Cang now that you’ve possessed his body, refined his soul, mastered the Fragmentary Star Incantation of our sect, and obtained the Magnetic Star Crystal by chance?”

Qin Yao’s retorts left everyone aghast.

“What? He, he’s not Ji Cang!”

“If he’s not Ji Cang, who is he?”

“The strongest cultivator of our race has been possessed?”

How could the strongest cultivator of the human race possibly be possessed and perfectly occupied by another being’s soul?

Who had such power and means in this starry river?