Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1722: The Void Spirit’s Desire!

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The Divine Flame was a Void Spirit as well.

A very long time ago, it had left the dark land for the Domain of Flame’s End.

It had planted its flame sparks in every realm in the Domain of Flame’s End, which had been a desolate, uninhabited domain back then.

Those flame sparks had channeled flame power from the starry river to strengthen themselves, and had eventually turned the realms in the Domain of Flame’s End into blazing fiery realms.

Numerous human Qi warriors and other creatures that practiced flame incantations had moved to the Domain of Flame’s End, where they had rapidly improved their spiritual power and bloodline power.

Then, one day, the Divine Flame had returned to harvest the fruits that were the flame sparks that had grown ripe.

As a result, countless lives in the Domain of Flame’s End had been incinerated by torrential flames.

The Divine Flame, however, had become stronger.

This was its unique method of upgrading itself.

Just like this, the Divine Flame had gradually grown into a uniquely powerful fiery being after leaving the Dark Abyss. It had even built its own flesh aura and early-stage body with the three drops of Blood Essence it had obtained from Nie Tian.

More unexpectedly, that flame spark it had given to Nie Yan had been nourished into Nie Yan, a creature with a heart and a soul, the first of a brand new species!

It was to Nie Yan as the Tree of Life was to the Floragrims. It was his creator!

If it was a Void Spirit, then...

These Void Spirits they were facing also came from the Dark Abyss. Some of them looked like clusters of light, while others looked like balls of flame. Either way, they were all in pure energy form.

The only major difference was their attributes. Some were blazing hot. Some were bone-piercingly cold. Some were razor-sharp, while others emanated lightning wisps.

If they had left as the Divine Flame had, they could also have upgraded themselves continuously by planting seeds in various realms and changing their core structures.

If they had also obtained Nie Tian’s Blood Essence and developed their own flesh auras and life force, could they have created brand new species as the Divine Flame had?

Could that bone-piercingly cold Void Spirit have created a species of ice-attributed creatures?

Could the other Void Spirits have created species of lightning-attributed and metal-attributed creatures?

A shudder ran through Nie Tian as he realized what those Void Spirit yearned for and why, which was the reason why they had stopped focusing on the Divine Flame, and fixed their attention on him instead.

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph and said, “You want my Blood Essence, right? Do you want to trade or take it by force?”


All of the Void Spirits shot towards his heart like more than a dozen streaks of light and flames.

From the look of it, they clearly intended to force their way into his heart and seize his life power-infused Blood Essence without the slightest intent to make trades or negotiate with him.


The orange Divine Flame split into numerous flame sparks that flew out to stop those Void Spirits.

However, these Void Spirits were no longer the reflections they had been before. Instead, each one of them was the result of an extreme concentration of a certain power, and was vested with the ultimate attribute of that power of heaven and earth!

Facing the Divine Flame’s attack with those blazing flame sparks, they showed no fear.

A cluster of silver-white, bone-piercingly frigid flame even froze the flame spark coming at it, and shot towards Nie Tian’s chest like a beam of icy light.

It intended to pierce into his heart directly!

Nie Tian let out a cold laugh. “So you don’t want to play by the rules. You little things must have gotten one thing wrong. When you only presented your reflections, since you were in a different space, and I’m not skilled in spatial power, I couldn’t locate you through my soul or bloodline perception. But now, you’re here in your true form!

“Your true forms are not only ultimate forms of condensed power, but they’re also the vessels for your souls and wits!”


Nie Tian assumed a tight grip of the Spirit Scepter and pointed it at the incoming streak of icy light.

“Soul Prison!”

A misty cyan, soul-confining ward was released from the Spirit Scepter.

Like a cage, it caught the streak of icy light in an instant.

Trapped inside the ward, the icy light froze the ward to the point where it gave rise to cracking sounds. However, the soul awareness at the core of the icy light was also wrapped around by numerous strands of soul power through a secret soul-sealing incantation derived by Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit.

The ice-attributed Void Spirit could only inch forward, as if it were wading through mud.

At that moment, the five evil gods charged out simultaneously.

Well-versed in the Netherspirits’ various soul spells, they summoned waves of negative emotions, including rage, bloodlust, despair, fear, and hatred, and instantly created tremendous obstacles for the Void Spirits by influencing their souls and states of mind.

“Hehe.” Dong Li let out a derisive laugh. “These Void Spirits aren’t the most dangerous when they present themselves in their true form. They’re only a huge threat when they hide themselves in the Dark Abyss and attack us with their reflections, because that way, they’re undetectable and unpredictable.”

She had noticed that Nie Tian was dealing with the Void Spirits skillfully with the help of the Spirit Scepter and the five evil gods.

She was convinced that even she would do a good job fighting them now by starting with their souls since she could see them in their true form.

What had made them dreadful before was that she hadn’t been able to see or detect them in any way. She hadn’t even known what they were.

This was what made an enemy the scariest.

“It seems that their growth has been slow because they’ve never left the Dark Abyss,” Pei Qiqi whispered. “If they had grown into powerful spirits like the Divine Flame that can mobilize the flame power in an entire domain, they would be much harder to deal with.”

Hearing her words, Dong Li pondered briefly and nodded. “I suppose you’re right.”

The Divine Flame was clearly stronger than those Void Spirits.

Even so, it couldn’t inflict many restrictions or damage on those fleshless Void Spirits.

However, if its enemies had been her and Pei Qiqi, then it would have been a disaster for them.

All of a sudden, excited shouts echoed from high above, and rapidly grew closer.

“Void Spirits!”

“Hahaha! Such a large number of Void Spirits. What a load of unique treasures!”

“The gate to the Dark Abyss must be this way! The fact that so many Void Spirits are gathered here is clear proof!”

Pei Qiqi’s expression turned grave. “Outsiders from the Void World! Nie Tian is being attacked by the Void Spirits. We’ve got to do something to help him!”

“I don’t need you to tell me what to do,” Dong Li said coldly.

While bickering, the two of them flew skywards to kill the outsiders from the Void World that were lucky enough to find their way to this area.

However, as they rose into the sky and looked around with rapt attention, they witnessed the violent deaths of the several arriving Netherspirits and Devils, two of whom had been ninth grade grand patriarchs.

Mighty starlight sparks blew up their bodies and annihilated their souls.

Pei Qiqi and Dong Li’s pupils shrank as soon as they saw those starlight sparks. “Ji Cang!”

They couldn’t believe that he was still lurking in the vicinity!

However, if he had turned against the Mortal World and killed Qu Yi, shouldn’t he be in collusion with the Void World? Why would he kill those Netherspirits and Devils?