Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1720: The Same Destination

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In an unknown area in the Void World.

Netherspirit forces and the rogue forces from the Doomed Star Sea were engaged in a fierce battle.

The mysterious tunnel inside the colossal turbid cyclone slowly opened up.

Numerous rifts could be seen gaping along the outermost areas of the rotating cyclone.

A wide array of energies of heaven and earth were pouring out of the rifts. Among them there were Devil Qi, Phantasm Qi, toxic miasma, death power, and spiritual power of various attributes.

All of these energies were coming from... the Spirit World!

This cyclone was the reason why the Spirit World was withering and dying, its numerous domains running out of energies of heaven and earth!

This cyclone contained another tunnel that connected to the Dark Abyss.

Like the one in the Realm of Shadow Devil, entry to this tunnel would also be granted only after enough sacrifices were made.

The entrance in the Realm of Shadow Devil required the flesh auras, souls, and bodies of living beings as sacrificial offerings.

This entrance, however, needed various energies from domains and realms. In fact, it had started channeling energies from the Spirit World a long time ago.


An enormous monster that looked like a giant scorpion seemed to have gone mad as it charged towards the cyclone with an unstoppable momentum.

The rogue Qi warriors and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea, as well as the Netherspirits, were flabbergasted. “The Chaos Behemoth!”

Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Grand Monarch Thousand Spirits had worked together to trap the Chaos Behemoth in a dead realm of the Netherspirits. Their original plan was to tame it after finishing with their battles.

Who would have thought that this Star Behemoth, which Feng Beiluo had revived and awakened from the depths of the Shatter Battlefield, had actually broken free and traveled all the way here by tracking Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s soul fluctuations?

Upon arriving, it seemed to go berserk.


Peculiar currents swirled out of its enormous body to infiltrate the minds of the fighting Netherspirits and the rogue cultivators, hybrids, and outsiders from the Doomed Star Sea.

The chaotic power within them could derange intelligent beings, and make them lose their minds.

Members of different races screamed to alarm their friends.

“Damn it! Something seems to have provoked it!”

“Watch out! Be careful around the chaotic power it releases!”

However, the chaotic currents released by the frenzied Star Behemoth still engulfed many of the Netherspirits and those from the Doomed Star Sea.

Anyone influenced by the chaotic power lost their minds immediately.

Not only did they attack their opponents, but they even started trying to kill those who they had been fighting alongside!

There wasn\'t any sanity left in them.

Then, when the fights were the messiest, this Star Behemoth that had emerged abruptly headed towards that gaping mysterious tunnel under Grand Monarch Soul Capturer and Qin Yao’s gazes.


Countless streaks of glorious light burst forth as soon as its enormous body, which looked like a colossal scorpion, squeezed into the tunnel.

Its natural hard shell resisted the storm of attacks from the lights. As blood started to splash, its giant form suddenly vanished.

Unexpectedly, the Chaos Behemoth had become the first to pass through this mysterious tunnel.

Everyone saw with great clarity that even though it had been hurt, it had indeed passed through the tunnel alive.

“We’re good to go!” Someone screamed.

Immediately afterwards, it didn’t matter if it was the Netherspirits or the rogue Qi warriors and hybrids from the Doomed Star Sea. They all started swarming into the tunnel.

However, many exploded into blood mists in the next moment!

The majority of those who rushed into the tunnel suffered immediate, violent deaths.

Only a few passed through without being killed. It could be their luck or something else that had let them survive.

This was similar to what the tunnel in the Realm of Shadow Devil had been like before enough sacrifices had been made, full of danger and allowing only a few entrants to pass.


In the dark land.

Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect and Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, finally descended after being convinced that enough sacrifices had been made.

However, they were at a loss after their descent.

They didn’t know how to find the so-called Dark Abyss from where they were.


A violent shudder ran through Feng Beiluo as he looked up and saw an enormous scorpion-like creature in the heavens, quickly plummeting towards the earth.

He couldn’t help but exclaim, “The Chaos Behemoth! Wait! From the information we’ve obtained, shouldn’t it be trapped in a dead realm by the Netherspirits? We saw the Ripper Behemoth, the Tree of Life, and many other special creatures before coming down here, but the Chaos Behemoth was surely not one of them!”

Almost at the same time, Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, saw an acquaintance falling from the heavens.

The man happened to fall to an area that was close to where they were.

Yuan Jiuchuan morphed into a bolt of lightning and flew over without delay. Feng Beiluo followed along.

It wasn’t long before they found the late Saint domain cultivator who practiced the Nether Spirit Society’s unorthodox incantations. From him, they learned the truth.

“So that mysterious tunnel in the turbid cyclone connects to this dark land as well?!” The Thunder Devil exclaimed in shock. “And that cyclone is rotating endlessly to channel all sorts of energies from the Spirit World?! This is unbelievable!”

Feng Beiluo then said, “It seems that we’re in the right place. The gate to the Dark Abyss must be here! It won’t be long before we meet the master and the mistress in this dark land!”

The Thunder Devil let out a sigh. “It’s just that we don’t know where the young master is.”

“The young master...” Feng Beiluo muttered with a deep frown. His heart grew heavy as he remembered the scene where Nie Tian had been torn to pieces after being knocked into the tunnel by Grand Monarch Heaven Devil. “I think he’s still alive. The wonders of his life bloodline are simply unheard-of. He wouldn’t die so easily, right?”

“Of course he wouldn’t!” the Thunder Devil said, full of confidence.

The rogue Qi warrior from the Nether Spirit Society contributed to the topic. “We saw the young master’s soul shadow projected in Grand Monarch Soul Capturer’s Spirit Scepter in that other place. Then, the Spirit Scepter magically disappeared. This happened not very long ago.”

Both Feng Beiluo and the Thunder Devil gasped. “What?!”

After asking the man about the details, the two of them burst into laughter.

“Who would have thought that even when he was in this dark land, the young master could stir up waves out there and retake the Spirit Scepter from Grand Monarch Soul Capturer?!”

“I knew that even though he exploded on his way down, the young master would be able to rebuild his body!”


The Divine Flame came to a sudden stop.

Pei Qiqi held both the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal towards the area in front of them.

Numerous ghostly shadows slowly manifested in the Void Mirror and the Space Boundaries Crystal.

“It’s the Void Spirits. The open area in front of us is full of them.” Pei Qiqi said with a grim expression. “I briefly studied the profound spatial knowledge the Void Mirror’s broken soul presented to me, and derived a wonder that allows the Void Mirror to reveal Void Spirits. Then, with it, I vested my Space Boundaries Crystal with the same ability.”

At this moment, Nie Tian turned to fix the Divine Flame with a surprised gaze. “Even though we can’t see those Void Spirits with our eyes, the Divine Flame can.”

The Divine Flame, which had been eager to strengthen itself by devouring Void Spirits and was perhaps the strongest Void Spirit itself, didn’t do anything this time.

It appeared that it had found itself in a tricky situation for the first time.