Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1723: Blood Domain Surge!

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“Bloodline: Blood Domain Surge!”

Drop after drop of Blood Essence was ignited in Nie Tian, bursting forth with intense, immense flesh power.


The five evil gods, the Flame Dragon Armor, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, and even the black tortoise, seemed to be infused with rich life force, and instantly gained seemingly infinite power.

Even the spirits and souls in the five evil gods’ misty, cyan flesh aura seas grew significantly stronger.

The might of the profound soul magics they cast with all sorts of exquisite soul seals and soul strands was boosted as well.

The Rampage Behemoth’s bone emanated crimson light so bright that it hurt others’ eyes.

Even the Divine Flame’s power surged.

As the spellcaster, Nie Tian experienced changes as well. His flesh aura sea merged with his star domain and wood domain once again.

Inside his star domain, the All Manifestations Star Banner fluttered violently as sparks of refined star power combined as dazzling Fragmentary Stars that flew out to attack the Void Spirits.

The Heavenly Stars Flower emanated a mysterious starlight aura, as if it were the lord of that gorgeous sea of stars.

Nie Tian’s eyes burst forth with awe-inspiring light as he shouted, “Ji Cang!”

As he spoke, even the enormous Godspirit Tree and the forest of sky-reaching ancient trees on the green land under his feet, which had transformed from his wood domain, exuded a fierce aura.

He looked very formidable now, having activated this brand new bloodline talent he had awakened after his bloodline had advanced to the tenth grade.

Ji Cang, however, let out a soft chuckle, as if he didn’t feel threatened at all. “I’m only helping you. Don’t come after me.”

“Why don’t you focus your energy on those Void Spirits and finding the gate to the Dark Abyss as soon as possible?”

Ji Cang’s voice faded, but he was still nowhere to be seen.

Pei Qiqi tried to locate him with the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal as Dong Li cast the Dark Eye spell for the same purpose. However, they both failed.

Meanwhile, the Void Spirits were gradually overpowered by the five evil gods, the Flame Dragon Armor, and the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, all of which had their power magnified by Nie Tian’s brand new bloodline talent: Blood Domain Surge.

What this bloodline talent helped magnify were two things: Blood and Domain.

Blood meant the flesh aura seas of any outsiders or beings that carried special bloodlines, while Domain meant the void, saint, and god domains that human Qi warriors learned to forge after their cultivation bases rose to certain levels.

This Blood Domain Surge bloodline talent allowed Nie Tian to stimulate and improve the power of outsiders’ flesh aura seas, as well as humans’ domains!

The reason why the five evil gods, the Flame Dragon Armor, the Rampage Behemoth’s bone, the black tortoise, and even Pei Qiqi had benefited from it the moment he had activated this bloodline talent was because all of them had received his life power-infused Blood Essence.

That meant he could use it to boost the might of his three domains, but he could also use it to help those who had been nourished by his Blood Essence.


The evil god of rage thundered his battle drum, shaking a Void Spirit that looked like a brilliant streak of light until it broke into countless fragments of light.

Thanks to Nie Tian’s Blood Domain Surge, the might of his flesh aura sea and his ability to infiltrate souls were greatly improved, allowing him to manifest power he hadn’t possessed even in his previous life.

By syncing his drumbeat with the heartbeat and soul fluctuations of other creatures, he seemed to be able to pound flaming rage into their hearts and souls directly.

The same went for the other evil gods.

The Rampage Behemoth’s bone, which had morphed into a crimson divine spear, also burst forth with power that completely amazed Dong Li and Pei Qiqi.

As it shot across like a crimson bolt of lightning, a scary, illusory shape of the Rampage Behemoth seemed to tear its way out of it.

Even the Void Spirits were uneasy and fearful facing the gigantic, horrifying shape.

These Void Spirits had never left this vicinity to temper themselves through difficulties in the three worlds as the Divine Flame had. Therefore, the power they had accumulated was far from enough.

Now, after they had presented themselves in their true form to pursue Nie Tian’s Blood Essence, they had lost all of their advantages.

The five evil gods, the bone, and Nie Tian himself were no longer just handling them skillfully, but they had started to consider whether they wanted to capture or kill them already.

“Well...” A wisp of Nie Tian’s soul will was passed through to the Divine Flame. “Can you persuade them to stop? They’re the same kind as you after all. By standing in our way, they put me in a difficult position. I’m thinking that if they still refuse to see reason, then I’ll make an example with one of them.”

His killing intent was conveyed.

“You can’t kill them!” Pei Qiqi suddenly cried out to Nie Tian. “These things...”

She seemed to have derived some new information from the broken soul in the Void Mirror in her hand. “These Void Spirits can be fused into god domains! Afterward, they’ll bring fundamental changes to any god domain they fuse with! According to the message my master left me in the Void Mirror, they’re even more valuable and helpful than Heaven Nourished grade treasures!”

Nie Tian’s expression flickered with astonishment. “What?!”

Dong Li’s expression flickered as well. “How is that possible?”

“What’s not possible?” Pei Qiqi said with a baffled expression, looking into Dong Li’s eyes. “Do you know that the Dark King of the Devils only ascended to the throne and became a paragon because he obtained a Void Spirit with a pure dark attribute? He nurtured and tamed that Void Spirit. Then, as it grew stronger and stronger, he let it turn many Devil realms in the Void World into lands of eternal darkness, through which that Dark Spirit gradually upgraded and transformed.

“Eventually, that dark-attributed Void Spirit completely merged with the Dark King and became a part of his flesh aura sea. Only after that did he make the grand achievement of becoming a paragon!”

Pei Qiqi said these words with absolute certainty and confidence.

Nie Tian and Dong Li, however, had doubts about it. Shock and disbelief were written across their faces.

Nie Tian was absorbed in thought for a while before he decided to ask the Divine Flame through his soul will. “Is what she said true? Did the Dark King become a paragon because he obtained a Void Spirit with a pure dark attribute that was called the Dark Spirit?”

The Divine Flame responded with a positive answer immediately.

Nie Tian was taken aback. “I can’t believe that actually contributed to his transcendence to a large extent!”

According to the Divine Flame, a Void Spirit made of pure dark power that was called the Dark Spirit had indeed played a significant role in the Dark King defeating the Dark Behemoth and becoming a paragon.

Before he could recover from the astonishment this put him in, another message came through from the Divine Flame.

“What? Even the transcendence of Grand Monarch Bone Piercer of the Bonedrudes had a great deal to do with a cluster of flame that was filled with the profound truths of death power? And it was a Void Spirit in another form, which Grand Monarch Bone Piercer found, nurtured into the Death Spirit at the price of the deaths of countless beings, and eventually fused with himself?

“The evil spirit within Ophelia’s Doom Blade is also a Void Spirit? And it’s called the Doom Spirit?


Even though the young Demon girl had long since died, the Doom Spirit hadn’t been eliminated. It appeared to have gone to hide itself in the Demons’ territory.

As soon as this thought entered Nie Tian’s mind, his eyes lit up.

He glanced around at the more than a dozen Void Spirits with different auras that were either in the form of streaks of light or clusters of flames. “They’re like babies that have never left their home. If they were captured, nurtured into powerful existence, and refined by the right ones, wouldn’t they help them transcend as paragons?”