Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1717: The Strongest Cultivator

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Ji Cang let out a deep sigh. “I’ve no intention to hurt you. All I want is to enter the Dark Abyss.”

Numerous spatial blades that were blindingly bright and extremely fierce interwove in the air!

The might of the Voidspirit bloodline talent seemed to be pushed to the limit by the Space Boundaries Crystal.

Even if Pei Yukong came back to life, he wouldn’t be able to manifest power greater than this by activating his bloodline.


The interweaving spatial blades came at Ji Cang like countless pairs of scissors, hoping to cut him to shreds.

Each and every spatial blade had mysterious light sparkling inside of them, with the profound spatial wonders they carried fully activated.

“Why do you have to do this?”

Ji Cang did nothing but lift his hand, and the heaven and earth between him, Pei Qiqi, and Dong Li started spinning. He didn’t even activate his dharma idol.


Countless sparks suddenly burst forth with blinding starlight from within the Magnetic Star Crystal in his hand.

Ji Cang’s aura surged to an incredible level in the blink of an eye!

It was as if the Magnetic Star Crystal was a small, peculiar space that had devoured countless stars, or a crystal that had been gathering star power for eons.


Dazzling sparks of starlight flew out into the brilliant net Pei Qiqi had woven with countless spatial blades.

It looked as if numerous fish that glowed with silver light were caught by the net.

However, those fish suddenly manifested a terrifying brute force, and broke free from the net. The spatial blades tried to stop them by cutting at them, but failed.

Pei Qiqi’s face instantly turned pale.

At that moment, Ji Cang lowered his gaze slightly and exclaimed in a soft voice, “Stars Shine Through Myriad Realms!”


Brilliant starlight burst forth from and completely overtook the storm of darkness jointly released by Dong Li and the black tortoise.

Her secret dark magic was instantly broken.

Dong Li, who had consumed a tremendous amount of power dealing with the Void Spirits, let out a muffled groan, a wisp of blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.

Nie Tian gasped. “His... His star power core has merged with the Magnetic Star Crystal!”

He finally understood why Ji Cang looked so weak, but was able to burst forth with such terrifying power.

“Stop, the two of you!” he cried out.

In his Life-origin Form, he took a step forward, and arrived in the midst of the sputtering spatial blades and fading storm of darkness.


His star domain unfurled like a mysterious, boundless painting of the starry river, glittering with gorgeous starlight.

Both the All Manifestations Star Banner and the Heavenly Stars Flower manifested in it.

Numerous sparks of starlight that Ji Cang had released were about to fall into his star domain. However, they changed directions and flitted away upon sensing danger from it.

“So the reason why you looked so weak was because you didn’t activate your source of power,” Nie Tian said, staring at the Magnetic Star Crystal in Ji Cang’s hand. “This is truly remarkable. You fused your star power core with the Magnetic Star Crystal and refined it completely. Then, it was part of your plan that the Rampage Behemoth’s bone carried it out of this dark land.”

Meteors had been falling into the dark land from outside the Realm of Shadow Devil, being channeled by the Magnetic Star Crystal.

If what he suspected was true, Ji Cang must have been harvesting and fusing the star core power they carried into the Magnetic Star Crystal.

“It’s truly remarkable that he can do that. I doubt anyone else could do it. I never would have imagined that the Magnetic Star Crystal I seized had long since become a whole with his star power core.

“Luckily, I didn’t try to refine and fuse it with my star power core when I was up there in the Realm of Shadow Devil. Otherwise...”

The mere thought of this sent a chill down his spine.

Chu Rui and the others had viewed the Magnetic Star Crystal as a unique wondrous treasure for those who cultivated star power. If he had tried to refine it when it had already become a part of Ji Cang’s star power core, what would the consequences have been?

Both his star power core and star domain would have unraveled and vanished into the Magnetic Star Crystal, becoming Ji Cang’s source of power!

Ji Cang nodded slightly. “You’re very smart. But as a smart young man, you should know how powerful this Magnetic Star Crystal can be when I wield it, especially against people like you and your father Qin Yao, who practice the Fragmentary Star Incantation!”

With these words, Ji Cang pressed the Magnetic Star Crystal against his abdomen.

It fused in with a flash.

In the next moment, Ji Cang released his god domain, which looked like a glorious, boundless sea with billions of dazzling stars inside!

He sat in the lotus position at the heart of it, like the one and only god of a vast starry river!

He smiled faintly at Nie Tian and asked, “Do you feel it?”

Inside the Magnetic Star Crystal was his star power core, which was the only source of power for human Qi warriors other than their souls.

What was even more shocking was that Ji Cang had sealed his soul power and soul will within the Magnetic Star Crystal as well, using some secret magic!

That was why Nie Tian had been under the impression that he was very weak.

Both his soul power and spiritual power had been almost undetectable, and he couldn’t find a reason for it.

Perhaps the reason was that he had been nothing but an empty shell at that time, with ninety-nine percent of his soul power and soul will sealed away in the Magnetic Star Crystal...

All that had remained in his fleshly body had been a wisp of soul awareness; even his spiritual sea had been completely empty.

However, the moment the Magnetic Star Crystal had entered his spiritual sea in his dantian region, all of his star power, soul power, and soul awareness had rushed back, allowing him to release his god domain and assume his dharma idol form.

Only at this moment was he the Ji Cang people knew: the strongest cultivator in the Mortal World!

What made him even more terrifying was that the core of his boundless star domain was that Magnetic Star Crystal, which had been spontaneously channeling star core fragments from its surroundings to harvest star power and precious star treasures from them since it had been born!

Nie Tian smiled bitterly. “I do...”

The All Manifestations Star Banner in his star domain, along with all of the Fragmentary Stars he had gathered previously, were attracted to Ji Cang’s star domain. Before he could do anything, those Fragmentary Stars flew out to join Ji Cang’s star domain.

Thanks to the Heavenly Spirit Seal inside of it, the All Manifestations Star Banner’s soul was still doing everything it could to resist.

The only thing in his star domain that wasn’t influenced by the Magnetic Star Crystal was the Heavenly Stars Flower.

“Well, if it isn’t the Heavenly Stars Flower, another invaluable treasure that should have only existed in the legends that have been passed on for generations in our sect,” Ji Cang said with a marveling tone. “I guess only your unique bloodline can give birth to a Heavenly Stars Flower. That Heavenly Stars Flower is the core of your god domain, while mine is the Magnetic Star Crystal.”

“Are you... really Ji Cang, the sectmaster of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?” Nie Tian asked aloud.

He was still questioning the identity of this Ji Cang in front of him. He wondered if he was someone else who had possessed Ji Cang, as those evil plants had possessed Hua Mu and Mu Biqiong.

However, this person before him had managed to refine the Magnetic Star Crystal and fuse his star power core into it, along with his soul power and soul will.

This was far beyond what a possessor should be able to do.

Also, Ji Cang was the strongest cultivator throughout the entire Mortal World, held in high esteem by the four great sects. How could he be so easily possessed?

Ji Cang smiled. “You’ll have to find the answer to that question by yourself.

“Even I haven’t figured out the wonders of Heavenly Stars Flowers, but you’ve already made one. I’m glad that you have. And I wonder if fusing both my Magnetic Star Crystal and your Heavenly Stars Flower with my domain will help me join the ranks of paragons.”

With these words, he suddenly charged forward!