Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1724: The Paragon Seeds!

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Ji Cang had hidden every single wisp of his power, with only the brilliant Magnetic Star Crystal shown in his abdomen.

All of his soul awareness and star power were temporarily sealed away in the Magnetic Star Crystal. With secret star magics, he shielded it from any sort of perception.


A blackish-violet cloud of Devil Qi suddenly flew over.

At the heart of the cloud was Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, who had shrunken a thousand times. After arriving, his face slowly emerged from the blackish-violet cloud. “What are you still waiting for?”

He was asking Ji Cang!

With a soft laugh, Ji Cang said, “So you’re here. Don’t lose your patience. We’ve waited for so many years. What’s a few more hours?”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil frowned. “All of those Void Spirits are paragon seeds. Are you just going to let Nie Tian catch them all?”

“Paragon seeds?” Ji Cang said, fixing him with a surprised look. “Paragon seeds guarantee nothing. It’s not like you’ll be guaranteed to become a paragon if you obtain a paragon seed. We know very well how many have obtained paragon seeds over millennia. However, how many of them have actually sprouted, upgraded, and transformed those seeds and eventually joined the ranks of paragons?”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil pondered in silence for a few seconds before his furrowed brow relaxed, and he said, “Good point.”

“You have nothing to worry about,” Ji Cang said with composure. “What if Nie Tian obtains those paragon seeds? Obtaining paragon seeds isn’t all to one’s transcendence. We still need him to enter the Dark Abyss. We’ll figure out what to do with him after we enter.”

“You’ve been stressing that he’s the key to the opening of and us entering the Dark Abyss,” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said slowly. “Is it just because of the unique bloodline he carries? Also, did he really get his bloodline from Qin Yao? Qin Yao is from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. He’s clearly a human! Where did he get the Blood Essence that made him?”

Ji Cang spread his hands and said rascally, “I don’t know about that. I’ve only connected the dots and come to the conclusion that he’s the key to the Dark Abyss. If you want to know the answer to that question, you should go ask Qin Yao, not me.”

“Soul Capturer can’t stop Qin Yao,” Grand Monarch Heaven Devil said.

With a casual smile, Ji Cang said, “Of course I know that, but why do we have to stop him? The battle taking place at that other entrance, all that killing, is a mere preparation for the opening of the Dark Abyss. In the long history of this boundless starry river, how many brilliant grand monarchs have lived before us? And how many wonders have they made happen?

“However, how many of them have achieved soul immortality?

“If Qin Yao somehow manages to join their ranks, then it’d be his luck. However, with you and me here, I doubt that he’ll have that kind of luck. Instead, he’ll probably be one of the largest stepping stones we need to pave our way to the Dark Abyss.

“So why don’t we just let him come?”


At that moment, numerous souls scattered in the sky over the dark land as brilliant Fragmentary Stars plummeted through it.

Both Grand Monarch Heaven Devil and Ji Cang looked up, and smiles appeared on their faces.

They hadn’t expected Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Qin Yao to descend at this moment.

Ji Cang took a moment to think before saying to Grand Monarch Heaven Devil, “You may release word of the relationship between Void Spirits and the making of paragons now, and the fact that Nie Tian was here, capturing Void Spirits.

“I suppose anyone will grow feverish after learning that Void Spirits can make paragons, and that many of them are currently whizzing about in this area.”

With an unfathomable look in his eyes, he added, “All lives are greedy by nature. Even you and I can’t resist the temptation of becoming paragons, not to mention them.”

Grand Monarch Heaven Devil nodded. “Okay.”

Many purple lightning wisps that were even finer than hairs scattered and disappeared in different directions.

Soon, not only the members of the three major races of the Void World, but also the humans from the Mortal World, the Ancientspirits, and the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea also learned about the significance of Void Spirits, and the fact that they could help make paragons through various sources.

Even the current location of the Void Spirits was revealed.

Peculiar maps were resolved by souls in different areas, maps that Ji Cang had inscribed of the dark land with Nie Tian and the Void Spirits’ location marked out.

Before long, all that had entered the dark land and survived seethed with excitement.

“Void Spirits, also known as Spirits of Heaven and Earth, are wondrous existences with various attributes that were born even before the three worlds came into existence, when the entire universe was in a chaotic state!”

“The Dark King and the Bone Emperor joined the ranks of paragons after obtaining Void Spirits of dark and death power attributes.”

“Every time the Dark Abyss opens, Void Spirits will slip out to wander in the dark land. Even if we don’t get to enter the Dark Abyss this time, as long as we can capture them and take them back to our lands, where we make them stronger and nurture them into transformation, we’ll be able to come back here with their help and continue to seek our chance at becoming paragons!”

“All of the Void Spirits are in this marked location now!”

“Nie Tian is there, trying to capture them all! He wants to take all of those so-called Spirits of Heaven and Earth with various attributes for himself! If he does, then he’ll have a chance to make more than a dozen paragons!”


Meanwhile, Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, and Dong Li stared at the Void Spirits, their eyes glittering. “Void Spirits!”

The way they looked at these Void Spirits before them had changed since they had learned from the Void Mirror and the Divine Flame that they could be fused into flesh aura seas and god domains and lay the foundations for experts to become paragons, if they could capture them and take them out of this dark land to make them grow and transform with the energies of the realms in the three worlds.

“They can’t be killed in the dark land!” Pei Qiqi exclaimed as she seemed to obtain more new information. “Nie Tian! Why don’t you ask the Divine Flame how to capture and tame them? If we can do that, then we may be able to make paragons with them in the future!”

Dong Li, who was still trying to find and reflect Ji Cang with her Dark Aureole, suddenly exclaimed, her expression flickering slightly. “Wait! I just detected a wave of very strong devil power fluctuations. However, I can’t locate the source with my Dark Aureole. Right now, I can think of only one Devil grand monarch who can generate such terrifying devil power fluctuations.”

“Who’s that?” Nie Tian asked.

“Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!” Dong Li said, sucking in a breath of cold air. “Trust me. He’s here, and he’s not far from here!”

Both Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi’s expressions flickered drastically after they heard the name. “Grand Monarch Heaven Devil!”


The Void Spirits that were fighting the five evil gods, the Flame Dragon Armor, and Nie Tian suddenly stopped and flew away at a fast speed.

They seemed to have sensed some sort of danger that even overcame their desire for Nie Tian’s life power-infused Blood Essence.

As soon as they pulled themselves out of their fight against the five evil gods, the Flame Dragon Armor, and Nie Tian, they collapsed into sparks and vanished under everyone’s gazes, without leaving even the slightest traces or auras.

“What just happened?” Nie Tian asked with a tremendous sense of frustration, as if he had precious gems right in front of him, but they all vanished the moment he touched them. “Did they leave in a hurry because you warned them? Are there any among them that can help me become a paragon?” He asked the Divine Flame, looking rather anxious.


The cluster of orange-red flame called back and absorbed all of the flame sparks it had released.

A petite fleshly figure manifested at its core that seemed to be looking at Nie Tian with a complicated expression and pondering something.

“You can become a paragon without them.” A clear soul message came through from the petite figure in the Divine Flame.