Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1721: The Same Kind

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These Void Spirits reflected in the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal seemed to be much stronger than the ones they had met before.

Even the Divine Flame seemed to feel threatened, and wanted to compromise in some way.

Nie Tian communicated with it, and immediately learned that this area filled with Void Spirits was the only path to the place they were heading: the Dark Abyss!

“Watch out!” As soon as Pei Qiqi exclaimed, the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal burst forth with brilliant light together to form special wards that enveloped Nie Tian and Dong Li.

Nie Tian was instantly struck by a peculiar feeling that he was traveling between different spaces.

Even his senses of this dark land and his bond with the five evil gods and the Flame Dragon Armor became unstable and intermittent.

It was as if they were all shuttling back and forth between different spaces and unable to find their way to the one they belonged to.

However, he could still see Pei Qiqi and Dong Li to his left and right. He could see numerous Void Spirits whizzing by in Pei Qiqi’s Void Mirror and Space Boundaries Crystal, as if they had already launched attacks against them, and were rapidly approaching.

From this, he realized that those Void Spirits must have suddenly diminished the space between them through some sort of magic.

Pei Qiqi had no choice but to cast a secret spatial magic, Void Drift, to protect them from the Void Spirits’ attacks, since she feared that he and Dong Li would be clueless as to how to deal with these untraceable creatures.

“My Flame Dragon Armor and the evil gods are all out there,” Nie Tian said with a frown. “Senior Martial Sister Pei, why can these Void Spirits be reflected by the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal, but Dong Li and I can’t see them?”

“That’s because they’re in a similar state to ours right now,” Pei Qiqi answered.

“What do you mean?” Nie Tian asked.

Dong Li, however, instantly understood what she meant. “Are you saying that these Void Spirits are traveling back and forth between different spaces like we’re doing right now? And they’ll only come out of hiding the moment they attack, which is why we can only detect them for a very brief moment?”

The truth was that she had long since discovered that she could sense the existence of the Void Spirits in the very brief moment they attacked her dark power shield.

However, the power they shot into her dark power shield would vanish completely after a split second.

It was as if they had fallen from this space into another.

“You’re right,” Pei Qiqi said. “These Void Spirits before us give me a very ethereal feeling. I even suspect that what we see in the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal are only their reflections, and their true forms are in the Dark Abyss!”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “So were the ones that the Divine Flame trapped and refined earlier reflections as well?”

If they were indeed mere reflections, then it meant they didn’t actually exist, like reflections in water.

Pei Qiqi nodded. “I suppose so. However, even their reflections carry wondrous powers. And those powers don’t belong to any of the categories we know. Only the Divine Flame can burn and refine them. If we were to deal with them ourselves, even if we knew that they were floating in our surroundings, we wouldn’t be able to fight them.

“Oh, wait...

“Spatial treasures like the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal can be used to confine them.”

With these words, an exclamation escaped her mouth. “Hmm?!”


The spatial wards protecting Nie Tian and Dong Li suddenly failed.

Clusters of dark green, silver-white, dark red, and gold light and lights of many other colors manifested with great clarity in front of them.

Some seemed to be infused with life force. Some seemed to be blazing. Some seemed to be bone-piercingly cold. Some seemed to be incomparably sharp...

“Void Spirits! They’re Void Spirits in true form!” Pei Qiqi exclaimed and stopped mobilizing the power of the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal. “These are not reflections anymore. These are what they’re really like!”

Nie Tian now realized why the Divine Flame was so nervous this time, like it was facing formidable foes.

It didn’t matter whether it was the ones that had attacked Dong Li, the ones that had been scattered around, or the ones that had been driven out of the Void Mirror. All of the Void Spirits the Divine Flame had faced before had been mere reflections.

It was only natural that Void Spirits like them had been no match for it, and ended up being engulfed and refined by it.

However, things were different this time.

Those clusters of light and flames that carried auras with different attributes were actual existences just like it.

Perhaps none of them could defeat it in battle single-handedly.

However, they were here in large numbers. With a brief headcount, Nie Tian counted more than a dozen of them!

There were more than a dozen Void Spirits that were just as real as it, popping out simultaneously to eye it like lions eye their prey. Of course it would have a headache over the situation.





Strange, sharp voices that one could only hear with their souls rang out.

Immediately afterwards, the numerous Void Spirits that looked like clusters of light and flames of various colors flew over and surrounded the Divine Flame, as if to interrogate it with questions like why it had left, where it had been all these years, and what had happened to it.

It was as if they were a board of elders, berating and questioning a rebel.

“Can’t you make out what they’re saying?” Nie Tian asked.

Both Dong Li and Pei Qiqi shook their heads, looking dumbfounded.

They could hear the numerous Void Spirit projecting soul voices as if they were some kind of language. However, they couldn’t figure out what they meant. They could only sense their anger, agitation, and discontent with the Divine Flame through those sharp, loud voices.

Dong Li narrowed her eyes and examined the Void Spirits with rapt attention. However, all she could tell was that they all had their unique attributes and soul fluctuations, but were bereft of any flesh aura. “What a bunch of strange existences! It seems that they don’t have fleshly bodies, and are made of nothing but energy. Can they be called intelligent beings?”

“No, not all of them are bereft of fleshly bodies and flesh auras,” Pei Qiqi quickly said. “The Divine Flame carries a flesh aura. In a sense, it has already become a living creature with a soul and a fleshly body!”

Nie Tian nodded. “You’re right.”

Dong Li didn’t carry a special bloodline. Therefore, she wasn’t very sensitive to the Divine Flame’s aura, which it was deliberately hiding.

Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi were hybrids. Naturally, they could sense the Divine Flame’s aura, the unique aura coming from the core of the cluster of orange flame.

Both of them found the aura very familiar.

That familiarity came from the three drops of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence that the Divine Flame had traded for from him!

Those three drops of Blood Essence had gotten Nie Tian a flame spark, which had later been nourished into Nie Yan, the first Ifrit that was currently in the Domain of Flame’s End.

One might say that Nie Tian and the Divine Flame had created Nie Yan and the Ifrits together.

“Hmm? Why do I suddenly have a feeling that something is wrong?” Nie Tian felt a jolt in his heart as he was struck by a peculiar feeling that all of the Void Spirits had set their eyes on him!

Immediately afterwards, his expression changed.

From the Divine Flame, he learned that all of these Void Spirits, which had manifested in their true form, yearned for his Blood Essence and couldn’t wait to have flesh auras and fleshly bodies of their own as the Divine Flame did!